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Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted - 6/8/2012

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Ever since DWA broke off from Paramount and has been flirting with going completely with their own financing for everything, I've been pulling for them a bit more. Nobody likes Goliath. Paramount is Goliath here...But I absolutely hate the franchising strategy and am not a fan of them prolonging this much further. I personally hope this fails enough that they decide to end it, but not enough to take the studio down... And right now, they are living from movie-to-movie (see: stock price fluctuations after PiB opened weakly but had a great hold the 2nd weekend).I think $140m Dom (a bit less than $500m WW) is good enough to be considered mediocre and they can move onto their newer projects relatively unscathed.

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People are going to be really sour on Dreamworks once the promotion for this starts getting in gear. Puss and Panda were decent flicks but people do notice when a studio releases three franchise movies in a row and I'm sure they don't like it.

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150M is possible, but this might just miss 100M, which it should. The second one had a good opening, but its legs were weak. (Maybe because it was a holiday release) I don't see this doing any better. Hopefully this will do poorly, and Rise of the Guardians clears 170M and beats KF2 and PIB.And correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the last film in the DWA-Paramount deal, right? So basically after this, DWA is free from Paramount. Will they find a new distributor? Or are they going off on their own?

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It ends at the end of 2012, so I think Rise of the Guardians is the last film in the deal. Last I heard they're considering self-distribution.

Oh, I thought December 2012 was just the deadline and they had to deliver 13 films before that date, with M3 being the last one.
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