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Who is Stronger? Thanos/Beyonder/Living Tribunal


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    1. 1. Who is Stronger?

      • Thanos with IG plus HOTU
      • Pre-Retcon Beyonder
      • Living Tribunal

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    The current LT in continuity is more powerful than even pre-retcon Beyonder. Only the One Above All/God and the Heart of the Universe is more powerful than LT. So in this poll Thanos wins. 


    Thats my opinion anyway, most would say pre-beyonder over LT.


    Makes you think though recently LT was found dead on the moon by the watcher and Iron Man.....theres a seriously powerful Hitman that is loose somewhere! :P

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    I think the beyonder is the most powerful being that ever came into the marvel universe. I mean he easily dispatched the watchers, Galactus. I mean everyone. His powers let him create universes.


    LT is on a whole different level. The beyonder you refer to is pre-retcon. Since than LT is the top dog. 

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    agreed dude wrecked havoc on even the celestial s and any force in the marvel universe. Nothing can stop the beyonder.


    Well the Beyonder was actually a 'child' of sorts compared to the current Beyonders revealed in New Avengers. They (Ivory Kings) have been going throughout the multiverse and destroying all the celestial hosts and cosmic bodies until the Living Tribunal showed up. They whooped his ass too and left his corpse scattered in every reality!

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    Pre-Retcon Beyonder by Jim Starlin was Omnipotent.


    And this......


    Basically tells us that he can be whatever he please when altering reality.

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