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Captain Marvel | 8 MARCH 2019 | Brie Larson, Samuel L Jackson, Clark Gregg.

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So, today finally the digital version 'arrived' in my country (disc versions at 18 July), this was my first pre-ordered digital movie purchase (I also ordered the 4k Blu-Ray version)


My question:

has anyone here seen the extended scene with Yon-Rogg / Jude Law standing before the Supreme Intelligence (in addition: psychol. interesting titbit about who he actually sees btw)


In my POV totally changed his character, motives, and reactions incl in the last scene with him in the movie.


It's rather 'wedged' in my brain now, what do you (who has seen it) think?


There is a 2nd scene with him that was way less ~ changing/impacting, but to a small degree still interesting per it shows how early on the Krees get indoctrinated


Coulson's extra scene I liked for the fun of it but I can understand why they chose it to reach e.g. a certain running time.

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Aaaaand just saw this:


Captain Marvel has ended its domestic run with a final total gross of $426,829,839.


Last update at BOM is per 2 July for dom and for OS 30 June


Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic:  $426,820,960    37.8%
Foreign:  $701,437,370    62.2%

Worldwide:  $1,128,258,330  


= in a week or so we might get the updated finals (dom earlier, OS maybe Monday or later....)


Captain Marvel is (and was at least a few weeks back) #1 in Sci-Fi at itunes, if that is for interest for someone else (no idea how big itunes for movies even is, especially how big for Disney in general, see amazon US not really offering Disney movies as hard discs beside a couple of weeks or so = might have an impact on digital sales per amazon as well?)

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