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To be updated seasonally.

Season 1:

Season 1 follows 11 teams as they compete for victory in weekly box-office predicting challenges. The players work together to score better, using each other's skills to help build their team and annihilate enemies. The objective this season was elimination: try to get rid of as many competitors as possible so that your team could be the last one standing. The season introduced the winning team to a number of options each week. The primary option was The Challenge, which is the most commonly selected choice on a weekly basis: two players are sent against each other in box-office challenges, and the lower-scoring player is eliminated. The other options included team shuffling, the Creator Challenge, and bonus trades. However, these options were weaned out over the course of the season.

The season was divided into 3 arcs. The first part involved the original 11 teams (22 players) as they went about their usual competitions weekly. By the 9th game, 12 players were left standing. The second part concerned the Top Ten Games. Here, the Challenge rules changed to admit the lowest scoring player and a player of the winning team's selection, and other winning options were suspended. These games consisted of only 10 players. The final portion of the season consisted of the Final Five games. The final five contestants competed in the most heated games of the season until only one player was left standing, and immunities were off the table.

The original teams were: "The Beasts in the Bushes", "The Pirates", "The Stark Brothers", "The Shadowlords", "The Firerisers", "The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was", "Team Avatrek", "The Wild Cards", "The Epic Losers", "Amazingly Adequate", and "Team Hunger".

The Top Ten teams were: "The Shadowlords", "The Firerisers", and "The Wild Cards"

The Final Five teams were: "The Firerisers", "The Icelords"* (new team), and "The Firerisers Part II"** (new team)

The Top Ten finalists were: acsc1312, CEDAR, CJohn, The Dark Alfred, Fake, RichWS, Schumacher FTW, Townzy89, Totem, and XenoZodiac

The Final Five Champions were: 5th place - Townzy89, 4th place - Fake, 3rd place - CEDAR, 2nd place - acsc1312, and 1st place - The Dark Alfred

In the season finale "Reflections", acsc1312 (formerly of "The Shadowlords" and "The Icelords") competed against The Dark Alfred (formerly of "The Firerisers" and "The Icelords"). The duo were asked 7 questions and a tense showdown occurred as each player averaged similarly on most of the questions. Prior to the revelation of the season winner, an awards show was held, with awards handed out to players based on box-office skill, teamliness, companionship, strategy, and so on. The final award was "Player of the Season." CEDAR (formerly of "Team Hunger", "The Firerisers", "The Wild Cards", and "The Firerisers Part II") won this award but placed 3rd of the season. The winner of the season was The Dark Alfred. Only acsc1312 and The Dark Alfred were present in all 16 episodes of the season.

(# ) = overall episode number

1.1 THE PILOT – January 27-29, 2012 (#1)

-11 teams, 22 members

-Stark Brothers (RichWS and Totem) win

-acsc1312 (Shadowlords) and Electric (Amazingly Adequate) chosen for The Challenge

-acsc1312 eliminated, but on technicality allowed to stay in

1.2 THE CHRONICLE CONTINUES – February 3-5, 2012 (#2)

-11 teams, 22 members

-Team Hunger (CEDAR and Andrew the Alien) win

-Team Avatrek (Avatarfan and Mattrek) sent into The Challenge

-Avatarfan eliminated

-Mattrek reassigned to “The Beasts in the Bushes”

1.3 THE PIRATES STEAL THE SHOW – February 10-12, 2012 (#3)

-10 teams, 21 members

-The Pirates (Cjohn and Dom Cobb) win

-Fake (The Epic Losers) and Spaghetti (The Very Best,...) chosen for The Challenge

-Spaghetti eliminated

-JamesFord92 reassigned to “The Wild Cards”

1.4 A STARK SUCCESS – February 17-19, 2012 (#4)

-9 teams, 19 members

-Metta World Peace (The Beasts in the Bushes) eliminated for 3 strikes

-Stark Brothers (RichWS and Totem) win again

-The Shadowlords (XenoZodiac and acsc1312) complete 4th consecutive week in top 3

-The Pirates (Cjohn and Dom Cobb) broken up

-Cjohn joins “Stark Brothers”

-Dom Cobb joins “The Beasts in the Bushes”

1.5 A SURPRISE ATTACK – February 24-26, 2012 (#5)

-8 teams, 19 members

-The Beasts in the Bushes (Dom Cobb, bigm10, and Mattrek) win

-Stark Brothers (RichWS, Totem, and Cjohn) broken up

-Rich WS joins “Amazingly Adequate”

-Totem joins “The Epic Losers”

-Cjohn joins “The Wild Cards”

1.6 TREES TUMBLE BUT MAKE NO SOUND – March 2-4, 2012 (#6)

-6 teams, 1 individual, 18 members

-CEDAR reassigned to “The Firerisers” prior to start of game

-Andrew the Alien put on probation for inactivity, to be reassigned after results

-bigm10 (The Beasts in the Bushes) eliminated for third strike

-The Epic Losers (Fake, SchumacherFTW, and Totem) win

-Electric (Amazingly Adequate) and JamesFord92 (The Wild Cards) enter The Challenge

-The Challenge delayed until next week's game

-JamesFord92 eliminated

1.7 HEATING UP – March 9-11, 2012 (#7)

-6 teams, 16 members

-DerekVI (The Wild Cards) eliminated for 3rd strike

-The Firerisers (CEDAR, The Dark Alfred, and Townzy89) win

-Andrew the Alien (The Shadowlords) and Fake (The Epic Losers) enter The Challenge

-Andrew the Alien eliminated

1.8 THE OVERLORDS – March 16-18, 2012 (#8)

-6 teams, 14 members

-EmpireStrikesBack (The Epic Losers) withdraws

-The Shadowlords (acsc1312 and Xenozodiac) win

-The Shadowlords purchase bonuses for next week

1.9 THE HUNGER GAMES SPECIAL – March 23-25, 2012 (#9)

-6 teams, 14 members

-Mattrek (The Beasts in the Bushes) eliminated for 3rd strike

-The Shadowlords (acsc1312 and XenoZodiac) win again

-RichWS is moved to The Shadowlords

-Dom Cobb (The Beasts in the Bushes) and Fake (The Epic Losers) enter The Challenge

-Dom Cobb eliminated

1.10 THREE-HEADED MONSTER – March 30-April 1, 2012 (#10)

-4 teams, 12 members

-The Epic Losers (Fake, Schumacher, and Totem) win

-Candidates chosen for Top Ten

-”Three-Headed Challenge”: Fake (The Epic Losers), Kalo21 (The Wild Cards), and Electric (Amazingly Adequate)

-Kalo21 and Electric are eliminated, making Fake the 10th candidates

-CEDAR is moved to The Wild Cards

1.11 THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS – April 6-8, 2012 (#11)

-4 teams, 10 members

-The Shadowlords (acsc1312, RichWS, and XenoZodiac) win

-Cjohn (The Wild Cards), CEDAR (The Wild Cards), and Townzy89 (The Firerisers) receive special “deals”

-Schumacher (The Epic Losers) and Totem (The Epic Losers) enter The Challenge

-Totem withdraws from the game

1.12 THE SHOW GOES ON – April 13-15, 2012 (#12)

-4 teams, 9 members

-The Firerisers (The Dark Alfred and Townzy89) win

-Schuamcher FTW (The Epic Losers), Fake (The Epic Losers), and RichWS (The Shadowlords) enter The Challenge

-RichWS loses as the 9th place contestant

-Schumacher FTW loses as the 8th place contestant

-Fake wins The Challenge

1.13 ELIMINATION DERBY – April 20-22, 2012 (#13)

-3 teams, 1 individual, 7 members

-The Firerisers (The Dark Alfred and Townzy89) win and become first two Final Five Champions

-CEDAR (The Wild Cards), Cjohn (The Wild Cards), and XenoZodiac (The Shadowlords) enter The Challenge

-Fake (individual) and acsc1312 (The Shadowlords) earn spots in the Final Five

-CEDAR wins The Challenge, becoming the fifth Final Five Champion

-Cjohn loses as the 7th place contestant

-XenoZodiac loses as the 6th place contestant

1.14 SHADOWFALL – April 27-29, 2012 (#14)

-1 team, 3 individuals, 5 members

-CEDAR (individual) wins overall

-Players chosen to go onto two teams: The Firerisers and The Icelords

-CEDAR captains “The Firerisers”

-CEDAR chooses Fake as running mate on “The Firerisers”

-acsc1312 captains “The Icelords”

-The Dark Alfred (of The Firerisers) and Townzy89 (of The Firerisers) enter The Final Challenge

-Townzy89 is eliminated

-The Dark Alfred joins acsc1312 on “The Icelords”

1.15 A FREEZING HELL – May 4-6, 2012 (#15)

-2 teams, 4 members

- “The Icelords” versus “The Firerisers”

- “The Icelords” win

-Fake is the 4th place finalist

-CEDAR is the 3rd place finalist

-acsc1312 (formerly “Shadowlords”) and The Dark Alfred (formerly “Firerisers) go on to Finale

1.16 REFLECTIONS – May 11-13, 2012 (#16)

-2 members

-acsc1312 versus The Dark Alfred

-Award show held

-Outstanding Behavior Award: XenoZodiac and Fake

-Outstanding Box Office Skill Award: CEDAR

-Outstanding Performance by an Underdog Award: Fake

-Outstanding Teamwork Award: The Firerisers (Townzy89 and The Dark Alfred)

-Outstanding Performance by a New Player Award: Kalo21

-Outstanding Performance by a Player who Could Have Reached the Top Ten Award: EmpireStrikesBack

-Underrated Player Award: Avatarfan

-Most Competitive Player Award: CEDAR and Townzy89

-Most Underrated Team Award: The Wild Cards (Kalo21, DerekVI, Cjohn, JamesFord92, CEDAR)

-Best Episode Award: “Elimination Derby” (Episode 13)

-Most Spirited Team Award: The Shadowlords (XenoZodiac and acsc1312)

-Individual Spirit Award: XenoZodiac

-Challenge Award: Fake

-Player of the Season nominees: acsc1312, CEDAR, The Dark Alfred, Fake, Townzy89, and XenoZodiac

-The Dark Alfred wins the final game

-acsc1312 eliminated in 2nd place

-The Dark Alfred is winner of the season

-CEDAR wins Player of the Season Award

-Season 1 ends

Cast Listing

Main Cast

Acsc1312 (16 episodes)

The Dark Alfred (16 episodes)

CEDAR (15 episodes)

Fake (15 episodes)

Townzy89 (14 episodes)

XenoZodiac (13 episodes)

Special Guest Appearances

Spaghetti (3 episodes)

Avatarfan (2 episodes)

Recurring Cast

CJohn (13 episodes)

RichWS (12 episodes)

Schumacher FTW (12 episodes)

Totem (11 episodes)

Electric (10 episodes)

Kalo21 (10 episodes)

Tawasal (9 episodes)

Mattrek (8 episodes)

Andrew the Alien (7 episodes)

EmpireStrikesBack (7 episodes)

DerekVI (6 episodes)

JamesFord92 (6 episodes)

bigm10 (5 episodes)

Metta World Peace (3 episodes)



The Creator (16 episodes)

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Season 2

Season 2 picked up from the aftermath of Season 1's finale. Acsc1312, last season's runner up, joined forces with CEDAR, last season's Player of the Season, to blaze to victory over their toughest competitors from Season 1 - Alfred and Townzy, "The Firerisers." In dedication to "The Firerisers" of Season 1, Season 2's story arc was centered on the fire storm. The season began with 18 players divided into 9 teams. Immediately at the start of the season, an unprecedented threat emerged, and one that was totally unexpected: "The Crimson Knights."

Season 2 was divided into three arcs, like Season 1. The first arc spanned the first quarter of the season when "The Crimson Knights" dominated each week. Totem and riczhang sent several of last season's top dogs into weekly Challenges that led to their early demise. Notable among the early casualties were RichWS, Townzy89, and The Dark Alfred. The second arc covered the conflict between "The Black Stallions" and "The Shadowkillers" in the aftermath of "The Knights'" defeat and riczhang's slaying. This arc followed Xeno, DoctorWho, acsc, CEDAR, and Goffe as they dominated in the middle-weeks of the game, and it ended with an explosive bang in the mid-season finale when the Second Chance Challenge was held. The final arc covered the Top Ten games and followed the final ten contestants as they competed for the top spot.

Season 2 introduced some changes from Season 1. Firstly, partners were selected based on the scores of a pre-season quiz. Only Alfred and Townzy managed to remain partners, but all other partners were not the same as they were in Season 1. Secondly, the number of options available to the winning team was reduced from 8 to 3, and an Assimilation Challenge was added. Thirdly, the immunity system changed so that the top three teams each week would be immune from The Challenge.

Overall, the season averaged better reviews than Season 1 and was voted by some players as the best game show on the forum.

The original teams were: "The Firerisers", "The Crimson Knights", "The Shadowkillers", "The Dreamlords", "The Dark Horses", "Team Incredibles", "Rising Stars", "Epic Sensation", and "The Warriors".

Other teams introduced throughout the season: "The Black Stallions" and "Team Destiny"

The Top Ten finalists were: acsc1312, CEDAR, The Dark Alfred, DoctorWho, Fakhir, Goffe Rises, JackO, Sims, Totem, and XenoZodiac.

The Final Five Champions were: acsc1312, CEDAR, The Dark Alfred, JackO, and Totem.

In the season finale, an awards ceremony was held to recognize achievements throughout the season. The finale contestants were acsc1312 and CEDAR, both veterans of Season 1 who made it to the Final Five games. CEDAR won the finale and was crowned as the season's winner. Afterwards, Player of the Season was announced. The winner of this award was Totem, who finished 5th.

Only Acsc1312 and CEDAR were present in all 15 episodes of the season. JackO had the third highest with 14 episodes, and Totem had 13 episodes. They were listed as the main stars of the season. The Dark Alfred was defined as a special guest star and had 7 episodes.

(# ) = episode number overall

2.1 “Ingniting the Sparks” - June 8-10, 2012 (#17)

-Partners chosen

-9 teams, 18 players

- “The Crimson Knights” (Totem and riczhang) win

-DoctorWho wins special immunity gift

-DoctorWho gives gift to Avatarfan and puts him in his debt

-CEDAR (of “The Shadowkillers”) and RichWS (of “The Warriors”) enter Challenge

-RichWS is eliminated (18th place)

-JackO reassigned to “Team Incredibles”

2.2 “Gathering Storm” - June 15-17, 2012 (#18)

-8 teams, 17 players

- “The Crimson Knights” (Totem and riczhang) win

- “The Firerisers” (Townzy89 and The Dark Alfred) enter The Challenge

-Alfred is eliminated

-Townzy89 reassigned to “The Crimson Knights”

2.3 “The Winds of Destruction” - June 22-24, 2012 (#19)

-7 teams, 16 players

- “The Crimson Knights” (Totem, riczhang, and Townzy89) win again

-Double Elimination Challenge: Avatarfan (of “Team Incredibles”) vs. InFamous (of “The Dark Horses”) vs. JackO (of “Team Incredibles”) vs. Tawasal (of “The Dreamlords”)

-InFamous eliminated (17th place)

-Tawasal eliminated (16th place)

- “The Black Stallions” (XenoZodiac and DoctorWho) forms

2.4 “Rising from the Ashes” - June 29-July 1, 2012 (#20)

-6 teams, 14 players

- “The Crimson Knights” (Totem, riczhang, and Townzy89) win again

-Electric (of “The Rising Stars”) and XenoZodiac (of “The Black Stallions”) enter The Challenge

-Electric is eliminated (15th place)

-Townzy89 (of “The Crimson Knights”) enters Creator Challenge: Resurrection to resurrect Alfred

-Townzy89 loses Creator Challenge and is eliminated (14th place)

2.5 “Salvation” - July 6-8, 2012 (#21)

-5 teams, 1 individual, 12 players

- “The Shadowkillers” (CEDAR and acsc1312) win

- “The Crimson Knights” (Totem and riczhang) assign Goffe Rises (formerly of “Rising Stars”) to “The Shadowkillers”

- “The Shadowkillers” (CEDAR and acsc1312) choose a Creator Challenge to have Goffe placed on “The Crimson Knights” instead

- “The Shadowkillers” (CEDAR and acsc1312) lose the Creator Challenge and Goffe remains on “The Shadowkillers”

-No one is eliminated

2.6 “Black Sensation” - July 13-15, 2012 (#22)

-5 teams, 12 players

- “The Black Stallions” (XenoZodiac and DoctorWho) win

- “The Black Stallions” choose The Assimilation Challenge and select Totem

-Totem wins The Assimilation Challenge and stays on “The Crimson Knights”

-No one is eliminated

2.7 “The Dark Knight Rises Special” - July 20-22, 2012 (#23)

-5 teams, 12 players

- “The Black Stallions” (XenoZodiac and DoctorWho) win again

-XenoZodiac chooses to move Totem (of “The Crimson Knights”) out of his top-three immunity position so he can be eligible for The Challenge

-Goffe Rises receives special Challenge

-XenoZodiac given power to buy an immunity for someone else; chooses Sims, but Sims doesn't need it

-Totem wins Monday Bonus Question

-Totem (of “The Crimson Knights”) and Avatarfan (of “Team Incredibles”) enter The Challenge

-CEDAR v Sims Challenge: CEDAR wins

-Acsc1312 v Fakhir Challenge: Fakhir wins

-Avatarfan is eliminated (13th place)

2.8 “A New Menace” - July 27-29, 2012 (#24)

-5 teams, 11 players

- “The Black Stallions” (XenoZodiac and DoctorWho) win again

-Double Elimination Challenge: riczhang (of “The Crimson Knights”) vs Fakhir (of “Epic Sensation”) vs Schumacher FTW (of “Epic Sensation”)

-riczhang is eliminated (12th place)

-Schumacher FTW is eliminated (11th place)

-Totem is reassigned to “The Black Stallions”

-Fakhir is reassigned to “Team Incredibles”

2.9 “Second Chance” - August 3-5, 2012 (#25)

-3 teams, 9 players

- “The Shadowkillers” (CEDAR, acsc1312, and Goffe Rises) win

-JackO (of “Team Incredibles”) and Sims (of “Team Incredibles”) enter The Challenge

-JackO is eliminated

-Second Chance Challenge held

-The Dark Alfred and JackO resurrected by Second Chance Challenge

- “Team Destiny” (Alfred and JackO) is formed

2.10 “The Long and Winding Road” - August 17-19, 2012 (#26)

-4 teams, 10 players

-Top Ten Rankings held

-DoctorWho (of “The Black Stallions”) is listed as the frontrunner

- “The Shadowkillers” (CEDAR, acsc1312, and Goffe Rises) win again

-JackO and CEDAR receive special deals

-Totem (of “The Black Stallions”) and Sims (of “Team Incredibles”) enter The Challenge

-Sims is eliminated (10th place)

-Fakhir is reassigned to “The Black Stallions”

2.11 “Destiny” - August 24-26, 2012 (#27)

-3 teams, 9 players

- “Team Destiny” (The Dark Alfred and JackO) win

-Double Elimination Challenge: Goffe Rises (of “The Shadowkillers”) vs DoctorWho (of “The Black Stallions”) vs XenoZodiac (of “The Black Stallions”)

-XenoZodiac is eliminated (9th place)

-Goffe Rises is eliminated (8th place)

2.12 “Dust in the Wind” - August 31-September 3, 2012 (#28)

-3 teams, 7 players

- “The Shadowkillers” (CEDAR and acsc1312) win

-Challenge A: The Dark Alfred (of “Team Destiny”) v Fakhir (of “The Black Stallions”)

-Challenge B: DoctorWho (of “The Black Stallions”) v JackO (of “Team Destiny”)

-DoctorWho is eliminated (7th place)

-Fakhir is eliminated (6th place)

-Final Five are determined

2.13 “Fallen Champions” - September 7-9, 2012 (#29)

-2 teams, 1 individual, 5 players

-Acsc1312 declared the new frontrunner

- “The Shadowkillers” (CEDAR and acsc1312) win again

-The Challenge: Totem vs The Dark Alfred (of “Team Destiny”) vs JackO (of “Team Destiny”)

-Totem is eliminated (5th place)

2.14 “The Dying Fire” - September 14-16, 2012 (#30)

-2 teams, 4 players

- “The Shadowkillers” (CEDAR and acsc1312) vs “Team Destiny” (The Dark Alfred and JackO)

-Alfred is re-eliminated (4th place)

-JackO is re-eliminated (3rd place)

2.15 “The Last Embers” - September 21-23, 2012 (#31)

-Season 2 Finale

-2 players

-Acsc1312 vs CEDAR

-Player of the Season nominees revealed

-Awards Ceremony held

-Behavior Award: Goffe Rises

-Best Episode Award: “Rising from the Ashes” * (does not include Finale)

-Award for Outstanding Teamwork: “The Firerisers” (The Dark Alfred and Townzy89)

-Award for Most Liked Player: Goffe Rises

-Award for Most Respected Player: XenoZodiac

-Award for Most Popular Player: acsc1312

-Award for Most Underrated Team: “Team Incredibles”(Avatarfan, Fakhir, JackO, and Sims)

-The Strategy Award: “The Crimson Knights” (Totem and riczhang)

-The Underdog Award: JackO

-The Challenge Award: Totem

-The Team Spirit Award: “The Dark Horses” (DoctorWho and InFamous)

-The Individual Spirit Award: DoctorWho

-The Coulda-Woulda-Shoulda Award: riczhang

-The Best Episode Title Award: “The Last Embers” (2.15)

-The Biggest Surprise Elimination Award: Townzy89

-The Most Competitive Player Award: CEDAR

-Award for Best Box Office Skill: Totem

-Award for Best Team: “The Shadowkillers” (acsc1312, CEDAR, and Goffe Rises)

-The Rookie Award: riczhang

-The Veteran Award: Totem

-acsc1312 is runner-up (2nd place)

-CEDAR wins (1st place)

-Totem crowned Player of the Season

-Season 2 ends

Cast Listing

Main Cast

Acsc1312 (15 episodes)

CEDAR (15 episodes)

JackO (14 episodes)

Totem (13 episodes)

Special Guest Stars

The Dark Alfred (7 episodes)

Townzy89 (4 episodes)

Special Guest Appearance

RichWS (1 episode)

Guest Stars

XenoZodiac (11 episodes)

riczhang (8 episodes)

Schumacher FTW (8 episodes)

Recurring Cast

Fakhir (12 episodes)

DoctorWho (12 episodes)

Goffe Rises (11 episodes)

Sims (10 episodes)

Avatarfan (7 episodes)

Electric (4 episodes)

Tawasal (3 episodes)

InFamous (3 episodes)



The Creator (15 episodes)

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Season 3


After "The Shadowkillers" swept in Season 2, a huge reshuffling occurred, and all players were found partnerless. Scrambling to fine partners, the first new teams emerged at the start of Season 3. Over a four week period, new teams rose, including the resurrection of "The Shadowkillers." Seeking to avenge their titles, CEDAR and Acsc plotted to emerge victorious once again by trumping the other teams, but this season they, and others, were meant with many new, exciting challenges, and some of the series' most epic showdowns. The season began with 20 players, all individual at the start of the season. The start of the season was met with ambiguity for the 20 contestants as they had never before witnessed such a long and drawn out partner selection session. It also saw the birth of some new star players, including most prominently Baumer.


Season 3 saw many changes in the format of the game, and the story grew increasingly dramatic as "The Shadowkillers" lost their flare, and a series of new individuals stepped up to take the throne. The season can be divided into four quarters. In the first quarter, the partner selection process endured until all players were either assimilated onto teams or eliminated. This session brought about the unexpected end of great players like Fakhir and Tawasal. The second session concerned the Special Host weeks, in which two forum regulars were assigned to oversee the running of the game for two weeks. Gopher and Shawn fulfilled this role and ensured the players would see hell. This session brought about an end to all the teams of the season, and gave birth to the legendary status of its victors, namely Totem and Goffe. But it also saw the demise of XenoZodiac and, consequently, CEDAR, the glorious Shadowkiller victor of Season 2 who lost earlier on this season. The third arc was centered around the start of the Top Ten games, in which the final ten contestants competed. The majority were veterans of high esteem, and this phase saw the unexpected eliminations of Totem and Acsc1312, the star of Box Office Alliance to this point. The final phase of the season has been referred to as the Champion Battleground, in which the Final Five contestants competed in a gruelsome competition against each other, outsiders, and the game's own host to determine the winner.


The season saw many changes from the previous two seasons. The first change came in the partner selection procress, which occurred over a four week period. Also, there was much more emphasis on individual credit than on team skill, as the team's were much more temporary than ever before. The introduction of the Special Hosts was an unexpected twist that garnered mixed reviews, with some blaming it for causing the special guest hosts to bear too much authority (which at one point caused the unfair elimination of Alfred). And the Final Five games contained six, rather than five, players and were marked with a much different focus than usual. The players of those games competed against "bosses" rather than against each other, and they had to pass several levels to make it to the finale.


Many of these changes affected future seasons. In particular, the season gave rise to the status of Legends, or players held in the highest esteem in the series. In future seasons, Legends would be granted certain elite status, privilege, and even power that was not available to other players. A major emphasis of Season 3 was on the identity of the Lone Legend, who was revealed in the season finale to be Riczhang, a former contestant in Season 2.


The original teams were (formed over weeks 1-4) (in order of chronological appearance): "Rich Boy Swag", "Ice Ice Baumy", "The Annihilators", "The FireEaters", "Dracula's Minions", "The Shadowkillers", and "The Towering Tools"


The teams formed after the Special Hosts games were: "The Overlords", "The Elites", "The Predators", "Team Redemption", and "The A-Team"


The Top Ten finalists were: Acsc1312, Alfred, Baumer, ChD, DoctorWho, Goffe, JackO, RichWS, Riczhang, and Totem


The Final Five Champions were: Alfred, Baumer, DoctorWho, Goffe, JackO, and Riczhang


In the season finale, the two finalists who made it past the "bosses" of the previous two games in the Final Five Championship competed against each other. They were newcomer Baumer and Season 2 veteran Riczhang. Prior to the showdown, an awards ceremony was held to recognize the achievement of the players that season, and the Player of the Season nominees were revealed. Riczhang won the season and was crowned the Lone Legend, but Baumer went on to win the Player of the Season award despite finishing in second place.


Only Baumer and Riczhang were present in all 15 episodes of the season, and JackO appeared in 14 episodes. Series' star Acsc was present in only 11 episodes of the season and missed the last 4 episodes.


(# denotes overall episode)


3.1 “The First Shadows” - October 12-14, 2012 (#32)

-20 players (no teams)

-Electric withdrawals at start of season

-Partner selection process revealed; to be completed over several weeks

-RichWS gets first pick

- “Rich Boy Swag” (RichWS and Riczhang) and “Ice Ice Baumy” (Iceroll and Baumer) are formed

-Avatarfan and Dragon enter the Challenge

-Avatarfan wins; Dragon eliminated in 19th place


3.2 “The Darkest Dawn” - October 19-21, 2012 (#33)

-18 players: 2 teams, 14 individuals

-Goffe wins

- “The Annihilators” (Goffe and Cjohn) and “The FireEaters” (XenoZodiac and Alfred) are formed

-Avatarfan and Totem enter The Challenge

-Totem wins; Avatarfan eliminated (18th place)


3.3 “A Light in the Shadow” - October 26-28, 2012 (#34)

-17 players: 4 teams, 9 individuals

-ChD wins; CEDAR and Acsc also get to choose partners

- “Dracula's Minions” (ChD and DoctorWho) and “The Shadowlords” (CEDAR and Acsc) are formed

-JackO and Tawasal enter The Challenge

-JackO wins: Tawasal eliminated (17th place)


3.4 “Last Opportunity” - November 2-4, 2012 (#35)

-16 players: 6 teams, 4 individuals

-Guest host announcement made

- “The FireEaters” (Alfred and XenoZodiac) win

-Special Elimination Challenge: Fakhir vs. iTz Only ED vs. JackO vs. Totem

-iTz Only ED eliminated (16th place)

-Fakhir eliminated (15th place)

- “The Towering Tools” (JackO and Totem) formed


3.5 “The Road to Glory” - November 9-11, 2012 (#36)

-14 players: 7 teams

-Nominees for Special Guest Host announced

- “Rich Boy Swag” (RichWS and Riczhang) win

-Cjohn (of “The Annihilators”) and Acsc1312 (of “The Shadowlords”) enter The Challenge

-Cjohn is eliminated (14th place)

-Goffe reassigned to “The Shadowlords”

-ShawnMR and Gopher selected for Special Guest Hosts


3.6 “A New Day Dawns” - November 16-18, 2012 (#37)

-13 players: 6 teams

- “The FireEaters” (Alfred and XenoZodiac) win

- “Ice Ice Baumy” (Iceroll and Baumer) enter The Challenge against each other

-Challenge delayed until next week; tie in with weekend game


3.7 “The Calm Before the Storm” - November 23-25, 2012 (#38)

-13 players: 6 teams

-Iceroll and Baumer's Challenge moved until after this week's results

- “The Towering Tools” (JackO and Totem) win

-Iceroll is eliminated (13th place)

-Baumer not reassigned to any team

-No new Challenge held this week


3.8 “Guest Host Week With Gopher and Shawn” - November 30-December 7, 2012 (#39)

-12 players: NO teams

-All teams disbanded

-Shawn serves as main host; Gopher co-host

-Goffe wins with highest point increase


3.9 “Another Kick in the Crotch” - December 7-9, 2012 (#40)

-12 players: No teams

-Gopher serves as main host; Shawn as co-host

-Week 2 of Guest Week

-Riczhang wins week 2 with highest point tally

-Totem leads overall over the Guest Weeks


3.10 “The Hobbit Special” - December 14-16, 2012 (#41)

-Special Host weeks determine Top Ten

-First 6 players chosen off their aggregate scores over the past two frames

-Mega Challenge for the other players to determine Top Ten

-Team shuffle enacted on the basis of the Special Host weeks

-Mega Challenge contenders: Acsc1312 vs CEDAR vs XenoZodiac vs Alfred vs ChD vs RichWS

-RichWS purchases immunity

-CEDAR drops out of the race (12th place)

-New teams formed: “The Overlords” (Totem and Goffe), “The Elites” (DoctorWho and Riczhang), and “The Predators” (Baumer and JackO)

-Mega Challenge boils down to an old-fashioned “Shadowlord” duo as XenoZodiac and Acsc finish in last two places and face each other

-XenoZodiac is eliminated (11th place)

-New teams formed: “Team Redemption” (RichWS and ChD) and “The A-Team” (Alfred and Acsc1312)

- “The Overlords” (Totem and Goffe) win

-Record for most points rewarded in one game (276 combined). Goffe sets record for individual point gain at +65 points

-Riczhang wins Special Monday Round Bonus

-Acsc (of “The A-Team”) and RichWS (of “Team Redemption”) enter The Challenge

-Top Ten rankings begin

-Acsc wins; RichWS eliminated (10th place)


3.11 “The Crossroads of Dawn” - December 21-23, 2012 (#42)

-9 players: 4 teams

-ChD (of “Team Redemption”) reassigned to “The Predators”

-Totem eliminated for 3rd strike of the season (9th place)

- “The Predators” (ChD, Baumer, and JackO) win

-Alfred wins Bonus 1, ChD wins Bonus 2: determines “deal or no-deals”

-Top Ten rankings finalized

-Goffe declared as seasonal frontrunner

- “The A-Team” (Acsc and Alfred) enter The Challenge in a surprise re-match of the Season 1 finale

-Acsc eliminated in one of the series' closest Challenges (8th place)


3.12 “The Lone Legend” - January 11-13, 2013 (#43)

-7 players: 2 teams, 2 individuals

- “The Elites” (DoctorWho and Riczhang) win and are declared first two Final Five Champions

-Deal-or-no-deals revealed: Alfred switches Question 4, and ChD makes a harsh deal that can cost him his role in the game or save him to make it to the Final Five

-Goffe and JackO buy immunities and earn seats 3 and 4 in the Final Five Championships

-Alfred, ChD, and Baumer enter The Challenge for the fifth slot

-Challenge error made; second Challenge started. Baumer wins the first.

-ChD eliminated in 7th place

-Both Alfred and Baumer admitted to Final Five on probationary status due to technicalities.


3.13 “Champion Battleground” - January 18-20, 2013 (#44)

-6 players: 6 individuals

-Players asked to pick numbers 1-10

-Final Five Champions verse players from “Box Office Survivor” and “Baumer's Summer Game”

-Alfred versus Sims: Sims wins; Alfred sent to The Challenge

-Goffe versus Fake: Fake wins; Goffe sent to The Challenge

-Baumer versus Jake Gittes: Jake wins; Baumer sent to The Challenge

-JackO versus Spaghetti: Spaghetti wins; JackO sent to The Challenge

-Riczhang versus Tower: Riczhang wins and moves on to Semi-Final

-DoctorWho versus Tower: Tower wins; DoctorWho sent to The Challenge

-Champion Battleground Challenge: Alfred versus Baumer versus Goffe versus DoctorWho versus JackO

-Goffe eliminated for no show in Challenge (6th place)

-DoctorWho eliminated on Question 2 in The Challenge (5th place)

-Alfred versus JackO (former partners of “Team Destiny” in semi-final of Season 2) compete in final round of The Champion Battleground Challenge

-Alfred eliminated on Question 5 in The Challenge (4th place)

-JackO and Baumer move on to join Riczhang in the semi-final


3.14 “A War of Gods” - January 25-27, 2013 (#45)

-3 players

-3 rounds of Challenges to reach the Finale

-Challenge One Boss: 4815162342

-JackO versus 4815162342: JackO loses and will not progress to Round 2

-Riczhang versus 4815162342: Riczhang wins and moves on to Round 2

-Baumer versus 4815162342: Baumer loses and will not progress to Round 2

-Challenge Two Boss: Bed005

-Part 1: Riczhang leads

-Part 2: Riczhang wins

-Part 3: Riczhang wins

-Riczhang defeats Bed005 narrowly and moves on to Round 3

-Challenge Three Boss: The Creator

-The Creator wins in the final round against Riczhang

-Twist revealed that Question 3 had been dropped in all competitions

-Baumer actually made it to Round 2 and Round 3

-Baumer won against The Creator in the actual Round 3 and thus moves on to the Finale

-All players of the season vote on who will join Baumer in the Finale

-Riczhang wins the vote and moves on to the Finale

-JackO is eliminated (3rd place)


3.15 “As the Sun Rises” - February 1-3, 2013 (#46)

-Season 3 Finale

-Baumer versus Riczhang

-Awards ceremony held

-Underdog Award: Baumer

-The Top Dog Award: Goffe

-The Coulda-Woulda-Shoulda Award: CEDAR

-The Behavior Award: ChD

-The Most Surprising Elimination Award: Acsc1312

-The Most Liked Player Award: Baumer

-The Most Feared Player Award: Totem

-The Most Respected Player Award: Alfred

-The Most Forgotten Player Award: XenoZodiac

-The Most Competitive Player Award: Riczhang

-The Strategy Award: Riczhang

-The Best Team Award: “Rich Boy Swag” (Riczhang and RichWS)

-The Best Team Name Award: “The Towering Tools” (Totem and JackO)

-The Best Episode Award: “A War of Gods”

-The Rookie Award: Baumer

-The Veteran Award: Goffe

-The Challenge Award: Alfred

-The Best Box Office Skill Award: Totem

-The Individual Spirit Award: ChD

-Riczhang wins Season 3

-Baumer eliminated in second (runner up)

-Player of the Season nominees announced

-Baumer wins Player of the Season

-Season 3 ends



Cast Listing


Main Cast


Riczhang (15 episodes)

Baumer (15 episodes)

JackO (14 episodes)

Alfred (13 episodes)

DoctorWho (13 episodes)

Goffe (13 episodes)

Acsc (11 episodes)

Totem (11 episodes)


Special Guest Stars


XenoZodiac (10 episodes)

CEDAR (9 episodes)


Recurring Cast

ChD (12 episodes)

RichWS (10 episodes)

Iceroll (7 episodes)

CJohn (5 episodes)

Fakhir (4 episodes)

iTz Only Ed (4 episodes)

Tawasal (3 episodes)

Avatarfan (2 episodes)

Dragon (1 episode)

Electric (1 episode)


Special Guest Hosts

ShawnMR (2 episodes)

Gopher (2 episodes)


Special Season Guests

The Creator (2 episodes)

Jake Gittes (1 episode)

Fake (1 episode)

Sims (1 episode)

Spaghetti (1 episode)

Tower (1 episode)

4815162342 (1 episode)

Bed005 (1 episode)



The Creator (13 episodes)

Edited by The Creator
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