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SOTM 5...Facehuggers vs Big Willie vs Bella

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SOTM 5:In the last three weeks, we've had three movies open with more than 50 mill. MIB with 54.5, SWATH with 56.2 and the way it looks, Prometheus with about 50. MIB looks to end with about 165 mill, SWATH dropped like a rock in it's second weekend and WOM on Prometheus is mixed at best. Your task, if you choose to accept it, could yield you some big points, some guaranteed points or a big loss. The path you choose is your own.After actuals come in on Monday July 23rd, tell me what the grosses for all three films will be.The point structure is as follows:You can choose to go for any, all or none of the films. The more you call correctly, the more points you get.Choose to go for one film and get that gross within 3 mill of the gross and you will get 7000 points. If you are wrong you lose 3000 pointsChoose to go for two films and be within 4 mill on both films (if you go for two you must be right on both) you get 11,000 points. If you are wrong you lose 6000 pointsChoose to go for all three films and you are within 4.5 mill on all three films, (you must get all three right) you get 15,000 points. if you are wrong you lose 10,000 pointsAbstain from this question completely and you get 3000 points.Deadline for your answer is Monday June 18th at 9pm boxoffice.com time.Good luck!

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:newhere: Thank you. Believe it or not, I toyed with it for most of yesterday. It doesn't look like it when the finished product is there, but it was a bit difficult coming up with it.
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