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Mortal Kombat | April 23 2021 | Warner Bros. | James Wan producing

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They're definitely casting the right people so far.


I think this has real breakout potential--like "over $125M domestic" potential. Warner Bros undoubtedly cares about this film with how well the game series is doing under the watch of their publishing company.

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1 hour ago, TServo2049 said:

I hope they go completely over-the-top, without worrying about whether it will initially get an NC-17 and have to be cut back for theaters.

They might have to tone down a few as some of the ones in MK11 are very gory

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Raiden, Jax , and Mileena.


Glad Mileena is in the film...unlike the latest game which was just stupid of them not to include her.

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