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Note about Spiderman midnights

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Well, now it may have. 7.5+0.85m= 8.35m. The studio is saying the 850k came from Canada "pre-midnights" but they are lumping it into the OD(which means they are lumping it into the midnights). If BOM reports 35.85m OD then the answer to this question is most definitely YES. It really just depends on BOM. Although BO.com has the OD at "35.85m". But, still, I really hate Sony for this kind of crap.

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I'm not getting into that. If anyone can find a credible source that says the midnight was anything but 7.5 mill, I'll consider it, but the 7.5 was reported so that's what we have to go with.

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The number we were given for Tuesday was $35m, now it's only $34.18m with $850,000 on Monday. So obviously they lumped the Monday previews in with the $7.5 reported midnights. So the actual midnight figure was $6.85m.

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