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2.5 "Salvation"

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Season 2 - Game 5

Deadline: Friday, July 6 at 2:00 P.M. Eastern, 1:00 P.M. Central

Predict the following:

1. The Amazing Spider-Man's Saturday gross

2. The Amazing Spider-Man's 6-day total (total through Sunday)

3. Savage's Sunday gross

4. Ted's percent drop

5. Magic Mike's second weekend gross

BONUS: Spider-Man 2 made 88.16 million on its first 3-day weekend after opening to 40.4 million the previous Wednesday. Predict the difference between Spider-Man 2's 88.16 million opening and The Amazing Spider-Man's opening weekend (its Friday-Sunday gross).

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"Salvation" - Season 2, Game 5

"And there was hope."

We have seen the dominance of "The Crimson Knights", have come to expect the team to win. This week they posted another high score, with an average of 89.66%. But was this high score enough to win the game again, making "The Knights" the first team to dominate for five weeks straight?

At last, it was not. We have finally had a team rise above "The Knights". This "one-way-train" has derailed, if briefly, as a new team steps into the lead this weekend (although "Knights" still hold the lead by a long shot for the season as a whole). But finally we can say that someone managed to rise above "The Knights" and end, at least for this week, their long winning streak, which has been the longest in the history of Box Office Alliance.

And that team is "The Shadowkillers." Poised as one of the most potentially awesome teams of the season, "The Shadowkilelrs" have finally dethroned "The Knights" with an awing score of 92.35%. Both acsc1312 and CEDAR, who placed 2nd and 3rd (respectively) last season, took the two highest individual scores of the week as well. Now for this week they hold the crown, and it's their decision on how to wield their power.

Coming in third with another remarkable score was "The Black Stallions". They averaged a remarkable 87.46%, which would have been enough to win most weeks this season. Both Xeno and DoctorWho will have prizes awaiting them for their winning the Bonus. That's right, this week's Bonus was not a replacement score; it served a different focus. I will reveal what the prizes associated with it are, and who all will reap those benefits. Presently Xeno and Doc stood highest on the Bonus prize for Xeno scored 99.38%, followed by Doc with a 98.70%, a 6.5% lead over third place.

Now let's move onto the results.


DoctorWho: 89.80% +3 (+1 3rd team, +1 highest Question 2, +1 highest Bonus Question)

XenoZodiac: 85.11% +6 (+1 3rd team, +5 winning Challenge 3)

AVERAGE: 87.46% +9 (IMMUNE)


riczhang: 89.17% +2 (+2 2nd team)

Totem: 90.14% +6 (+1 3rd individual, +2 2nd team, +2 90%+, +1 highest Question 4)

AVERAGE: 89.66% +8 (IMMUNE)


Fakhir: 80.09%

Schumacher FTW: 80.09%

AVERAGE: 80.09%


Goffe Rises: 85.36%** +1 (+1 highest Question 5)

AVERAGE: 85.36%


acsc1312: 92.70% +16 (+5 highest individual, +3 1st team, +2 90%+, +1 highest Question 3, +5 ended Knight streak)

CEDAR: 92.00% +13 (+2 2nd individual, +3 1st team, +2 90%+, +1 highest Question 1, +5 ended Knight streak)

AVERAGE: 92.35% +29 (IMMUNE)


Avatarfan: 75.09% (placeholder) -2 (2nd strike)

JackO: 81.38%

Sims: 81.76%

AVERAGE: 79.41% -2

Now as you can see The Shadowkillers each got 5 extra points for ending "The Knights" streak. I mentioned earlier that there was an incentive to win, and that was it (other than the obvious of avoiding elimination and being power holder for the week).

*"Rising Stars" broke up with Electric's elimination

**Goffe Rises will now be reassigned to a new team. It is "The Crimson Knights" pick of where to place him as they held The Challenge last week

Next post contains Challenge details. Bonus prizes to be revealed.

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The Crimson Knights






The Shadowkillers






Goffe Rises


Epic Sensation




Schumacher FTW


Team Incredibles








The Black Stallions






Updated as of Game 5

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"The Shadowkillers" won this week. This means it is their decision as to whether a Challenge will be held at all. They have three choices:

1. The Challenge (send two members against each other into a competition whereby one will be eliminated)*

2. The Creator Challenge (Challenge The Creator (me) - If you win, you can double your point total. If you lose, you forfeit all your points.)

3. NEW The Assimilation and Elimination Challenge (The objective here is for the winning team to choose someone(s) they wish to see on their team, usually a high scoring player. The winning team selects a player they wish to have join them. However, that player may wish to stay on his team. In this case, the winning team will Challenge that player. The winning team establishes the benchmark for that player to pass on the Challenge (for example, the player must score 85%+ or 90%+ or something). If the player beats that benchmark, he can stay on his original team. If he does not, he will be assimilated onto the winning team

NEW: Now this Challenge also features a second selection. The winning team chooses one member from any given team to join them. The other member of that team will go into a Sudden Death Challenge. He must score above the benchmark established by the winning team to stay alive (the benchmark cannot be higher than 90%))

*In The Challenge (option 1) the top 3 teams are immune and people can buy immunity. All bets are off for the other two Challenges.

Immune players (from The Challenge): DoctorWho, riczhang, Totem, and XenoZodiac

Immunty cost: +7 points

Now, the surprise. I have ranked the listings on the bonus and 6 people scored above a 90%, so those six will receive prizes.

Here are the rankings of the bonus prize:

1. XenoZodiac: 99.39%

2. DoctorWho: 98.70%

3. Fakhir: 92.20%

3. Schumacher FTW: 92.20%

5. CEDAR: 92.00%

6. acsc1312: 91.06%

Each member will be PMed his prize.

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50% players got above 90%. To increase exclusivity, shouldn't you just give it to those who got above 95%? ;)

You mean, no one? Haha, well it is exclusive to get above 90% period in the game, unless it's a really easy week or bonuses inflate your scores. Usually if I do get people above 90%, it's only 2 or 3 at a time tops. This week must've been better.

Also, I have started PMing the bonus prizes. Those who scored highest get first pick, and I'll move down the list from there as there are 6 selections on the prize list, and I think you'll like them all.

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Dumb mistake, thought you were talking about how I added 2 points to everyone who scored above a 90% overall this week. Oops. My bad.

Hmm, well I'm really satisfied with my 6 options as some will not work so well as others (your math shows me that), but I do see where you're coming from. I haven't notified anyone else yet since it goes by rank on the bonus and I have to wait for Doc's confirmation on his selection, so I could possibly make it more exclusive.

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> :( damn you, Xeno!! I thought we were friends

And we are. But you are last recipient for the bonus and will be left with the worst option. It won't do you much good because it'd do a lot more good to Fakhir, Schumacher and CEDAR. So, in a way, I'm actually trying to put you in an advantage by putting ourselves at a much more advantage. (you shouldn't mind our advantage, I thought we were friends :P )

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