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Crunching the Numbers: Year 3

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    Really that was all seemed like the first act? I deliberately stopped the story at that point to leave more for the sequel, because I thought that it would be too much for one film and would be too long as well. Maybe I misjudged it.

    You misjudged it. Because you gave so much detail and description to the dialogue and various minute scenes, the film seemed a lot longer to you than it really was. The actual plot in the film isn't that much at all.
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    The David Lynch Award

    This award is given to the film that tries its utmost to bend the mind of the viewer.

    And the award goes to...

    Electric's Request: The Summer Story

    The David Lynch award is an award that can be a double-edged sword, just like David Lynch. David Lynch can make a film that can press the senses, energize the mind, and force thoughts to permeate about the story, the characters, and the symbolism. David Lynch can make a truly intellectual and engaging film. Or, he can make a pretentious piece of crap that is all hot air and visuals and style but completely insubstantial and without quality. The award therefore can be given to a good film or a bad film, depending on how it goes about it's business.

    This is the good kind of David Lynch award.

    The Summer Story is a film that demands to be rewatched, at least for 2 full viewings in order to keep track of everything. This is because with so many figments of Dave's imagination yapping at him and manipulating him, so many hops skips and jumps through time back and forth, and so many sequences that may or may not be entirely cooked up in his own imagination, trying to process it all in just a single go is foolhardy. Once you watch it a second time, you wrap your head around things a lot better and see the movie for what it really is, a depressing character drama about a young guy who warps his own mind to the breaking point in order to deal with the bad situations in his past and who without much care lets the products of that warping push and pull him about as he futilely tries to go about things in a normal-enough fashion. Even if he winds up getting that interview at the end and does it well, the context of the film shows he's not any better than he was some months earlier, he's just suppressed things a bit once things turned a little corner. But given the fragile state he was in, only a little touch would send him back into the mind-fractured and vision-spouting chaos he previously lived in. For all his half-measured efforts, he winds up running a hamster wheel, ending up exactly where he started, only with the knowledge that much of what he experienced was a lie, yet so long as a fraction was real he doesn't care about the rest, which is kinda the real tragedy of it.

    So, good on you Electric, you made yourself a very good one.

    That concludes the requests and awards. Countdown begins tonight or tomorrow.

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    If I ever do an award for "total mindfuckery" I'll find something better than David Lynch to represent it. ;)

    Countdown begins!!!!!!!!!!!!

    25. Bobby

    A fun and breezy animated adventure with a pair of funny and engaging mental avatars. But my god is that post-credits scene depressing and totally out of place compared to the rest of the film.

    24. Bartimaeus and the Golem’s Eye

    An engaging and immersive fantasy sequel. Kind of reaches character overload however and could have stood to cut some stuff down.

    23. Red Skin

    The first two thirds are a pretty riveting and atmospheric Western drama, if a bit overcooked. The final third however devolves into sap and heavy-handedness. A sudden sacrificial ending that changes peoples' minds and hearts in an instant? Yeah, totally slams the film's momentum into the dirt.

    22. A Million Little Pieces

    Though the story is fiction instead of fact, it's still quite a compelling and emotional tale.

    21. The Bride, The Groom, and the Priest

    A ridiculous comedy with ridiculous characters and ridiculous antics. But I laughed, so there.

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    So what will be 48's crazy film in the top 5????

    You know, so far in 2.0 I haven't had a crazy Top 5 appearance, mainly because no one's made a film that only I thought was awesome. Closest might have been The Father Figure at #4 in Year 1?This year doesn't have many surprises, it's pretty clear what the best 10-12 films of the year are.
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    The Texans are relaxing on their ranches for now.

    20. Fable

    A solid piece of high fantasy with action, adventure, and character.

    19. Karate Kong

    A whimsical and adventurous animated offering with a hip and fun approach.

    18. Leitmotif

    17. Election 2000

    A by-the-numbers documentary that gets extra points for a detailed examination of its material.

    16. Nadia: The Perfect 10

    It's not complex or that imaginative, but this drama has got heart and a strong core to propel it ahead.

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    15. Into the Breach

    Melissa Leo is fearless in this.

    14. Love in Poitiers

    13. Blue Heart

    12. Spellforce: The Breath of Winter

    About on par with the first film in the series. More exciting and visually stellar fantasy action.

    11. Genesis

    It could have been great, but a stagnant, little-explained subplot and a iffy ending keep it out. That said, 80% of this is a breathtaking and exhilarting chase film with an amazing airplane plummeting fight scene.

    And that's it for tonight. The rest tomorrow.

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    Why does my top 25 look so different from everyone else's top 25?And I seem to be the only person who hated leitmotif. :lol:And I'm still amazed at Love in Poitiers's reception. I wrote that in 25 minutes, while watching Lion in Winter. :lol:

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    I'm thinking about making a Lynch film next year, so if David Lynch award is still around and it doesn't go to that, well then that will be unsettling.

    Also, thanks for 11. I didn't expect it to make your top 10, so to come that close is great. I do imagine I know what sub-plot you are referring to (the time freeze stuff, I'm thinking).

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