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The Dark Alfred

Alfred's Year 3 Top 25

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    Long wait for just 1 film, but it's your thing so you're boss I guess. But thanks for number 4, and here's hoping BaN is one of the final 3/Now where the hell did you get those stars from?

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    "A true gem"

    "An inspiring project, with lots of heart"

    "While the ancient dialects and weighty quotations suggest an art-house epic, it is a widely entertaining movie".

    "Posted Image Would have been 5-star if the plot is more detailed"

    2. The Ice Bridge

    Posted Image
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    I must say I have soft spot for Canada and that project is a typical example that it wasn't executed well, but the idea and the premise of the story is good and I can imagine a great film out of it. So there you go. I think it's fine to have at least one project that is close to someone personally. Picking Seattle as the main location helped Genesis a lot. If someone does a horror film well, you'll see it climbing very high on my list. ;)

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