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Howard the Duck!

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What are the chances Marvel reboots this as a cinematic franchise? With today's technology it would obviously look a lot better than the little guy in the suit from the 1986 movie. Make it an R-rated comedy like Ted, and it could be a big hit. Then we can get Howard to join the Avengers. :D

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I don't think they would ever attempt to overcome the stigma that is attached to the first film. For many, many years, the title "Howard the Duck" was synonymous with "Flop." Same thing happened with "Ishtar" and "Heaven's Gate".

I do think Ted COULD have opened the door for a remake if it was not so famous for being terrible. Or, better yet, if the 1986 movie had never been made... then with the combination of Ted's success and Marvel's popularity... then yeah... I think it would have happened.

And as for The Avengers... well, there IS a cut scene from the film involving a SECOND portal to be attached to the blu-ray. here it is:

Posted Image

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