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47 Ronin | Disappointing Start in Japan

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As some already said in the DOM thread, this may bomb in America, but huge OS numbers are almost locked.Predictions:CJohn - 200M

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47 Ronin enjoyed a couple of #1 openings from Malaysia and Singapore to bring in a $6.2 million haul a week ahead of its day-and-date release in North America and 27 overseas territories. The latest Keanu Reeves action vehicle took a $1.1 million debut from 91 dates in Malaysia and a $1 million bow from 27 dates in Singapore. The film finished mid-table in its third weekend in Japan with a $200k performance, taking its 16-day total in the country to $3.5 million.
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Yes..World Wide



And it needs at least 350 Million just to break even,it you accept the "Official" Universal budget,given the rule of thumb that since a studio only gets half the box office take, a film needs to gross twice it's budget to just break even.. (Almost every journalist who covers the film industry don't, accept the 175 Million figure, and say Universal is "Lowballing" that budget figures for PR Purposes;a common practice when a studio has a film that looks as if it will bomb). So if it does make 200 Million it will still lose Universal a huge amount of money.

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47 Ronin continued to struggle to put up a fight around the world. The Keanu Reeves action flick  failed to put up big numbers in its U.K. debut with a fifth place, $2.3 million opening at 275 dates. The film opened in sixth place in Spain with a $1.9 million take from 273 dates. The troubled Universal release hit first place in several smaller territories (Bulgaria, Cyrus, Egypt, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates) and posted positive bows in Taiwan ($1.6M) and Thailand ($1.1M). 
47 Ronin has grossed $22.3 million overseas and $42.9 million worldwide. 



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