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Oz: The Great and the Powerful OS thread

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I don't think that film is so much well known property OS as some believe.

I think it's fair to say a good chunk of the Chinese moviegoing audience is faintly aware of the original movie but has never actually seen it. The big Chinese movie sites (Douban, Mtime) have far fewer user ratings for it than they do for Gone with the Wind or even Waterloo Bridge (which is more of a classic in China than in the U.S.). It certainly isn't the universal-ritualistic experience it is in the U.S. I don't think the books are that popular either, unlike Alice. I'm betting South Korea is similar. I'm not saying it won't do well in China--I have no idea--but the Oz name doesn't mean so much. Edited by Bob Violence
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So its officially a worldwide bomb ?


Seriously? We've yet to have any numbers from big markets and already a WW bomb is in discussion with you. Remember LOP, you were calling it a bomb and 600M later, it's all history.

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