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Monsters University OS (Settling for fine 480M OS total)

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Apparently the 'University' is not a good match in OS markets :P


Maybe, but keep in mind that they like changing almost all the the titles here.


White House Down became Washington on target, but Olympus has Fallen became Target: White House (these two are very confusing as they are playing at the same time here). The Internship became screwing an internship. Now You See Me became the illusion etc.

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Wait a second so 54.5m in 48% of the OS market means 400m OS is a lock? I fail to see any logic in that. Even giving it a 3 multiplier (generous with DM2 right around the corner) and assuming the other territories open similar you only hit about 350m. How is 400m a lock?

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Big intl toon battle. #MonstersU $44.2M this wknd from 37 mkts, DespicableMe2 $41.5M in just 7 mkts. MU breaks $300M global.



Wait, does that mean MU dropped low? It was at 54 M last weekend with almost the same number of markets. Wow.


Yep, it was in 35 markets last week so hold is tremendous.  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:

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It's not just DM ll breaking records after all.


#MonstersU breaks all-time toon opening record in Taiwan. Top Pixar debut in Philippines. Beats ToyStory3 in both. Japan next wk.



Love my country. lol DM ll will hit it hard though this Wednesday.

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