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Robocop OS thread

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Robocop is currently at $220 Mill WW and $165 Mill International. China may add another $15-20 mill before the end of its run and if Japan can throw in about $10 mill, then we will be looking at $200 Mill International and around $260 Mill WW, which is not too shabby and bodes well for a sequel ;-).

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Also remember that it is NOT Sony that is driving the Robocop franchise; it is MGM through their Orion Pictures acquisition. Sony part financed the film (MGM majority financed Robocop), and does own the majority of distribution rights worldwide, including the US and China, which are Robocop's biggest markets with the reboot. However, the creative direction of the film is MGM's.


If this was a flop and it is not turning out to be so because of international performance, MGM had a lot more to lose than Sony does.

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I like the new ROBOCOP. The Verhoeven version is still a classic.  A bizarre mixture (in a good way) of techno-thriller, western, social satire & dystopian scifi. This scene alone is what makes the movie so multi-dimensional:


Posted Image


But I like what a new director would do with the character.

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