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Kung Fu Panda 3 | 1/29/2016 | New Trailer on Page 26!

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I honestly wonder if Fox freaked out after the Penguins numbers came in, and put pressure on DW to allow them to move Panda. (Boss Baby could have hit some development snags as well - wouldn't be surprised.)

I think it says something that Fox has more faith in a fourth Chipmunks movie being successful counterprogramming to Star Wars, even though the third one made $50m less than Kung Fu Panda 2 did.


I imagine Alvin is cheaper than KFP3 as well, Alvin 3 cost $80m so I imagine the new film will be in that range as well plus Fox will more of the profits whereas KFP3 they'd only get the distribution fee.


I think Paramount won't want DWA back but who knows where DWA will be in three years, they might have sold off by then and Katzenberg no longer in charge. DWA isn't in a position where they can pick and choose their demands since every big studio aside from Lionsgate have their own animation studios.

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I think the film was proceeding on schedule when it was still set for Christmas, so it could conceivably be finished in time to get an early release in China. (Especially since it's a co-production.)

Also, Fox does not handle DreamWorks films in either of those countries, right?

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It dodges all the competition, so that's good. Definitely a better release date than mid-March. On the downside, it isn't really situated to take advantage of the calendar either. The next weekend is the Super Bowl and having a holiday on its third weekend is less of an advantage.

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March is still way too crowded.

I fully expect Allegiant to move out of March so it can be repackaged as one movie instead of two. Other than that, I'm sure the schedule will be moving around if BvS makes studios completely scared.

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When I saw this I actually said out loud (pretty loud actually) "woah". My sister was like "what what's wrong?"

"Kung Fu Panda moved to January"

"Ohmygod NO ONE CARES!"

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