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4D is coming to Theaters, $8 more. How will this affect BO?

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Saw 5D would be fun if there's an actual murder. Wouldn't it be fun to know that one person gets killed during the screening? Gives an extra tension to the event. As usual the porn industry decides whether it's happening or not. 3D is fading, because porn didn't embrace it.

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Remind me not to watch Saw 8 at a 4d cinema.Do not want to get decapitated whilst watching a film. Especially if it's $8 more expensive than not being decapitated.

The 4D screen at the HK Intl. Airport was showing Final Destination 5 at one time. Bet the people there really wanted to see planes blowing up and people dying before their flight.
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So true. And not the ones that we might pay for. Nope, the $10K a night hookers. 4D will help with that.

Actually, the hooker expenses are probably relatively low, what with the casting couches and endless streams of nubile young starlet wannabes. Posted Image
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This is why, I love Nolan. He could have made TDKR in 3D but unlike the rest of the vultures in Hollywood, he chose 2D. Bravo to him. :bravo:

And he's giving us 70+ minutes of IMAX footage, which is crazy compared to Hollywood IMAX in the past (TDK with 27 minutes, M:I4 with 25 minutes, TF2 with 9 minutes).
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