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2.10 "The Long and Winding Road"


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  1. 1. Which Top Ten finalist will win the game?

    • acsc1312
    • CEDAR
    • The Dark Alfred
    • DoctorWho
    • Fakhir
    • Goffe Recall
    • JackO
    • Sims
    • Totem
    • XenoZodiac

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We have reached the Top Ten games. Just ten players are left on four teams: The Black Stallions, The Shadowkillers, Team Incredibles, and the newly resurrected Team Destiny. These Top Ten games are the most challenging of the season and will consist of a few surprises and lots of competition, with an awards show slated for the last episode of the season in anticipation for the final showdown. These are my favorite games to host, and I hope the ten players selected to be a part of these games will enjoy them as much as I do. I will start them by announcing that The Challenges will now feature a minimum of one elimination a week, but more likely we will see two or even three players eliminated each week.

So without further ado...

Game 2.10

Deadline: Friday, August 17 at 2:00 P.M. Eastern (1:00 P.M. Central)

1. The Expendables 2's Friday and Sunday gross (add its Friday and its Sunday gross; do NOT include Saturday's gross)

2. The Expendables 2's Friday share of its weekend gross (e.g. if you expect 10 million Friday and 30 million weekend, your answer would be 33%, 33.3%, or 33.33%.)

3. ParaNorman's Saturday and Sunday gross (DO NOT INCLUDE FRIDAY GROSS)

4. The difference in The Bourne Legacy's Friday gross and its Monday gross from this week (3.86 million)

5. The Dark Knight Rises' weekend gross

In addition, each player will be PMed a separate question from these.

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Top Ten Rankings

There are ten players left standing in what are known as the Top Ten Games. These are the most vital games of the season, and to start them off, we're going to settle the issue of rankings. I will now publish the rankings of the ten remaining players to determine who our overall frontrunner is at this point and to allow each player to see where he stands in comparison to the others. There will be a certain amount of points handed out by your ranking on this list. Now, this season we have 5 returning players in the Top Ten and 5 new players in the Top Ten, so it's very evenly matched. All five recurring players from last season also placed in the Top Ten of Season 1. Meanwhile, a lot of intrigue has been going on concerning the five new players who made it into the Top Ten. There has been a serious debate as to which new player is the biggest new star of the season. Hopefully, these rankings will let us determine which new player has made the biggest splash this season. That being said, I would definitely include riczhang as one of the most prominent new (and overall) players this season despite being eliminated. He would have stood a great chance of making it back in on the Second Chance Challenge and yet he couldn't participate so it remains obscure as to what his ranking could have been, but for now he finishes just outside the Top Ten despite putting up an excellent run all season. So riczhang is certainly a strong contender for the biggest new star of Box Office Alliance, but there are five other new players who have made it farther than him and who stand to be recognized as well.

And our veterans too have been making a splash. There has been a huge tug-of-war this season, at first between "The Crimson Knights" captained by veteran Totem and everyone else, then led by "The Black Stallions" captained by veteran XenoZodiac and new player DoctorWho. Both teams put up the longest first and second, respectively, winning streaks in the history of Box Office Alliance, just edging out "The Firerisers" from last season. But "The Crimson Knights" were disbanded in Week 8 after riczhang's elimination, and Totem is now a "Stallion", which is arguably the most threatening team of the season now. But it is "The Shadowkillers" who have also stood notice strongly over the course of the season, and they have won two games so far. "The Shadowkillers" contain star players from last season acsc1312 and CEDAR, who placed 2nd and 3rd last season, respectively. Now the duo are paired up on one of the most potent and powerful teams of the season, and they have placed consistently all season. They are joined by partner Goffe Recall, formerly of "Rising Stars", who really came into his own as one of the surprise players this season after being shipped over to "The Shadowkillers".

We have two other teams in addition to "The Black Stallions" and "The Shadowkillers". Only two teams standing have existed since Game 1 - "The Shadowkillers" and "Team Incredibles." "Incredibles" originally consisted of Avatarfan and Sims but later expanded to include JackO and ultimately Fakhir after Avatarfan was eliminated. Now three of those players are left standing as Top Ten finalists. This is truly the rookie team of the season. Only Avatarfan ever participated in an earlier season of Box Office Alliance and also on the pilot season Box Office Obliteration on BOM last summer. But JackO, Fakhir, and Sims have all put up an excellent show this season. However, JackO was removed from "Team Incredibles" after a nine week run on the team when he was eliminated in the most recent Challenge. But JackO remains alive in the final team to be discussed this season... "Team Destiny"

"Destiny" came onto the scene more recently than any team. JackO was resurrected through the Second Chance Challenge and thus never really spent any time out of the game for he came back a week after his elimination in the Game 9 Challenge. JackO is joined by last season's overall winner The Dark Alfred. Alfred is now surprisingly the black horse of the season. He was eliminated in Week 2, 8 weeks ago, so he has missed a lot of opportunities to participate this season. But his potential is overwhelming, as he was the first place finalist of last season and is one of the game's most consistent competitors. Alfred has a shot at holding his title, as long as he still has what it takes.

So now we have four teams left standing - "The Black Stallions", "The Shadowkillers", "Team Destiny", and "Team Incredibles". Which team will win, and which player will win?

Shortly, I will begin to reveal the rankings of the following players: acsc1312 (veteran), CEDAR (veteran), The Dark Alfred (veteran), DoctorWho (new), Goffe Recall (new), Fakhir (new), JackO (new), Sims (new), Totem (veteran), and XenoZodiac (veteran). From there we will gauge who the true frontrunner is.

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First up on the current rankings are positions 10 through 8.

10th place:

THE DARK ALFRED (of "Team Destiny"): Alfred would place higher here, but I figured he should be placed in 10th place currently because it is unfair to take his average of two games and weigh them more than everyone else who played 9 games and thus had more times to falter. Alfred only spent two games on "The Firerisers" this season but was quickly seen as a threat because of his stellar performance last season. He was the second player to be eliminated in the game and left his partner of two seasons Townzy89, who attempted to resurrect him in Week 4 via a Creator Resurrection Challenge, but failed. Alfred returned with the Second Chance Challenge in Week 9 and is now a member of "Team Destiny" with partner JackO. Here are his seasonal statistics:

Game 1: 83.03% (9th place; 5th team)

Game 2: 88.22% (15th place; 8th team)

AVERAGE: 85.63%

9th place:

JACKO (of "Team Destiny"): JackO is a new player this season but he has proven to be a lot stronger than initially expected. In the beginning weeks of the season, JackO averaged in middling to last positions, coming in 16th place in Week 1. He averaged in the 60s and 70s for the first four weeks, which is what keeps him down here at 9th place currently. He did advance a bit over weeks 5 through 8 but faltered on Week 9 with a low 46.98% score, which also holds him back. However, he has a shot to advance to a higher position, or he may face his second elimination. JackO started on "The Warriors" with RichWS in Week 1 but quickly assimilated into "Team Incredibles" until his elimination in Week 9. He was brought back to life via the Second Chance Challenge in Week 9 and now stands on "Team Destiny" with partner The Dark Alfred. Here are his stats for the season:

Game 1: 68.71% (16th place; 9th team)

Game 2: 90.87% (8th place; 2nd team)

Game 3: 65.38% (13th place; 5th team)

Game 4: 66.42% (13th place; 4th team)

Game 5: 81.38% (9th place; 5th team)

Game 6: 87.89% (4th place; 3rd team)

Game 7: 65.16% (12th place; 5th team)

Game 8: 88.04% (10th place; 3rd team)

Game 9: 46.98% (8th place; 2nd team)

AVERAGE: 73.43%

8th place:

GOFFE RECALL (of "The Shadowkillers"): Goffe landed lower than the past three weeks would have pegged him. He definitely could be a top 5 contender and be ranked there right now were it not for a couple mishaps in the earlier weeks. Like JackO, Goffe is a new player and probably didn't have as much feel or experience for the game in the first few weeks, when he came in middling positions. However, on Week 1 he did land on the 2nd highest scoring team but had a dip around weeks 3 and 4. His movement to "The Shadowkillers" in week 6 helped him gain more recognition as he started posting scores that were in the upper end of each weekend, even placing 1st place in Week 7. He was a member of "Rising Stars" from Week 1 to 5. Here are his current statistics:

Game 1: 86.13% (6th place; 2nd team)

Game 2: 90.23% (11th place; 6th team)

Game 3: 61.19% (15th place; 7th team)

Game 4: 66.45% (12th place; 6th team)

Game 5: 85.36% (6th place; no team)

Game 6: 69.01% (9th place; 4th team)

Game 7: 89.49% (1st place; 2nd team)

Game 8: 97.03% (4th place; 2nd team)

Game 9: 67.17% (4th place; 1st team)

AVERAGE: 79.12%

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Now we have the two players who are just outside the top five on current rankings, but remember these rankings can change at any moment, including this week.

7th place:

SIMS (of "Team Incredibles"): Sims has been one of the most prominent new players of the season. He came out of the gate pretty decently but really expanded from there. He had a couple lags, especially in Weeks 3 and 4, but overall has been very consistent. Remarkably, Sims posted the highest individual average of Box Office Alliance with 99.02% score in Week 8. However, this score is weighted because one question was taken out, so it does detract from the real score that would have been there in its place and makes placing that as the highest individual score of Box Office Alliance (not counting Box Office Obliteration) a bit unfair. But it is remarkable nonetheless. Sims placed in average positions for a good run of the season but for the past two games he has placed first place on an individual basis, which is quite an accomplishment. Therefore, Sims has definitely shot up to a more prominent position over the past few weeks and has plenty of room to continue to grow and remain a powerful and consistent force. Time will tell if he will become as big a threat as some of the season's other top dogs, or if he will be an underdog who winds up breaking into the final five, a characteristic common of Box Office Alliance. Presently, he would only be deemed an underdog because of his rookie status, but to call him an underdog is a bit unsettling because he certainly has shown he has great potential and skill. He has spent all nine weeks of the game so far on "Team Incredibles". These are his statistics for this season:

Game 1: 82.91% (10th place; 8th team)

Game 2: 93.21% (5th place; 2nd team)

Game 3: 68.95% (9th place; 5th team)

Game 4: 70.60% (9th place; 4th team)

Game 5: 81.76% (8th place; 5th team)

Game 6: 72.02% (7th place; 4th team)

Game 7: 77.22% (9th place; 5th team)

Game 8: 99.02% (1st place; 3rd team)

Game 9: 69.83% (1st place; 2nd team)

AVERAGE: 79.50%

6th place:

TOTEM (of "The Black Stallions"): Ok, so I'm sure we all thought Totem was guarenteed to be one of the five highest ranking players of the season so far, especially since he has one of the highest point totals. Indeed, Totem was the frontrunner of the season for the first four weeks of the season (well, he shared that title with former partner riczhang). Totem, who placed in the Top Ten last season as well, has been one of the most potent, threatening forces of the season. Malevolently, he has lashed out at numerous veterans from last season, resulting in the eliminations of RichWS, Alfred, and, by accident, Townzy89, along with Tawasal and InFamous. Beyond that, Totem put up stellar scores in the first quarter of the season as the captain of "The Crimson Knights". His rankings went from 3rd place (individual) in Week 1, to 2nd individual in Week 2, to 1st individual in Week 3. He was the most consistent force in the early portion of the season, and along with riczhang, he was certainly the most dominant. However, he seemingly lost his way over the next few weeks. When "The Knights" fell from their throne in Week 5, Totem's scores began to plunge. He went from spending 5 weeks in the top 3 individual positions to spending the next four weeks in middling to last place positions. In fact, in Week 9, he placed last with a 37.55% score. That is the main reason he is placed as low as he is currently. Something mishapped last week, and were it not for that he would clearly be in the top five, or even top three. Totem remains one of the strongest and most threatening opponents this season, something of the ultimate nemesis to last season's veterans (despite being a veteran himself) due to his early success this season. I think an interesting match would be Totem versus Alfred in a Challenge, given what occurred earlier this season. Totem also posted one of the highest ever averages in a Challenge with above 99%, so he may just win that given the opportunity. But I'm sure Alfred would (and is) be seeking his vengeance for what Totem and riczhang forced him into earlier this season. Anyways, Totem is definitely a force to be reckoned with, one of the most prominent players of the season. He may have fallen on hard times last weekend, but he has time to pull himself back up and pick up the reigns again. He went from the most powerful team of the first quarter of the season ("The Crimson Knights") to the most powerful team of the second quarter of the season ("The Black Stallions"). Who knows where he'll end up next? Here are his impressive scores:

Game 1: 86.87% (3rd place; 1st team)

Game 2: 96.43% (2nd place; 1st team)

Game 3: 92.68% (1st place; 1st team)

Game 4: 84.81% (3rd place; 1st team)

Game 5: 90.14% (3rd place; 2nd team)

Game 6: 67.10% (11th place; 5th team)

Game 7: 77.46% (8th place; 3rd team)

Game 8: 89.61% (8th place; 4th team)

Game 9: 37.55% (9th place; 3rd team)

AVERAGE: 80.29%

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Up next we have the players who currently stand in postions 5 and 4. These are subject to change over the course of the Top Ten Games.

5th place:

ACSC1312 (of "The Shadowkillers"): Acsc...the name goes a long way, just like the player. Acsc1312 is a seasonal regular right now and the only player to appear in all 25 games so far held (26 counting Game 10 of Season 2). He made it all the way up to the finale (S1.16) of Season 1 and has been in all 9 (soon to be 10) episodes of this season, making him the longest appearing player of the game so far. He's also one of the strongest and most consistent players. This season has proven that much as last season did. Currently he stands with the fifth highest cumulative average of the season to this point in time, but that may be subject to change. For whatever reason, acsc lagged at first this season; it's not that he did bad, it's just that he placed really low in the first couple weeks of the game (despite acceptable scores those weeks). That's one thing holding him back. But being on "The Shadowkillers" has had its kinks, because the team has proven to be one of the three strongest teams of the season. Acsc placed first individual on Week 5 (and also helped his team secure first place that week, ending "The Crimson Knights" reign). Over the past three weeks, he has placed in 5th each outing. He has put up a consistent fight and is probably determined to defend his title from last season or, better yet, achieve a higher title than "runner up". Acsc certainly has the experience and skill and is the longest standing player of Box Office Alliance, the one who has the most experience simply by participating in the most games. Here are his seasonal statistics:

Game 1: 80.13% (14th place; 7th team)

Game 2: 89.11% (13th place; 4th team)

Game 3: 80.79% (4th place; 3rd team)

Game 4: 73.24% (8th place; 3rd team)

Game 5: 92.70% (1st place; 1st team)

Game 6: 70.13% (8th place; 4th team)

Game 7: 80.39% (5th place; 2nd team)

Game 8: 94.09% (5th place; 2nd team)

Game 9: 63.88% (5th place; 1st team)

AVERAGE: 80.50%

4th place:

CEDAR (of "The Shadowkillers"): CEDAR completes this "Shadowkiller" partnership. As we see here, he and acsc are very consistent in their predictions and thus their scores. They are currently ranked very close to each other; mere fractions of a percent separate them. Like his partner acsc, CEDAR is one of the most experienced players of the game and is a star veteran from Season 1. He won Player of the Season last season but hasn't put up quite as impressive a run this season. That said, he has done well this season, too, and generally is one of the higher scoring players each week. But unlike last season, CEDAR has yet to place first individual on any given week, and generally he comes about one rank lower or higher than his partner acsc each week. But those of you who were around last season will remember that CEDAR is a box-office predicting champion. His skills are almost unrivaled in the game. Right now he may not be living up to his hype, but 4th place ain't bad. If I recall, when the Top Ten Games began last season, he was in first place on the rankings. Well, he still has time to become the season frontrunner. And he definitely has the skill to do it. CEDAR is an all around great player, very sharp and consistent, and a likely candidate for the Final Five and definitely poised well to strike at first place, a position he just barely missed out on last season (and perhaps would have won had it been he and Alfred in the final game, but that's all hypothetical). Now he stands on "The Shadowkillers" and remains one of the most prominent players of Box Office Alliance. Great expectations abound. Here are his standings for the season so far:

Game 1: 82.71% (11th place; 7th team)

Game 2: 93.90% (4th place; 4th team)

Game 3: 71.92% (7th place; 4th team)

Game 4: 82.50% (5th place; 3rd team)

Game 5: 92.00% (2nd place; 1st team)

Game 6: 69.01% (9th place; 4th team)

Game 7: 80.18% (6th place; 2nd team)

Game 8: 93.65% (6th place; 2nd team)

Game 9: 63.88% (5th place; 1st team)

AVERAGE: 81.08%

And so, if you've been paying attention so far, that means there is just one veteran left standing for one of the Top 3 spots (currently), and the other two ranked in the top 3 are rookies. The new players are proving to be dominant forces this season, which is making the game quite interesting and unpredictable.

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3rd place:

FAKHIR (of "Team Incredibles"): Fakhir has been an unpredictable opponent this season. One thing that really caught my attention was the odd paradox that existed when Fakhir partnered with Schumacher FTW, because in Season 1, Schumacher partnered with Fake...who has a very similar name to Fakhir's. Like Fake, Fakhir has outlasted his partner and has gone on to be a very valuable asset in the game. Fakhir is one of the newcomers with the highest averages of the season, and he has ousted most of the veterans as well. Right off the bat, Fakhir placed relatively high on the first two weeks, coming in 3rd place by Week 2. He even jumped up to first place individually by Week 4. His scores all season have been pretty consistent, minus a couple slip-ups, and despite being sent to the Challenge a few weeks ago, Fakhir remains a strong and volatile individual. Fakhir has great potential to pull an upset and win the game, but so do all the others in the Top Ten. To have made it this far should be an honor, and I don't think Fakhir is ready to give up just yet. He has been a great player all season. Here are his statistics:

Game 1: 86.26% (5th place; 4th team)

Game 2: 94.84% (3rd place; 5th team)

Game 3: 79.09% (5th place; 2nd team)

Game 4: 87.29% (1st place; 2nd team)

Game 5: 80.09% (10th place; 4th team)

Game 6: 83.80% (5th place; 2nd team)

Game 7: 65.42% (11th place; 4th team)

Game 8: 92.03% (7th place; 5th team)

Game 9: 61.70% (7th place; 2nd team)

AVERAGE: 81.17%

2nd place:

XENOZODIAC (of "The Black Stallions"): Xeno, like acsc, is one of the longest lasting players of Box Office Alliance and was even there for the pilot season of Box Office Obliteration last summer on BOM. Like there, here he has proven to be one of the star players of the game. Along with CEDAR, Alfred, acsc, and soon-to-be-others, Xeno is like a brand name with Box Office Alliance. I always look forward to seeing his name on the sign up list and always predict him to land in the Top Ten. Unfortunately, Xeno looks to be taking a leave of absence over the next couple of weeks, which is upsetting because his input here definitely helps the game out. Xeno has been always one of the most helpful players behind the scenes, and one of the most dominant players on screen. He is a force to be reckoned with, and just as in Season 1, he places second through this point in time. Last season he stood behind CEDAR, but this season currently he stands above his opponent and also his former long-lasting partner acsc1312. Xeno is a star player and has spent the past 4 games in either 2nd or 3rd place. Yet, he has not received a 1st place mention all season long, like CEDAR, but still has time if he shows up again. I would definitely like to see him hang around because I know he has potential like few others have. Here are his seasonal scores:

Game 1: 86.65% (4th place; 3rd team)

Game 2: 92.37% (7th place; 3rd team)

Game 3: 65.47% (11th place; 6th team)

Game 4: 69.53% (11th place; 5th team)

Game 5: 85.11% (7th place; 3rd team)

Game 6: 90.41% (3rd place; 1st team)

Game 7: 88.24% (3rd place; 1st team)

Game 8: 98.15% (2nd place; 1st team)

Game 9: 69.38% (2nd place; 3rd team)

AVERAGE: 82.81%

1st place:

DOCTORWHO (of "The Black Stallions"): Say what? That's right...a newbie, a rookie, is sitting in the hot seat right now. DoctorWho is the current frontrunner of the season, trumping all rookies and veterans alike. I should have known this could happen when DoctorWho posted the highest average of Game 1...his first week playing. Doc has gone on to amass a very impressive resume all season, and the distance separating him and second place Xeno (his partner) on this list is quite substantial actually. Over the past four weeks, Doc has placed 2nd each week. His averages are almost all above 70% with the exception of last week's score, but even that was close. His performance this season is almost unrivaled, and he seems to be pulling off CEDAR-like box-office skills here with some phenomenal weekend scores. I am quite pleased to see Doc doing so well, because he is one of the kindest and most spirited members I've seen all season, and one who is obviously quite engaged in the game, and that makes me thoroughly interested in him as a player because I like to see a player who supports the game like Doc does. Doc is a friendly-seeming force, who often seems like he's not really there because he seems quiet, maybe secretive, but if you look closely, you'll see he's always been dominant this season despite his new player status, or perhaps because of it. Doc has put up an impressive run, as seen here:

Game 1: 90.22% (1st place; 6th team)

Game 2: 88.80% (14th place; 7th team)

Game 3: 83.06% (3rd place; 4th team)

Game 4: 70.15% (10th place; 5th team)

Game 5: 89.80% (4th place; 3rd team)

Game 6: 90.79% (2nd place; 1st team)

Game 7: 89.34% (2nd place; 1st team)

Game 8: 98.15% (2nd place; 1st team)

Game 9: 69.38% (2nd place; 3rd team)

AVERAGE: 85.52%

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"The Long and Winding Road" - Game 2.10

And then there were 10.

Welcome everyone to the Top Ten games. Over the course of the next few weeks (6 looking to be the maximum, like Season 1), a gruelling series of games and Challenges will determine which team, and which individual, will win Season 2. It's been a very great season with many twists and turns, and the road to the finish keeps narrowing, while the stakes keep growing. After the hiatus of last week, we are rejoined to embark on the Top Ten games, which will play out mostly similar to the previous games but with some noteable changes.

First up, only a Challenge can be held each week, unless there is an instance where a team comes up with some creative use of the Creator Challenge, which has been used twice this season, but then I will set the terms for failure. The Assimilation and Elimination Challenge is cast aside for these last few games, and it is uncertain if that feature will return for Season 3. The Challenges will be different some weeks; some times it may be single elimination, some times it may be double, and at least once it will possibly be triple. Also, on the number one team each week will be exempt from The Challenge.

Now this week we have ten contestants left standing. Two were brought back with the Second Chance Challenge, forming "Team Destiny". Also this week, I calculated current standings, and points were added to players' totals out of fairness of their current ranks. DoctorWho leads in first, with teammate Xeno in second, but the results this week may change the rankings.

Here are this week's scores:


DoctorWho: 82.01% +13 (+2 2nd team, +1 highest Question 4, +10 Top Ten current rank)

Totem: 86.45% +9 (+2 2nd team, +1 highest Question 3, +1 highest Question 5, +5 Top Ten current rank)

XenoZodiac: 82.01% +12 (+2 2nd team, +1 highest Question 4, +9 Top Ten current rank)

AVERAGE: 83.49% +34


acsc1312: 80.74% +9 (+3 1st team, +6 Top Ten current rank)

CEDAR: 87.58% +13 (+1 3rd individual, +3 1st team, +1 highest Question 2, +1 highest Question 5, +7 Top Ten current rank)

Goffe Recall: 90.04% +13 (+5 highest individual, +3 1st team, +1 highest Question 1, +1 highest Question 2, +3 Top Ten current rank)

AVERAGE: 86.12% +35 (IMMUNE)


The Dark Alfred: 88.59% +17 (+2 2nd individual, +1 3rd team, +12 won Second Chance Challenge, +1 highest Question 4, +1 Top Ten current rank)

JackO: 71.74% +15 (+1 3rd team, +12 won Second Chance Challenge, +2 Top Ten current rank)

AVERAGE: 80.17% +32


Fakhir: 77.11% +8 (+8 Top Ten current rank)

Sims: 81.84% +16 (+12 won Challenge 9, +4 Top Ten current rank)

AVERAGE: 79.48% +24

Immunities from The Challenge will cost +15 points.

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The Black Stallions








The Shadowkillers






Goffe Rises


Team Incredibles






Team Destiny

The Dark Alfred





Updated as of Game 10

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And now the surprises for the two additional questions. Five members were asked to predict Sparkle's Opening Weekend gross. The other five were asked to predict Cosmopolis's Per Theater Average.

The winner of Question 1, Sparkle's Opening Weekend, is:

JACKO with a 95.19% average

And the winner of Question 2, Cosmopolis's Per Theater Average, is:

CEDAR with a 74.69% average

These are special "deal or no deal" questions. The deals will be PMed to the recipients and it is their choice whether to make public what is disclosed to them.

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