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Why does Ice Age play so well overseas?

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I'm really dumbfounded by the success of the Ice Age series overseas. The newest one in the series was one of the worst excuses for family entertainment i've seen. The last one was bad enough so i was shocked that so many people came back for another one.

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I think Scrat elevates it above the other animated franchises in that he's consistently hilarious and doesn't need to be dubbed or subtitled. And overall, Ice Age has more of a universal appeal compared to Kung Fu Panda or Madagascar, with the former being somewhat tied to the Asian culture and the latter - to the present day and locations (Africa in the second one, Europe in the third one).

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To be fair, the third was pretty awesome fun.The first is excusable since it actually tried.The second and the fourth were dire. The third had dinosaurs so that can explain some of its BO, but the 2nd and 4th? Dirty amounts of undeserved money.

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