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2.12 "Dust in the Wind"


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  1. 1. Which 2 competitors will NOT make it to the Final Five games?

    • acsc1312
    • CEDAR
    • The Dark Alfred
    • DoctorWho
    • Fakhir
    • JackO
    • Totem
  2. 2. Which eliminated player do you miss the most?

    • Avatarfan
    • Electric
    • Goffe Recall
    • InFamous
    • RichWS
    • riczhang
    • Schumacher FTW
    • Sims
    • tawasal
    • Townzy89
    • XenoZodiac
  3. 3. Which new player to Box Office Alliance has been most impressive so far this season?

    • DoctorWho (still alive)
    • Fakhir (still alive)
    • Goffe Recall (eliminated)
    • InFamous (eliminated)
    • JackO (was eliminated, still alive)
    • riczhang (eliminated)
    • Sims (eliminated)

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An important game. We will now be determining our Final Five Champions after the results of this game, so if you want to be one, you better predict and predict to the best of your ability to ensure your safety.

Game 2.12

Deadline: Friday, August 30 at 2:00 P.M. Eastern (1:00 P.M. Central) - NO EXCEPTIONS

*Note, because it is Labor Day weekend, I will specify if you are looking for a 3 day or 4 day gross.

1. Predict The Possession's 3 Day weekend

2. Predict Lawless's 4 day weekend (includes Monday) (Fri-Mon)

3. Predict The Expendable 2's Sat-Sun-Mon gross (do NOT include its Friday gross)

4. Predict Premium Rush's Monday gross only

5. Predict The Apparition's Sunday and Monday gross only (combine the two)

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My guess is that if I do let people purchase immunities next week (it may change up a little bit...there may be a twist to how the Challenge will work), then Totem should have like a 100% chance of making it to the Final Five unless he withdraws from the game like he ended up doing last season, but I doubt he does that at this point.

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Now I want to make that a poll question...the winning team of the Season that has been most impressive:

-Crimson Knights (won Weeks 1 through 4...like a boss)

-The Shadowkillers (won Week 5, 9, and 10...like...Tarzan?)

-The Black Stallions (won Weeks 6 through 8...like a beast)

And then Team Destiny also won 1 week. There hasn't been much variety this season in which team wins each week. Last season there weren't so many winning streaks, but it usually boiled down to Firerisers or Shadowlords. But there were several teams that placed 1st on different weekends. Almost every team got to.

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We're getting close to determining Player of the Season, which will be revealed in the final episode of the season at the end of the awards ceremony. But this season, I want to build up the anticipation for the award by recognizing candidates in advance who are likely to be nominated for the award. The following list is a new feature to the season, and one I may use next season as well. It is a list of Player of the Week. To win this each week, a player must really stand out, either by posting an excellent score, by winning the Challenge in a strategic way, by using great strategy, or pulling off some spectacular feat. If your name does not appear on the list below for Player of the Week, it does not mean you are not elligible to be nominated for Player of the Season. This list is just a glimpse of who is who in the game, who has really impressed each week, but it does not determine Player of the Season. It just helps build up to that award.

So without further ado, I present:

Player of the Week

Week 1 "Igniting the Sparks": DoctorWho (DoctorWho receives this recognition for the first week of the game because he posted the highest score that week, and being a rookie, that is quite a feat. In addition, Doc unlocked a special gift power enabling him to buy an immunity for another player (he chose Avatarfan) and place that player in his debt.)

Week 2 "Gathering Storm": riczhang (Riczhang receives this award because he won Week 2 with an impressive 96%+ score. His partner Totem came close, too, but riczhang stood out more this week due to his rookie status, making his feat a bit more impressive.)

Week 3 "The Winds of Destruction": Totem (I debated giving this award to either Totem or JackO, and in the end I went with Totem because he pulled off a seriously impressive feat this week. Totem did something I don't think I've ever seen another player do: he climbed in rankings, from 3rd place in Week 1, to 2nd place in Week 2, to 1st place in Week 3. Impressive. Note: I almost chose JackO because he posted the highest average on the first Double Elimination Challenge of the season, but Avatarfan was close too so that detracted from JackO's potential to be declared Player of the Week.)

Week 4 "Rising from the Ashes": Townzy89 (Yes Townzy was eliminated this week, but he wins this simply due to the sheer loyalty he showed and the boldness with which he acted. Townzy risked his own elimination to attempt to bring back his eliminated partner of two-seasons Alfred in what was one of the most interesting displays of teamwork and partnership I've seen in the game. Townzy was the first player to ever use the Creator Challenge, and even though he failed, his loss made him a martyr.)

Week 5 "Salvation": Acsc1312 (Acsc wins this just slightly over his partner CEDAR because in an otherwise forgettable week, the duo posted the highest averages of the week, in first and second respectively, but it was Acsc who came in first place and his victory ensured that "The Shadowkillers" would finally dethrone "The Crimson Knights", who had been on a winning streak for the past four weeks.)

Week 6 "Black Sensation": Totem (Totem becomes the first player to win Player of the Week twice. He won here because of his skill on the Assimilation Challenge. Xeno attempted to assimilate Totem onto "The Black stallions", but Xeno lost by a fairly large margin. Totem posted a remarkable Challenge score, a feat he would go on to do two more times this season, perhaps making him this season's Fake, but on a lesser scale.)

Week 7 "The Dark Knight Rises Special": XenoZodiac (Without a doubt, Xeno was the most impressive player of the week. He may have only come in 3rd place individually, but his team won, and he won top place on 5 of the questions. He unlocked numerous gifts that he was able to use in the Challenges that were hosted that week. It was also his second (third, counting Box Office Obliteration) time winning the Special Edition episode of a Box Office Alliance season.)

Week 8 "A New Menace": Fakhir (Fakhir pulled off an impressive victory in a three-way Double Elimination Challenge and managed to stay alive while riczhang, deemed to be one of the season frontrunners at that point, was surprisingly eliminated. Fakhir pulled an upset and still stands as a live player.)

Week 9 "Second Chance": The Dark Alfred (Alfred wins this because he won the Second Chance Challenge with the highest score. JackO also won that Challenge, but placed second to Alfred. Alfred managed to come back into the game after being eliminated in Week 2 at the hands of "The Crimson Knights". He joined JackO on the new team "Team Destiny".)

Week 10 "The Long and Winding Road": DoctorWho (DoctorWho was declared as the frontrunner of the season this week when the Top Ten players were ranked by current average. DoctorWho placed first with a score over 85%, impressive given his rookie status. He has proven to be a huge force this season.)

Week 11 "Destiny": DoctorWho (DoctorWho wins his third time as Player of the Week, more than any other player this season. He places here again because he pulled off an impressive but close victory in the Double Elimination Challenge. Goffe Recall's loss was considered a tragedy, especially given the photofinish performance in this Challenge.)

Who will be the next player to be declared Player of the Week? Find out this week.

Who will be crowned Player of the Season? Stay tuned.

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I suck this season. :(

I disagree. If anything you're not living up to your potential, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. It's a good thing because people won't deem you as a threat, which enables you to last more rounds and possibly make it to the finale, which you almost did last season. It's a bad thing because it makes it look like you're not standing out as much, but you really are one of the 3 or 4 best players around right now and one of the 3 or 4 best players of Box Office Alliance period. You still have time to be the frontrunner, it's just right now Doc is, although I'm thinking Totem is really sneaking back up on that, too.

In other words, you're still doing great, you're just not doing "the best" like you were last season. You still have time though. There are 3 more games after this one.

Same to you acsc.

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"Dust in the Wind" - Game 2.12

With 3 games left before the Season Finale, the tension becomes paramount, and the last 7 players vie for the Final Five Championships.

Welcome to the first week that will determine our Final Five Championships. We've completed another gruelling season to get to this point. We have witnessed some awesome showdowns, so surprise victories, some dominating players and teams, some backstabbing, some martyrdom, and some phenomenal displays of loyalty and alliance in "Box Office Alliance: Season 2". It has been a great season, and we've been introduced to a handful of new characters, who have joined 11 veterans from Season 1 in a heated challenge and race for the finish. Now, we are down to the last four games, and these are the most critical and interesting games of the season. These are the Final Five games. They don't officially start until next week, but this week determines which five members will move on to participate in those exhilerating games.

And so, two players will be walking home, floating like "dust on the wind", swept away by the competition. Last week we saw the tragic downfall of Goffe Recall who put up a remarkably close score in the Double Elimination Challenge that also saw long-running veteran XenoZodiac eliminated. DoctorWho survived, but will vengeance strike this week? DoctorWho has been one of the most prominent players of the season and was declared the frontrunner two weeks ago...but now things have changed.

Although I have not re-averaged scores to see who actually does hold the highest average, I must say that based on the results of the last two weeks, we have a new frontrunner, at least in my opinion. But DoctorWho may survive to remain in the top seat, and for all you know, he may already be a Final Five Champion. I just like building up the suspense.

There are three teams still competing this week. Only the team that came in first place will be safe from The Challenge, which will be another Double Elimination Challenge. I will discuss that in more open detail next, but first let's look at the results of the week:


DoctorWho: 72.31% +18 (+1 3rd individual, +2 2nd team, +15 won Challenge 11)

Fakhir: 69.93% +2 (+2 2nd team)

Totem: 67.84% +2 (+2 2nd team)

AVERAGE: 70.03%


acsc1312: 84.93% +11 (+5 highest individual, +3 1st team, +1 highest Question 1, +1 highest Question 2, +1 highest Question 5)*

CEDAR: 75.51% +6 (+2 2nd individual, +3 1st team, +1 highest Question 3)*



The Dark Alfred: 65.23% +4 (+1 3rd team, +1 highest Question 4)

JackO: 58.72% +1 (+1 3rd team)

AVERAGE: 61.98%

*These are really just for show and won't have any bearing on the rest of the season. (concerning Acsc and CEDAR's points this week)

So now we have our first two Final Five Champions. Acsc1312 and CEDAR are now guaranteed spots in the Final Five, just like last season. That means DoctorWho, Fakhir, Totem, Alfred, and JackO are all vying for the final three spots. More on that in a second, but I just wanted to add that I personally think Acsc is the new frontrunner.

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The Challenge Week 12 - Information

"The Shadowkillers" won again. This is their fourth win of the season. Acsc1312 and CEDAR place in the 1st and 2nd seats of the Final Five Champions. They will be joined by one other player in the 3rd seat. Then the 4th and 5th seats will be determined by a Double Elimination Challenge between the remaining four players.

But this Challenge is unique. The players will not be ranked by "The Shadowkillers". Instead, they are ranked in order of their score, from lowest to highest, on this week's game. So here is the ranking for The Challenge:

1. JackO (Team Destiny)

2. The Dark Alfred (Team Destiny)

3. Totem (The Black Stallions)

4. Fakhir (The Black Stallions)

5. DoctorWho (The Black Stallions)

One of those players will not be going into The Challenge. The other 4 will, but the Challenge will be...different. There will actually be 2 Challenges, each separate from the other, and the winner of each Challenge will take spots 4 and 5.

Now, let's discuss immunities. The price of immunity is 15 points. If you cannot afford that you're automatically going to go into The Challenge, so that means Fakhir and JackO are guaranteed to enter The Challenge. So Alfred, Totem, and DoctorWho, one of you will be exempt. You can buy as many immunities as you can afford (Totem can afford the most) for 15 points a piece.

Now you may have seen that when I scored Acsc and CEDAR's points, I listed them as "just for show". That's because their points have expired now. They no longer have points. This will be true for all players in the Final Five games. This is the last time you can use your points, which means go ahead and splurge all you want here, because there's no point saving your points at this point. If you have so far, good for you, because it's going to save your neck this week.

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