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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension | Oct 23, 2015 | Regal Cinemas and Cinemark to boycott the movie | 1350 Estimated TC

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I think they stink.


It's time you and I had a talk Stingray, step into my office.

I'm getting the idea,Stingray,that you don't like me.  Maybe I just don't know youwell enough yet, sarge.                      What do you say let's cut outthe bullshit between you and me.                      - Oh, let's.- I think you're a punk.                      I've been in this Army    years.                      I've seen your kind come and go.                      You think you know somethingabout everything, don't you?                      Let me tell you something, mister.                      You don't know a damn thingabout soldiering.                      Oh, it's real tough stuff. Especially thatmarching-in-a-straight-line business.                      I ain't talking about that crap! I'mtalking about something important.                      Like discipline and duty and honourand courage. You ain't got none of it.                      Those words mean so much to a manwho scrubs garbage cans.                      Look, if you don't want mein your Army, kick me out...                      ...but get off my back.                      Maybe you'd like totake a swing at me.                      I'd like to take a big swingat you, sarge.                      Well, go ahead andgive it your best shot.                      I don't think I wanna goto the stockade.
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I loved the first 3 but the last one sucked


Same here. I really enjoyed the first 3 but I felt like the 4th was kind of a cop out, a filler film for the 5th. Nothing much happened.


Majority of the scares weren't even actual 'scares'. Like for example a cat jumps in front of the camera. If you were watching the film at home, you wouldn't be scared. The ending just seemed stupid too. 

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All I can find is (what we already knew about a Latino spin off) from October 2012:http://www.bleedingcool.com/2012/10/22/not-one-but-two-paranormal-activity-movies-set-for-2013/That article states that 5 would still be made, with the Latino one being a spinoff

I can send you one portuguese link that says that portuguese Paramount has putted PA: Oxnard Files on October 24, replacing PA5 with it. PA5 was on that date until Friday.

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