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Baumer's Summer Game: We have a winner! Congrats to FAKE!

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Final Scores:

New standings: after all corrections for preseason 5

01) Fake: 1,586,500 (The Avengers!)

02) baumer: 1,407,000 (YAY!! MY FIRST TOP 3 FINISH IN 4 YEARS)

03) 24lost: 1,374,500..

04) Cedar: 1,357,000

05) johnnY: 1,311,500

06) Tower: 1,297,000

07) jake gittes: 1,290,500

08) laguy: 1,277,000

09) iceroll: 1,259,000...

10) sims: 1,220,500

11) chewy: 1,222,000

12) hallowed prince: 1,217,500 (you were around 30th all game, congrats)

13) movieman: 1,202,500

14) ariadne 1,189,000....

15) Goffe: 1,167,000..

16) Alfred: 1,164,500

17) junkshop: 1,156,000..

18) cjohn: 1,134,000

19) Gizmo: 1,128,000

20) Narniadis: 1,121,000...

21) bed005: 1,118,500....

22) xenozodiac: 1,107,000.

23) Dexter of Suburbia: 1,106,000

24) Michael G. Scott: 1,096,000...

25) Tyler Durden: 1,013,500...

26) adim: 1,004,500..

27) phillip: 977,000..

28) acsc: 965,500

29) sixteen: 956,500...

30) spaghetti: 942,000

31) shawnmr: 921,500...

32) infamous: 914,500...

33) AA: 827,500

34) Dav: 787,500.

35) townzy: 716,500

36) crusader: 683,250

37) tawasal: 680,000

38) empirestrikesback: 653,000

39) The dark Zombie: 556,000

40) jajang: 555,000

41) jamesford: 526,000

42) Dar: 515,000

43) Gopher: 485,000

44) Brandnewrises: 469,000

46) kayumanggi: 462,000...

47) Katy Perry: 420,000

48) KDS: 386,000

49) Totem: 329,000

50) lilmac: 317,000

51) Bk007: 310,000

52) olive: 275,000

53) Neo: 202,500

54) vanilla: 156,000

55) Impact: 155,000

Edited by Expendable baumer
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Love it. Loved the game just as much as the first time. Now if only I could take my Top 12 from last year and put it together with my weekly/SOTM/preseason stuff from this year in a single summer... B) but, that's for the next BSG, for which I'll sure as hell be back.Huge congrats and respect to Fake for being so insanely consistent, to Baumer for the same thing and for beautifully organising and running the whole thing once again, and thanks to everyone else for some strong competition. It was terrific.

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Thank you for playing a great game Jake. You were up and down a few times and I think you are a very strong threat to win it all next year. You are that good a player.I will have a full recap done when I have some time later tonight. I'm at work right now, so look for it in about 6-8 hours time.

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Looks fun, will definitely do the next possible game, which is next summer I guess?

Yes. I think 2 years ago there was a Winter's Game, but that never returned. Edited by CJohn
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Yes. I think 2 years ago there was a Winter's Game, but that never returned.

I can't do 2 games. It's too time consuming and frustrating for me...lol.I'd love to have someone else run the winter game. I could be executive producer and creative consultant, but someone else has to be the director and star. :)
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Are we all eligible to join next time?Really wish you could do a Winter Game Baumer.

Everyone can join. I can't do a winter game. It's really a lot of work and I honestly don't want to do it for 8 months out of the year. But like i said, someone else can do it and I could help. I just don't want to be the go to guy.
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Hmmmm don't tempt me with running a winter game. I'll think about it ;)

The thing is, if someone does it, it has to go up within a week or so. There isn't a lot of time to get it organized.
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