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Recap of BSG 2012

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The 2012 Summer Game was one for the record books. As with every year, the game has it's ups and downs, twists and turns, peaks and valleys. This year controversy was added to the game which was already marred by a lot of shit that really disrupted the dynamic.First of all, a very very big congratulations to FAKE, for utterly dominating the game pretty much from day 1. Here are the standings from the very first week back in May:1) Dav: 34,0002) johnnY: 32,0002) Xenozodiac: 32,0004) KDS: 31,0005) Fake: 30,0005) Tyler Durden: 30,0007) adim: 29,0007) goffe: 29.0009) 24lost: 28,0009) chewy: 28,0009) crusader: 28,0009) Alfred: 28,0009) sixteen: 28,0009) shawnmr: 28,00015) movieman: 26,00015) cjohn: 26,00015) baumer: 26,00015) Dexter of Suburbia: 26,00015) Dar: 26,00015) phillip: 26,00015) katyperry: 26,00015) empirestrikesback: 26,00015) ariadne" 26,00024) hallowed prince: 25,00025) Tower: 24,00025) Narniadis: 24,00025) laguy: 24,00028) townzy: 23,00028) infamous: 23,00028) kayumanggi: 23,00028) sims: 23,00032) Cedar: 22,00032) The dark Zombie: 22,00032) junkshop: 22,00035) Gizmo: 21,00035) jake gittes: 21,00037) jamesford: 19,00037) jajang: 19,00037) bed005: 19,00040) Bk007: 18.00040) Michael G. Scott: 18.00040) spaghetti: 18,00040) Dom Cobb: 18,00044) acsc: 17,00045) firedeep: 13,000As you can see from Day 1 Fake was near the top and then halfway through the game he just took over. Fake placed second two years ago and this year he won it. IMO, this game tests your mettle and it is the toughest game of all the fantastic games we have here. There are so many ways to lose points and you have to take a lot of risk in this game. Fake did well in all aspects; preseason questions, Top 11, International, SOTM and even trivia. He was the total package this year and I really want to commend him for a job well done. Before I get into my player by player breakdown, I'll just point out a few here.Congratulations to 24Lost who inched out Cedar on the final question of the game for third place. You and Cedar both did very well but your gamble on the UK 85 million dollar question ultimately got you into third. Nice going.A shout out to Hallowed Prince who had the best top 11 and gross scores. He was the only one to get the top 4 right. Incredible calls. You finished 12th but you were hovering around 30th the entire game. Great finish!Here's my recap of each player:Fake: Nothing more needs to be said.24 Lost: consistent the whole game. You were top 10 most of it but you had a really strong finish culminating with a very good top 11. Cedar: He came pretty much out of nowhere. I don't remember you being this strong in the past games. And most of the year you were between 11-20. But then you turned on the jets and even made it into number three for the time being. 4th is excellent. Well done.JohnnY: A veteran of every game so far this is his best finish. Consistently in the top 10 all year and no real weakness to his game. It won't take much for him to win it and I think that could happen very soon.Tower: As close as July 24th Tower was hovering around 25th. But with an excellent top 12 and a lot of good preseason answers, he climbed and climbed fast. A 6th place finish with more than 1.2 million points is an excellent result.Jake Gittes: This is a player who has gotten better every year. I believe this is your third game and your best finish. Always a threat week after week and remarkably accurate in all facets of the game. Another player who could win it all one year.LAGUY: A top 10 finish is the result of him knowing that this is a marathon and not a sprint. Like Tower he hovered in the mid 20's for much of the game. But then preseason question after preseason and SOTM and top 11, he came on strong. Also, he is the biggest contributor to the game with his thread that shows everything for everyone. I love having him in this game. Thank-you for all you do bud. iceroll: An incredibly consistent player. Always near the top and for a bit was in the top 3. A fantastic weekly player that just missed out on top three because of one or two missteps. A very dangerous player going into next season for sure.chewy: another player that blew up at the end. On July 24th he was in 24th place. But then he kept calling week after week correctly and did very well in the month ahead. I expect big things from him as well.More later.

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Cedar: He came pretty much out of nowhere. I don't remember you being this strong in the past games. And most of the year you were between 11-20. But then you turned on the jets and even made it into number three for the time being. 4th is excellent. Well done.

That was my initial impression of CEDAR in Season 1 of BOA. He just "came out of nowhere". I had never heard of him before, and the first few weeks while he did good I never really paid attention to how he was doing because there were too many players to keep track of, but then all of a sudden around Week 6 I noticed this little player CEDAR packing a big punch, and I was like "what the?" He would have won the season perhaps if he made it to the finale instead of acsc. But not that Alfred's not also a great player and a deserving winner there.
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I had been in the top 10 since like the third or fourth week of the game and then I don't end up finishing top 10. :unsure: My top 11 just destroyed me.

You also played a fantastic game. You were an excellent player. The top 11 dropped you a few spots but you have nothing to be embarassed about.
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