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2.13 "Fallen Champions"


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  1. 1. Which Final Five Champion will win?

    • acsc1312 ("The Shadowkillers")
    • CEDAR ("The Shadowkillers")
    • The Dark Alfred ("Team Destiny")
    • JackO ("Team Destiny")
    • Totem (individual)
  2. 2. What team that won multiple games has been most impressive?

    • "The Crimson Knights" (Totem and Riczhang) (dominated Weeks 1-4, with the longest winning streak in BOA history)
    • "The Black Stallions" (XenoZodiac and DoctorWho, and later Totem with Fakhir) (won Weeks 6-8, with the second longest winning streak in BOA history)
    • "The Shadowkillers" (acsc1312 and CEDAR, with Goffe Recall) (won Weeks 5, 9-10, and 12, and the longest standing team of the season. They've been around since Week 1)

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"Fallen Champions" - Game 2.13


In the first game of the Final Five Championship, a three-parter to end the season, "The Shadowkillers" secured the top spot. The team has posted their fifth win of the season, a remarkable feat. They truly may be the team to beat this season and have been at least as impressive as "The Crimson Knights" were at the start of the season, but they have long outlived the "Knights." Yet one "Knight" still stands. Totem remains one of the biggest enemies to "The Shadowkillers", but this weekend, could he become an ally?

The tables are turning. The final five players are about to compete against each other for the final spot. But this week, one of those players will be walking home, and the semi-final next week will feature the last two teams of the season. One of those teams is guaranteed to be "The Shadowkillers." CEDAR and Acsc1312 have secured spots in the semi-final. This means CEDAR has a shot to match his 3rd place finish of last season and possibly go higher, and so does Acsc, who finished 2nd last season. Congratulations.

But that means the other three players didn't beat "The Shadowkillers." Well, to be fair, one of them did best one of the "Shadowkillers." Totem posted the second best individual score of the week, but it wasn't enough to topple the average score set by "The Shadowkillers." Totem stood by himself this week, so there is a special offer that only CEDAR, who finished first this week (making this his first 1st place finish of the season), can consent to.

Here is that offer. Totem scored second individual, behind CEDAR but slightly ahead of Acsc. The Challenge this week can be held with either 3 people or just with 2, depending on CEDAR's decision here. Because CEDAR scored exceptionally higher than anyone else (more than 20% higher than second place Totem), CEDAR can choose to exempt Totem (and only Totem) from The Challenge, guaranteeing Totem a spot in the semi-final. If he does so, then only JackO and Alfred, who both scored lowest this week, will go into The Challenge, and one of them will join Totem on his team next weekend. If CEDAR does not agree to these terms, then Totem will join Alfred and JackO in The Challenge.

Here are this week's scores:


Totem: 66.10%


acsc1312: 64.64%

CEDAR: 87.01%

AVERAGE: 75.83%


The Dark Alfred: 56.09%

JackO: 56.12%

AVERAGE: 56.11%

So CEDAR and Acsc are automatically immune from The Challenge. Alfred and JackO are automatically guaranteed to enter The Challenge. The wild card this week is Totem. His fate lies in CEDAR's hands. CEDAR, speak now if you wish to save Totem from elimination this week so that he may go on to face you and Acsc next week perhaps more benevolently than he will if he happens to win the Challenge this week.

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The Final Challenge - Week 13

This week's Challenge will be the last Challenge of the season. Three players, Totem, JackO, and The Dark Alfred, are competing. One will be eliminated. This is your chance to make it to the semi-final to compete against The Shadowkillers.

1. Predict Lawless' Tuesday gross

2. Predict The Possession's Tuesday per theater average

3. Predict The Expendables 2's percent drop this Tuesday from last Tuesday


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The Final Challenge

Welcome to the last Challenge of the season. Totem, JackO, and The Dark Alfred are all in, and one of them will be eliminated before the semi-final. Up first, the player who had the highest score was...

JackO with an 88.58% score. This means JackO, our season underdog, is moving on to the semi-final. Congratulations!

But who will be joining him? And which player will be going home?

Brace yourselves. This is a shocking twist of fate here. The two players left are two of the best in the game, so it will be an intriguing competition for sure. Who will move on to join JackO? Well...

The Dark Alfred posted an 80.74% score. It's decent, but it may not be enough for The Challenge. Totem usually scores in the 95-100% range on The Challenges, but we know his score did not exceed JackO's 88.58% this week. But was it enough to beat Alfred's?

I can taste the tension like a cloud of smoke in the air...

Totem scored ... a 64.48% score. This is quite an unexpected and upsetting blow. Totem was the frontrunner at the start of the game, and he's always been a powerful player, but indeed it was that one slip-up that cost him. And, you're going to hate yourself for this Totem...but I have to tell you anyways. You actually would have won The Challenge with a score of 95.01% based on your answers to the questions except...you answered Question 2 wrong. It asked for "The Possession's PTA" and you gave the film's gross instead. Translating that gross to PTA (you predicted $730,000...which obviously is too high for a PTA), you would have scored 95.01% and passed on to the semi-final. Unfortunately, you shot yourself in the foot here. I'm sorry to see you go, especially with the amount of potential you had.

Well that's it folks! No more Challenges this season. Just a straight up team-on-team, then individual-on-individual game from here on out. Next week is to determine top team of the season, and the week after top player. Good luck to the 4 players left standing on 2 teams.

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