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Below is a list of banned/suspended users, their ban/suspend dates, and the reasons for their bans/suspensions. The staff will update this post as often as possible. It is against site policy to suspend or ban a user when the user requests it. It is also against site policy to delete an account or an account's entire post history when requested by the user. 

If you suspect any of these users are posting on the forum under a new alias at any time during their suspension or ban period, please let us know by sending a private message to Water Bottle, AndyLL, Impact, or Grim22. Thank you!

Zod (12/4/11) - Permanently banned. Originally banned for 6 months due to personal attacks, frequent disrespectful and insulting public posts, and frequent warnings in a short period of time. (Alt Names: Ben Kelly, Belk?, nebstein?); IP BANNED ON 12/24/11 for trolling, thread spamming, PM spamming, personal attacks, and multiple account creation during a 'banned' period.
PierceHawthorne (7/6/12 - Permanently Banned for double accounts / personal attacks. Main account is "Sheldon Cooper" (suspended for 1 month, but not perma-banned).
Ellimark-(9/27/2012)- Permanently Banned for posting pictures and sexual remarks about underage girls.
Maverikk - (12/14/12) - Permanently banned for repeated abusive behavior in public and through personal messages, directed to staff and forum members. Previously was banned for same issues.
BK03 - (3/8/13) - Permanently banned for vulgar personal attacks and threats. Also was previously perma-banned under different alias (see Zod above).
Truu - (5/13/13) - Permanently banned for being a multi-account belonging to eggplant.
Leatherface - (6/27/13) - Permanently Banned for making inappropriate sexist comments about females and sending rude comments to the staff
West Hollywood/MovieDog/MovieMan/Truman/CaptainBiSexual - (8/3/13) - Banned for 6 months (trolling members and staff). See additional info below.
fishnets - (8/19/13) - Permanently Banned for excessive trolling and harassing staff through private messages.
Algren - (12/3/13) - Permanently Banned for excessively inappropriate comments and general disregard for real life tragedy, in addition to ignoring Moderator warnings and past abusive behavior.
HowardButface (West Hollywood/MovieDog/MovieMan/Truman/CaptainBiSexual)/robocob deluxe/archiebunker704/Movie Freak/delcoat04/Lazer Deadshot/Donald/gandalf the gay- (2/20/15) - Permanently Banned for creating multiple accounts in the middle of a banned period, and a history of excessive trolling.
Azazel - (4/3/14) - Permanently Banned for excessive trolling, inappropriate comments (offensive slurs), and attacking staff members.
George Sears/Liquid Snake - (4/3/14) - Permanently Banned for excessive trolling and attacking members/groups of people.
KelVintage/AABTW - (4/10/14) - Permanently Banned for excessive trolling and attacking members/groups of people.
TheCoon (aka JediGuardia7/Wade Wilson/DarthWalker/Theironman/IronBatman) - (4/19/14, updated 6/14/17) - Permanently banned for excessive trolling, member attacks, creating multiple accounts, and a general disregard for civil behavior.
T.E. Lawrence - (6/27/14) - Banned for 30 days for personal insults and disruptive behavior towards the community.
cinecandid/B2WUA/ECmurderer/Butyouredead - (7/8/14) - Permanently banned for trolling, disruptive behavior, disrespecting staff members, making multiple accounts.
warriors1965/rainbowtrout/mockingjayflop - (11/22/14) - Suspended for one month due to posting inappropriate pictures. UPDATED 11/22: Permabanned for creating multiple accounts to circumvent ban.
DavidBrennan - (7/6/15) - Permanently Banned for repeatedly trolling, disruptive behavior, and a history of attacking posters and staff members

Arthur Pendragon - (11/12/15) - Permanently Banned for being a double account for Fullbuster.

IronJim - (12/31/15) - Permanently Suspended for being a double account for IronJimbo.

ExcelFTW - (3/3/16) - Permanently Suspended as Excel would prefer to use the account of excel1.

TheEndless - (3/23/16) - Permanently Banned for posting bootleg material in the BVS spoiler thread.

Kylo Ren - (3/24/16) - Permanently Banned for posting bootleg material and attacking other members.

GraggStancoroy - (4/28/16) - Permanently Banned for trolling and ignoring staff rules.

mariocooper775/CooperGrace - (5/3/16) - Permanently banned for trolling and creating multiple accounts.

Otakusai/comicbookguy - (7/12/16, 8/20/16) - Permanently Banned for repeatedly poisoning the well, slurs, insults, disruptive behavior, making multiple accounts

Dcasey/Fran2/frannie26/wth1998/hayhay28/WarnervDisney/Declan/ohmigod12345/excuseme15/donttalktome1998/bakedoffmy98 - (10/12/2016) - Permanently Banned for wishing the all the forum members to die, constant attacks on other members and disrespect towards moderators, and continually creating accounts after banishment.

Chrisman0606/asgarddude/ccjer/manny1234 - (07/15/18) - Permanently Banned for duplicate accounts.

Drdungbeetle - (7/9/17) Permanently Banned for trolling and ignoring staff rules.

BKB - (8/12/17) Permanently Banned for a pattern of breeding hostility, baiting members, and poisoning the well.

ClaudeManhatten/Mike Branson/HenryMeyers20 - (09/9/17) -  Permanently Banned for duplicate accounts.

alisson23 - (11/2/17) -  Suspended indefinitely by user request. This will be the only suspension by user request.

mredman/Kenny/intenso/svenson/Quake/mulderfox  - (9/4/18) - Permanently banned for creating duplicate accounts whilst undergoing a suspension.

raegr/All Alts - (1/15/18) - Permanently Banned  for trolling and creating multiple accounts. 

Broadwayfreak66/De Rosier - (6/24/18) - Permanently Banned  for a pattern of breeding hostility, attacking members, and poisoning the well and creating duplicate accounts

EmpireCity -(6/4/18)-Banned for One Month for abusive behavior towards the staff and users, breeding hostility, and attacking members

expensiveho- Banned one week (08-14-18)-  for a first offfense...derogatory comments about homosexuality

ShangaiJoe- (08-20-18) Permanently Banned for trolling and moderator attacks.

Jessie/Theprophet -(5MAR19)- Permanently Banned for creating a duplicate account and consistently posting derogatory comments even after being given multiple warnings.

Shivampa/Manhunt/Matthew/MadmenEndgame/richtmancharles  -(02/21/19)- Permanently Banned  for trolling multiple threads and creating a duplicate account. 

ElKun- (03-04-19) Permanently Banned - Duplicate account of Wonder89

Diddydonkeykondracing- (04-9-19) Suspended for 1 year Trolling

Mattheww- (04-16-19) Suspended for 2 weeks Reaching 10 warning points

AndersonHoran- (04-21-19) Suspended for 2 weeks Reaching 10 warning points

TombRaider- (04-21-19) Suspended for 1 month for Reaching 10 warning points

Thrylos7- (04-25-19) Suspended for 1 week for poisoning the well

cochofles/StevenG/LouisianaArkansasGeorgia - (04/26/19) - Suspended indefinitely for creating and using a duplicate account to get around a ban.

RealCaptMarvel- (05-24-19) Suspended for a month for Reaching 10+ warning points




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Updated. Previously suspended/banned members that have returned to the forums will no longer be displayed in the public post.

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updated one last time... I hope ;)

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Updated as robocop deluxe IP matched with permabanned user Howard Buttface.

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