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I'm really busy most days of the week. I'll get started as soon as I possibly can. I should have a good deal of reviews done by the weekend and maybe my Top 25 can go on during the week at some point if I can manage it. Sorry for any delays. I know I'm slow.

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Based on the current Critical Consensus, I must warn you that the following list is a bit unorthodox.


In honor of the best films of the year, the following list ranks films in their ability to not just appear dramatic, contain good acting, or have great storytelling or entertainability, but in their ability to stand out and make me think "wow, that was really unique". Some of the films on the list are not that unique, but there are those films that are unique and really wowed me, and not all of them are as high ranked as I would place them due to some other contributing factors: like actability, storytelling, and dramaticism/entertainability, which I mentioned earlier will just be influencing factors on this list. So without further ado..

25. The Bellringer of Notre Dame

A significantly entertaining and dramatic portrayal of the classic story, this year's "Bellringer" film is well-scripted and as true to the source material as it can be. The ending is, as always, a tear jerker.

And now to be unorthodox,...

13. Nirvana

It's my film so I don't wish to review it, but if you must know, I think it to be a high-quality sci-fi/fantasy with some good acting and great visuals, and a good start to the Nirvaniceration trilogy.

So as you can see, I never said I would reveal my list in order. Bearing that in mind,

21. The Suicide King

A riotously entertaining farce, "The Sucide King" proved to be wildly entertaining and a great twist for an Apatow film. Rather than focusing on traditional modern issues, Apatow plays his hand at an amusing Middle Ages story of betrayal, backstabbing, lust, and hilarity in a great fashion.

17. Divisions

This film had potential to place a lot higher on my list, but I'm not cool with some of the things that happen, especially toward the ending. However, I really like the portrayal of society's degenerative state in the absence of an established order of things, as the last human beings left have been wandering through space for two generations or more. Kudos to that.

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