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Will TDKR be last 2D film to make over 600m OS


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  1. 1. Will TDKR be the last 2D film to make over 600m OS

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    • no

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Before TDKR only 11 films had done it and now it appears that it will probably be the last due to every film with major overseas potential being filmed or converted into 3D but theres always a chance the next F&F film does it or maybe even catching fire but its not so likely.So what do you think?Sorry if this belongs in the overseas thread

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I no longer think Skyfall will do it unless the situation in China improves and exchange rates get better. But it does have a chance.But TDKR is certainly not the last 2D to get there. In 10 years from now, even medium-sized blockbusters will be making 600M.As for the near future (next 5 years), I am sure we will have a couple. Most probably some Sci-fi blockbuster.

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Well with studios like WB thinking every film has to be in 3d...probably not.(Though maybe Universal or Fox could do otherwise since there films tend not to be in 3d)I do think Skyfall does have a chance, or maybe the Bond after that.

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Depands on how 3D goes. If it fades away like it used to, 2D will be the dominating format again, and then we will expecting more 600m OS 2D films.But I have a more interneting question: will TDKR be the last shot-on-film movie to make over 600m OS, 400m DOM, and maybe 1 billion WW?

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