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2.14 "The Dying Fire"


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  1. 1. Which team will win the Semi-Final?

    • The Shadowkillers
    • Team Destiny
  2. 2. Which veteran has been most impressive this season?

    • Acsc1312
    • Avatarfan
    • CEDAR
    • The Dark Alfred
    • Electric
    • RichWS
    • SchumacherFTW
    • Tawasal
    • Townzy89
    • Totem
    • XenoZodiac

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This is to determine the top team of the season and which two players will go on to compete in the season finale to be held on September 24. The two teams left standing are "Team Destiny" (The Dark Alfred and JackO) and "The Shadowkillers" (acsc1312 and CEDAR). Three of those players made it to the semi-final last season, and both Alfred and acsc made it to the finale, but this time only one of those two will make it to the finale.

Game 2.14 (SemiFinal)

Deadline: Friday, September 14, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern (1:00 P.M. Central)

1. Predict the difference in Resident Evil: Retribution and Finding Nemo (3D)'s Friday grosses

2. Predict the difference in PTAs for the whole weekend for Resident Evil: Retribution and Finding Nemo (3d)

3. Predict Finding Nemo 3D's Sunday percent drop

4. Predict The Avengers' percent drop or increase this weekend

5. Predict The Dark Knight Rises' total through Saturday

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"The Dying Fire" - Game 2.14 (Semi-final)

This week, the last two teams of the season competed to determine which team would win the season, and which two players would compete in the Season 2 Finale, to be finished next Monday at approximately 5:00 P.M. Central. In preparation for the Finale, we will have an exciting week on Box Office Alliance, ripe with an awards show and season reviews, and whatever the hell I feel like throwing out there.

But first, let's take a glimpse at the season semi-finale. The two teams to make it to the end were "Team Destiny" and "The Shadowkillers." Totem was eliminated last week, leaving just Alfred, acsc, CEDAR, and JackO to compete for the final. "Team Destiny", consisting of The Dark Alfred and JackO, first came in in Week 10 after the two players were resurrected via the Second Chance Challenge. Alfred, who won last season, was eliminated in Week 2, and his main objective since his rebirth was to score as high as he could and especially to trump his nemesis Totem, who caused his and consequentally Townzy's eliminations earlier this season. Well, Alfred has outlasted Totem now, but will he be able to vie for reprising his title from last season as the winner?

JackO meanwhile is the underdog of the season and is the only new player left, having ousted frontrunners riczhang and DoctorWho, and also stellar rookies like Fakhir, Sims, and Goffe Recall. JackO has been the dark horse these past few weeks and has surprised with a Final Five (and at that, even a top 4) finish. A hell of an accomplishment for a rookie player.

Meanwhile, "The Shadowkillers" have been one of the two most dominant teams of the season. The other one was "The Crimson Knights", which, while it lasted shorter, managed to win the first 4 weeks in a row without batting an eye. But "The Shadowkillers" have had more longevity, having existed from week 1. If the team wins this week, then it will be the first Box Office Alliance team to make it through an entire season. CEDAR and Acsc are veterans of last season's Final Five games and now they may be given a chance to square off against each other...or they may lose out to "Team Destiny".

Did "Destiny" have what it took to trump "The Shadowkillers"? Or are "The Shadowkillers" the most powerful team of the season. Let's find out...now.


acsc1312: 58.17%

CEDAR: 55.19%



The Dark Alfred: 41.06%

JackO: 51.32%


Congratulations "Shadowkillers". You are the team of the season without a doubt. This is your 6th win of the season (which is more than any team has ever received in Box Office Alliance). Acsc, you get a chance to at least match your second place finish from last season, or to win for the top spot you just lost to Alfred last season. CEDAR, you have already surpassed your 3rd place finish of last season and will now get a chance to fight for that 1st place victory you've always wanted. And to "Team Destiny", you put up a great game. Alfred is eliminated in 4th place, while JackO finishes the season in 3rd place. Great job guys and stay tuned for the Season Finale next week.

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