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2.15 "The Last Embers"


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  1. 1. Who will be crowned the winner of Box Office Alliance Season 2?

    • Acsc1312
    • CEDAR
  2. 2. Which season of Box Office Alliance did you prefer?

    • Season 1
    • Season 2

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Welcome to the final week of Box Office Alliance Season 2. 18 members on 9 teams started off the season, and now we're down to the final team, the final 2 players. One will walk home as the winner of Box Office Alliance Season 2.

Also this week, we will be having our seasonal Awards Ceremony and we will crown Player of the Season. There may be other surprises if I see fit.

For now, it's Acsc versus CEDAR. Who will win?

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Season 2 Finale (Week 15)

DEADLINE: Friday, September 19, 2012 at 2:00 P.M. Eastern (1:00 P.M. Central)

1. HYPOTHETICAL QUESTION: What would be the difference in The Dark Knight Rises' gross this weekend if we used the ticket admission price for 2006 versus its gross on its sixth weekend using the ticket admission price from 1980? You must look up the ticket admission prices for both years and keep in mind which one applies to which weekend.

2. PRACTICAL QUESTION: Adjust The Avengers' gross this weekend only to account for 2001 ticket prices. Then, take that gross and represent it as a fraction (not a percent) of Avatar's 18th week gross using 1999 ticket prices. You must adjust each movie to the correct year, and give me a fraction for your answer.

3. PRACTICAL QUESTION: Predict Raiders of the Lost Ark (IMAX)'s gross this weekend, BUT your answer must be 15.5% greater than what it will really be. In other words, predict its gross, then add 15.5% of that gross to your prediction to get your final answer.

4. HYPOTHETICAL QUESTION: If Finding Nemo (3D) added 16.2% of its current theater count, find first its weekend per theater average for this week, then calculate the percent differences in PTA values for each day of the weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) in comparison to Finding Nemo (2003)'s second weekend per theater averages on those three days (correlate Friday to Friday, Saturday to Saturday, and Sunday to Sunday).

5. PRACTICAL QUESTION: Calculate The Bourne Legacy's gross -3% of its weekend 5 gross and express your answer as a fraction of the gross The Bourne Ultimatum had on its 8th weekend using, for Bourne Ultimatum only, 2003 admission prices.

6. PRACTICAL QUESTION: Predict The Master's percent change as a fraction (answer must be expressed as a fraction) of the percent change for Punch Drunk Love on its 2nd weekend.

7. HYPOTHETICAL QUESTION: Currently End of the Watch is listed as having a theater count between 2600 and 2900. Assume the film opens to 2751 theaters. Find its per theater average given that theater count, then find the quotient of that value and the actual per theater average for the film.

8. TRIVIAL QUESTION: In Mulholland Dr. in the scene where Betty and Rita are sneaking into Diane's apartment, they stop as they see a man in a suit. There is a woman with the man. Who is that woman?

The practical question (4 of them) count for 40% of your score. The hypothetical questions (3 of them) count for 25% of your score. The trivial question (1 of them) counts as 15% of your score. The remaining 20% comes from these bonus questions (they're bonus, but they must be answered).


The Lorax exited theaters on July 26 with a final gross of 214.03 million. Its final weekend was its 21st weekend, July 20-22, with a gross of $86 thousand. Assume The Lorax was still in theaters. Using the average per theater average- to - percent drop ratio for weeks 8-21 for The Lorax while it was in theaters, calculate the gross it would have this weekend (September 21-23) and then express that value as a fraction of the gross it would have had in its 24th weekend. Next, calculate the gross it would have this weekend using the same ratio you found early but adjusting for a 27.8% increase in its 23rd week of release, then taking the new average ratio you would have for weeks 8-23 and using that to calculate the gross it would have over the next few weeks until you find the gross it would have this weekend. Thirdly, express the two values you found for this weekend's hypothetical gross and express them as a percent of each other (you must have two answers here). Lastly, do this same procedure for Avatar (2009), which closed in August 2010. Pick up from there and carry the process all the way to this weekend, then adjust for a change of 33.5% increase in its 110th week of release, and continue until you find two values, then two extra values as the percents of each other.


Predict Dredd's opening weekend gross.

Good luck guys. You've been great teammates all season, but now only one of you can win.

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Season 2 Finale (For real)

Deadline: Friday, September 21 at 2:00 P.M. Eastern (1:00 P.M. Central)

1. Predict the percent difference in opening weekend grosses for Dredd and House at the End of the Street. (This means that first you must find what percent of House at the End of the Street's opening weekend Dredd will have (even it it's over 100%) then what percent of Dredd's opening weekdn HatEotS will have (even if it's over 100%) and subtract to find the difference (subtract lowest from highest)).

2. Predict the PTA difference between Trouble with the Curve's Saturday gross PTA and House at the End of the Street's Friday gross PTA

3. Predict The Masters' PTA percent decrease for Friday and Saturday compared to last week's Saturday and Sunday PTA total.

4. Predict End of Watch's Sunday gross's percent of Dredd's Sunday gross (even if it's over 100%).

5. Predict the difference in second weekend grosses for Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) and Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) (grossed 10.00 million in its 2nd week).

6. What percentage of Finding Nemo's (2003) second weekend gross (45.59 million) will Finding Nemo 3D (2012)'s second weekend gross account for?

7. Predict the difference in percent drops between Possession and Lawless.

8. The Words' budget is 6 million. Predict what its weekend gross will be as a percent of its 6 million budget (e.g. 2 million is 33%).

Sorry guys about the confusion if there was any. I didn't really expect anyone to attempt those other ones, but someone did.

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