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2.15 "The Last Embers"


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  1. 1. Who will be crowned the winner of Box Office Alliance Season 2?

    • Acsc1312
    • CEDAR
  2. 2. Which season of Box Office Alliance did you prefer?

    • Season 1
    • Season 2

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Now all that's left to be determined this season is...


The most prestigious award I can give to a player of Box Office Alliance, the Player of the Season award recognizes the player who stood out the most this season as a star figure, both in strategy and skill, and in likability, respect, and sportsmanship as well. Now of course the winner of the season (this time CEDAR) has the highest honors for the season, but the Player of the Season is just something special, an award I give out to a player who went above and beyond. That player may not be the player who finished 1st or even in the Top 5. It just has to be a player who showed excellent skill, strategy, teamwork, and friendliness all season long, or for however long that player participated in the season. It also takes into account any efforts the nominated players have done to help out with running the game, as by providing suggestions, criticisms, or other forms of help that have made running the game easier on my behalf. Furthermore, the Player of the Season award recognizes the player that made great gains this season and who showed the upmost enthusiasm for the game while he was a member, or even after he was eliminated, should he be a player who didn't make it to the finale. The nominees this season for Player of the Season are:


Acsc finished 2nd this season. He was a member of "The Shadowkillers" for all 15 episodes of the season. He is the current longest lasting veteran of Box Office Alliance, having participated in all 31 episodes to date. This season, his major feats include making it to the finale, helping "The Shadowkillers" win Weeks 5, 9, 10, 12, 13, and 14, and avoiding every Challenge of the season. Acsc is the only nominee for this award who never participated in a Challenge for elimination (he was featured in a separate Challenge of sorts during the Dark Knight Rises Special (Week 7). Ascs's strongest points are skill, respect, and likability. As far as the nominees go, he places 3rd in skill, 1st in respect, 2nd in likability, 4th in strategy, 3rd in teamwork, and 3rd in sportsmanship.


CEDAR is the winner of the season, who finished 3rd last season and was crowned Player of the Season for Season 1. This season he has been a very dominant player once more and is the second longest lasting player of the first two seasons. His major feats include winning the finale, helping "The Shadowkillers" win Weeks 5, 9, 10, 12, 13, and 14, winning a special Deal in Week 10 (which he rejected), becoming the first Final Five Champion, and winning the first Challenge of the season. His strongest points are skill, respect, teamwork, and sportsmanship. As far as the nominees go, he places 2nd in skill, 2nd in respect, 4th in likability, 3rd in strategy, 1st in teamwork, and 2nd in sportsmanship.


DoctorWho is one of two rookies nominated for this award. He was at one point crowned the frontrunner of the season. Doc won the first week and participated as a member of two teams: "The Dark Horses" and later "The Black Stallions". He was determined to be the frontrunner at the start of the Top Ten games. As far as the new players go, he is perhaps the standout, although that's hard to say. Projections placed him with a Final Five finish, but he lucked out just before it and finished 7th for the season. His major feats include winning Challenge 11, winning Week 1 (his first time playing), and leading "The Black Stallions" to victory in Weeks 6, 7, and 8. His strongest points are likability and sportsmanship. He places 4th in skill, 5th in respect, 1st in likability, 5th in strategy, 5th in teamwork, and 1st in sportsmanship.


Riczhang is the other rookie nominated for this award. He was determined to be the early favorite to win the season along with Totem when "The Crimson Knights" swept weeks 1-4. He would have made it a lot farther in the season but was eliminated in Week 8 mostly because he prevented Totem from competing in the Challenge by sacrificing his own immunities. He was until that point one of the strongest players and even though he only played half the season, he is one of the biggest names to come out of this season. His major feats include leading "The Crimson Knights" to victory in Weeks 1-4. His strongest points are strategy and teamwork. As far as the nominees go, he places 5th in skill, 4th in respect, 3rd in likability,2nd in strategy, 2nd in teamwork, and 4th in sportsmanship.


Totem has been a prominent and potent force this season. He was the early frontrunner along with partner riczhang but he outlasted riczhang and went on to vie for a shot at victory. He finished the season in 5th place but could have made it farther and perhaps won the season based off his mad skill. He was the most consistently powerful predictor to come out of the season. He also displayed amazing strategic tactics that helped "The Crimson Knights" dominate for the first quarter. And his skill in The Challenge was almost unrivaled this season. He is a veteran from Season 1 who made it farther this time than he did last time. His major feats include leading "The Crimson Knights" to victory Weeks 1-4, winning 3 of The Challenges (even though he never had to go into them since he had more than enough points), and being declared the strongest predictor of the season. His strongest points are skill and strategy. He places 1st in skill, 3rd in respect, 5th in likability, 1st in strategy, 4th in teamwork, and 5th in sportsmanship.

Scroll down to see the winner...

wrong spoiler tag


Totem won because he was the most consistently powerful force and the biggest threat. It was an almost tie though because his likability was lowest because his sportsmanship wasn't as high as the others. Acsc and CEDAR were close, but of the two CEDAR was closer because acsc placed 2nd while CEDAR came in 1st, but they were almost identical this season aside from that point. Doc also came close because of his tremendous skill and being declared a frontrunner despite being a rookie, and also because of his high likability, but he lost because Totem was just slightly more powerful and finished higher. Riczhang lucked out because he only played half the season and while a strong candidate, he didn't have as much participation as the other 4.

That's all folks.

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