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Season 2 Week #2

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Week 2

This weekend provided some interesting scores. Most everyone over predicted Dredd. However, one team had the two highest scores of the competition. Let's get to it!


Dredd- 6.28

End of Watch- 13.15

House at the End of the Street- 12.29

Trouble with the Curve- 12.16

The Master- 4.39

Resident Evil- 6.70

Finding Nemo's percent drop- 42.2%

The Possession's PTA- $1017

Lawless' PTA- $875

The Bourne Legacy's percent drop- 43.6%

The Guardians

The Creator- 76.16

Goffeeweenie- 76.48

CJohn- 76.03

Punishment- 68.81

Fakhir- 68.62

iTz Only Ed- 69.49

Santana Lopez- 72.56

Iceroll- 71.84

Average- 72.50

The Masters


Spaghetti- 75.22

Totem- 81.44

DoctorWho- 76.96

Electric- 81.60

The Dark Alfred- 70.85

XenoZodiac- 68.61 (placeholder)

Average- 76.02

Congratulations, Masters! You have won week 2. That means The Guardians must go to Tribal Council. Each of you will vote for one player of your team to be eliminated. The person with the most votes will be eliminated, unless they win the Second Immunity Challenge, posted below. You may not vote for Goffe, since he scored highest this week, earning himself immunity.

Second Immunity Challenge- Tuesday grosses

Resident Evil

End of Watch

Trouble with the Curve


The Master

Second Immunity Predictions due NO LATER THAN Wednesday @ 9:30 AM ET!

Tribal Council Votes due NO LATER THAN Wednesday @ 4:00 PM ET!

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Tribal Council- Week #2

Welcome Tribal Council! The Guardians lost this weekend and face elimination, except for Goffe, who had immunity. Below are the votes.

Vote #1


Vote #2


Vote #3


Vote #4


We have a tie!!



scored higher on the second immunity challenge,

(Fakhir didn't predict).

, the second person eliminated is

Fakhir. Thanks for playing

This week's game- Weekend Predictions

Weekend Grosses:


Hotel Transylvania

Won't Back Down

End of Watch

House at the End of the Street

Trouble with the curve's percent drop

House at the End of the Street's 3 day PTA

Paranorman's 3 day PTA

Predictions due NO LATER THAN Friday @ 5PM ET!

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