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CAYOM Year 4 Totals!

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    Here we go!

    Nirvana: 416,010,340

    Call of Duty: Of Their Own Accord: 292,664,998

    Alesia: 251,367,546

    Our City: 250,791,101

    Insurgent: 247,653,341

    Lord Madship: 233,988,226

    The Last Six: 206,236,055

    Dawn of Souls II: Rebirth: 204,356,587

    Sylvarius: 202,802,991

    Divisions: 195,409,883

    Rivals: The Abyss: 188,959,215

    Comedians: 175,267,014

    A Series of Unfortunate Events: 173,491,149

    Bone: Vernal Equinox: 169,568,436

    Martian Manhunter: 159,436,006

    The Flash: 159,144,447

    Pokemon: Rise of the Rockets: 140,574,893

    The Sketchbook: 140,115,735

    The Simulation: 137,171,931

    Tomb Raider: 136,503,541

    Spark: 135,090,911

    The Glass Castle: 135,044,790

    Once Upon a Mattress: 131,063,432

    Booster Gold: 130,285,744

    Island of the Blue Dolphins: 120,113,516

    Duck in Space: 113,868,648

    The Party Party: 107,275,548

    Giant Spiders: 102,758,575

    Unbalanced: 101,201,175

    Illusionio 2: 100,834,945

    The Good Die Young: 96,801,642

    Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson vs. the Abominable Snowman: 96,587,141

    The Immune: 88,357,234

    The Vast Dark Part III: The Exectution: 87,086,135

    Invades Must Die!: The Tale of Doogie Tales: 85,700,210

    Taking Names: 84,728,277

    The Bellringer of Notre Dame: 83,812,585

    Citizen Hughes: 83,295,287

    The Road Home: 82,555,742

    Wenan: 80,127,544

    The Tripple Nickels: 77,339,752

    Miracle Kids: 75,157,394

    Paranoia 2: 71,859,957

    Ready, Player One: 71,412,726

    The Nutcracker and the Moose King: 70,873,615

    Forever Yours: 68,888,888

    Death of a Salesman: 67,945,311

    Defiance: 65,848,930

    LoveBytes: 62,736,155

    Best Friends Forever: 62,480,457

    Army of Two: 57,019,114

    Decker: 56,570,623

    A Stark Night: 54,485,559

    Cruisers: 53,177,731

    Columbine: 50,002,555

    The Conondrum: 49,258,399

    Remember Flight 175: 47,379,653

    Madea's Valentine: 46,151,157

    In the Line of Service: 45,697,986

    Prisoners: 43,233,283

    Sasquatch 3D: 42,279,181

    39 Steps: 42,100,509

    Phone Conversations with Mother: 41,687,490

    Student Film: 40,247,355

    Hope-Fear-Adventure: 34,971,423

    The Suicide King: 33,985,278

    Knights of the Lunch Table: 33,678,743

    Bohemian: 33,382,802

    Breakout Character: 28,272,177

    Never Say Goodbye: 28,209,714

    The Homestarmy Invades!: 27,142,228

    The Flowers of Arvika: 26,826,346

    Pippi Longstocking: 25,569,154

    On the Set: 23,793,338

    Midnight: Children of the Damned: 20,789,791

    Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls (reissue in 3D): 20,101,479

    Mermaid: 19,398,024

    Jane and Tony: 18,483,345

    Summer Jobs: 17,223,069

    Silence Part 2: The Revenge: 16,377,595

    City of Darkness: 15,191,475

    MaZ3: 14,875,144

    The Lost Planet of the Sleeping Creature: 12,958,872

    Grunge: 12,819,957

    Lake of Psychopaths: 11,735,302

    The 13th Night IV: Vengeance of Hell: 11,314,486

    Weird Al Yankovic: Insert Title Here in 2-D: 10,847,978

    Lady Gaga: Born This Way 3D: 9,760,004

    Call Me Maybe: 9,505,177

    Service: 8,039,966

    Death of a Strawberry: 7,489,313

    Morgan Spurlock's Shut Up and Take My Memes: 6,839,583

    Battle Mars 3D: 5,283,533

    La Bourrage Marron: 3,517,162

    Kardashians! The World’s Greatest Family: 3,180,769

    Six Souls 3D: 2,557,324

    Edited by Impact
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    Players Percentage of Top 10

    Numbers: 30% (Call of Duty: Of Their Own Accord; Alesia; Sylvarius)

    Blank: 20% (Lord Madship; The Last Six)

    Riczhang: 20% (Insurgent; Divisions)

    Creator: 10% (Nirvana)

    Electric: 10% (Our City)

    Darth: 10% (Dawn of Souls II: Rebirth)

    Players Percentage of Top 20

    Blank: 25% (Lord Madship; The Last Six; A Series of Unfortunate Events; Bone - Vernal Equinox; The Flash)

    Numbers: 20% (Call of Duty: Of Their Own Accord; Alesia; Sylvarius; Pokemon: Rise of the Rockets)

    Darth: 15% (Dawn of Souls II: Rebirth; Martian Manhunter; Tomb Raider)

    Electric: 10% (Our City; Rivals: The Abyss)

    Riczhang: 10% (Insurgent; Divisions)

    Spaghetti: 10% (The Sketchbook; The Simulation)

    Creator: 5% (Nirvana)

    Dark Alfred: 5% (Comedians)

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    Guys, I know that Vast Dark was frontloaded, but bring some reality into the game, you skip the dailies totally. It'd have been near 84m after 4 weeks. We're talking about a 1.4 multiplier here!

    I agree. My rough figures have it ending at about 96-98 million. Still a sub-2 multiplier, but it takes dailies into account. With weekends Vast Dark made about 75 million in total, so only 8 million from weekdays makes no sense. Edited by 4815162342
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    Impact, it did 72m in 4 weekends, so I assume it closes in 6 or 7, that's 75m. Hell it might have done 10m on its first week alone, you don't do single digits Mon-Thu after a 56m OW, even the worst multiplied Saw film did do a lot more. I understand if it fell short of 100m, but 95m where it should be based on Hiccup's weekend numbers.

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