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Season 3 Preview

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Welcome to Season 3!

To all returning veterans and new players alike, we will be participating in another epic season of Box Office Alliance together. As your host, I promise swift and fair management and organization. As the players, you all will get the chance to form new alliances, make friends, forge enemies, and have a good time predicting box office in a stylish and competitive fashion. Box Office Alliance is one of the most unique games on the forum and has one of the highest participation ratios of all the forum games. You'll find an exciting environment here, and I will do my part to keep you entertained and surprised.

This season will have some minor changes from last season...and some significant ones. You will find plenty of surprise twists throughout, so be prepared to expect the unexpected. The first of many surprises will be coming in the premiere episode this week. I think you will be quite blown away by the awesome change you'll find at the start of the season and the impact it will have on the whole season. But you will find many other surprises this season, and as always we will have a Special episode at one point in the season (tentatively for Breaking Dawn 2). The Specials are most consistently voted as the player-favorites of the season.And of course at the finale, we will have another awards ceremony and other fun things to recognize the achievements of the season.

Now to some basics. First up, point system. The point system will remain in effect for this season. Points are given based on performance in the weekend games to the individuals and teams with the highest predictions and skill. Points can be used to buy immunities from the Challenges. The point system will work on the same basis it did last season, and so will the immunity system (at least for some portion of the season). Understand now that due to a major change coming this season, the immunity system is going to be different for some games but will change back to the normal way at some point in the season. Here is how the immunity system works: The top three teams are immune each week from The Challenge. This means the top scoring team can only choose players not on the other two top three placed teams for The Challenge.

Next up, The Challenge. This is a crucial feature of Box Office Alliance. The Challenge will keep the same format adopted in Season 2, but there will be a different variety of options for Challenges to choose from, and throughout the season Special Challenges will be held if conditions warrant them. To those who do not know, The Challenge is a competition held every week between two (or more) players whereby the lowest scoring player(s) is/are eliminated. It is a big part of what makes the game so challenging.

And of course, the thing you all must be eager to know...Partner Selection. The partner feature is unique to Box Office Alliance. Partners work together as a team to help win the weekend games and avoid The Challenges. Partners can expand into larger numbers by adding members over the course of the season. Now we always start with each person having one partner, and everyone always wants to know who they will partner with. The partner selection process changes every season, so the way partners will be selected will be different this season than it was last season. In fact, you will find out about partner selection later this week. You will be given your instructions at some point this week concerning how partners will be chosen this season. And remember, it will not be done in the same manner it was last season or in Season 1.

The premiere episode will be posted by Wednesday and the scores will be finalized on the following Monday, October 15th.

I hope you all enjoy Box Office Alliance: Season 3.

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