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3.1 "The First Shadows"

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Prepare yourself. This is one of the most interesting turn-outs on any Box Office Alliance game...ever.

"The First Shadows" - Game 3.1

Season 3 begins. Now.

Welcome everyone to the first game of Season 3. I promise an exciting season. Right off the bat, you will notice a number of changes from the previous seasons, and also some unexpected surprises. Each week, after I show each player his score and finalize all players' scores, they will be posted here. Because the format changes this season, the point system has changed also. You will see that the number of players receiving points will be greater because of the innovative new idea I have this season.

Details on The Challenge will be revealed soon, and the big reveal of partner selection is coming with this week's results. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the new method of partner selection. But first, I hope everyone pays attention to how close the scores are. We had most players fall within the same 2% or so of each other. There were a couple who strayed from this (some went really high, some went a tad bit low), but overall it was a consistent turnout, which is remarkable. That will make this new concept all the more interesting.

I know you're all excited to learn who came in first place, second place, and so on...and also why no one is on a team yet. Well, let's reveal the scores:

Acsc1312: 86.60% +2 points (+1 above average, +1 85%+ average)

Alfred: 88.31% +2 points (+1 above average, +1 85%+ average)

Avatarfan: 90.02% +5 points (+1 point 5th individual, +1 highest Question 4, +1 above average, +2 90%+ average)

baumer: 84.14% +1 points (+1 above average)

CEDAR: 90.38% +5 points (+2 points 4th individual, +1 point above average, +2 90%+ average)

ChD: 65.09%

Cjohn: 85.49% +2 points (+1 above average, +1 85%+ average)

DoctorWho: 90.87% +7 points(+3 points 3rd individual, +1 point highest Question 3, +1 point above average, +2 90%+ average)

Dragon: 78.12% +1 point (+1 above average)

Fakhir: 86.68% +3 points (+1 highest Question 5, +1 above average, +1 85%+ average)

Goffe: 82.86% +1 point (+1 above average)

Iceroll: 96.40% +8 points (+4 points 2nd individual, +1 point highest Question 1, + 1 point above average, +2 90%+ average)

iTz Only ED: 69.88%

JackO: 85.72% +2 points (+1 above average, +1 85%+ average)

RichWS: 96.73% +9 points (+5 points 1st individual, +1 point highest Question 2, +1 point above average, +2 90%+ average)

riczhang: 85.52% +2 points (+1 above average, +1 85%+ average)

Tawasal: 85.40% +2 points (+1 above average, +1 85%+ average)

Totem: 0.00% -1 point (1st strike)

XenoZodiac: 0.00% -1 point (1st strike)

Average: 76.22%

Now you must be wondering what all this means. Notice the color schemes. The average this week was 76.22%. This will be a new feature. All players who score higher than the average will receive a certain number of points. All players who score below that average will have a certain number of points taken away from their score. For week 1, however, those players who scored below will just stay at 0 points, except for Totem and XenoZodiac. They each got one strike for no showing, which means they get -1 point a piece. Three strikes and you're eliminated. Also, Electric withdrew from the game.

Now looking closer at the color schemes, you'll see two gold and three purples. These wre our 5 highest scoring players, so they get the most points. But the two in gold get an even greater treat, and you'll learn all that in just a bit, but I want to point something out that I'm hoping someone spotted when they read the list of names there...

...we have one player I didn't include on the registered players list. Has anyone spotted that player? Well, I'll give you a hint, his name is...


That's right, baumer has decided to join us for this season. I consider this to be quite an honor because baumer ran the most successful game on this forum, so I hope you will all enjoy his presence here.

And now, the moment you've been waiting for: PARTNER SELECTION.

This season, things are going down in a new and innovative manner. I'm leaving partner selection at your disposal. But there's a catch. The two players whose names are in gold get first picks. So, RichWS and Iceroll, you each get to choose one other person to partner with (or you can each choose to partner with each other, in which case 3rd place DoctorWho will get to pick a partner instead). In other words, after this week we will have 2 teams so far, and the other 15 players will be left to compete for next week. Also, because RichWS won this week, he gets to rank all players for The Challenge, and two will go in; one will be eliminated. I'll explain that in more detail in my next post. For now, RichWS gets to pick a partner, and then Iceroll gets to; if they both choose to partner with each other, then DoctorWho will get to pick for the second team.

Over the course of the season, you can be assimilated onto an existing team or you can form your own team. But how will that work? Well, let's say RichWS's team wins again next week; then RichWS will get to either add another player to his team or join two players together into a separate team. On the contrary, let's say a player who is not yet partnered with someone wins next week. He can still send RichWS or his partner to The Challenge, but he cannot break up that team and steal a member from it. He may choose someone else to partner with, however.

These rules will be made more coherent if there are any questions, and you'll definitely grow used to it as the season progresses. For now, I need RichWS and Iceroll to select partners, and only they may this week.

Also, I wish to point out how ironic it is that RichWS gets to be the first player to pick a partner when last season he was the first player eliminated. Good job Rich.

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I'm really excited to play this year. I played it the first year and enjoyed it. I have never returned simply because the commitment it takes to run my own game just kind of made me want to bow out from games period. But Creator has an awesome game here and as much as I appreciate the kind words about having a successful game here, he should also take a bow. This is quite the set up and very intricate.

I don't really know everything yet but I'm sure looking forward to learning as I go.

This is going to be fun!!

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Well, Ice, the choice is all yours. Just remember that Rich gets first pick though and you get second. Check the PM I sent you for more details. And being unfamiliar with some of these players may give you a chance to get to know them actually, as this game is about forming alliances, and that's true of this season more than ever.

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THE CHALLENGE - WEEK 1 Information

Now we get to one of the most important elements of the game: The Challenge. This is how people get kicked out of the season. The Challenge is most often a one-on-one competition between two players, and the player with the lower score is eliminated. There have been some variations on The Challenge, including a Double Elimination Challenge, but mostly that is the straightforward way of handling it.

How does it work? The winning team (in this case, the winning individual RichWS) ranks all eligible players from 1st to last place, and the players ranked highest on his/their list are the ones most vulnerable to enterring The Challenge. However, players can purchase immunities using their points. That's why points are given out and it is the only purpose they serve. The more points the better, because the price of immunity goes up throughout the season as more points are awarded. Also, be warned. There are instances where you may need to specify that you need 2 or more immunities, in case everyone can afford an immunity and you are ranked high enough that the cycle comes back to you.

There is always a deadline for immunity purchases, after which none will be accepted and if you didn't buy one with your points, you will be a free candidate for The Challenge if your name is first in line for The Challenge.

There are other types of immunities offered. For instance, the top players/teams may be immune if conditions warrant.

This week, RichWS won, so he may choose to rank the eligible players in whatever way he would like, with his first choice being ranked highest on the list. An example list:

1. Player B

2. Player A

3. Player C

4. Player E

5. Player D

If Player B buys an immunity but A doesn't, A will be the first to go to The Challenge. If C and E also buy immunities, then D will go into The Challenge. Understand?

Now the following players are immune from The Challenge: Iceroll and DoctorWho (since they came in 2nd and 3rd). Also, whoever Rich and Iceroll choose as their partners will be immune this week only.

The price to purchase an immunity will be 1 point. But that price will go up over time.

Here are the available Challenge options:

1. The Challenge (Two players compete; the lower-scoring player is eliminated)

2. The Creator Challenge (Challenge me. You can set the rules, but I set the consequences. Example: you want to double your point count; if you win you get twice your current points; if I win, you lose all your points.)

3. Sudden Death Challenge (NEW) (You select one player for this Challenge, and there are no immunities. You and that player go head-to-head. If you win, he is eliminated. If he wins, you are eliminated.)

RichWS, choose your Challenge.

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I'll give you my card and you'll PM when you wanna take things more seriously lol I don't know how to pick as my faithful partner is absent this season. But I want the Firerisers rise again, so it has to be a Batman fan ;)


Why did you leave the PM conversation between you and me. I need you in it so I can send you the updates I send to everyone else. For you Alfred, I need to know if you will purchase any immunities or not, and how many (they're 1 point a piece). None will be taken from you if not necessary. Deadline is Wednesday at 2:00 P.M. Eastern.

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