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3.2 "The Darkest Dawn"

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69.68% including question 4 (in which I got 12.9%)

83.88% excluding question 4.

Dunno wtf was I thinking about question 2, I was right on the spot with question 1.

Ooooh, I completely forgot yours were in here. I'll rescore yours (just to clarify that you're right) and also be posting scores here in a sec.

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"The Darkest Dawn" - Game 3.2

This week, two teams competed against 14 individuals. The two teams formed from Week 1 were "Ice Ice Baumy" (Iceroll and baumer) and "Rich Boy Swag" (RichWS and riczhang). Everyone else is left to be chosen for their teams. Will we get our third and fourth teams this week, or our teams formed from last week win against the competition? Let's find out now...

The scores were unpretty, so I dropped Question 4. Even then, the scores were not so hot. Let's take a glimpse.



Baumer: 78.50% +1 (+1 above average)

Iceroll: 78.93% +3 (+2 4th place; +1 above average)

AVERAGE: 78.72% +4


RichWS: 63.71% +1 (+1 above average)

riczhang: 61.90% +1 (+1 above average)

AVERAGE: 62.81% +2


Acsc1312: 54.83% -1 (-1 below average)

Alfred: 57.69% -1 (-1 below average)

Avatarfan: 67.41% +1 (+1 above average)

CEDAR: 66.85% +1 (+1 above average)

ChD: 34.46% -1 (-1 below average)

Cjohn: 46.82% -1 (-1 below average)

DoctorWho: 53.37% -1 (-1 below average)

Fakhir: 78.54% +3 (+1 5th place; +1 above average, +1 highest Question 1)

Goffe: 84.53% +8(+5 1st place; +1 above average; +1 80%+, +1 highest Question 2)

iTz Only ED: 82.57% +6 (+3 3rd place; +1 above average; +1 80%+, +1 highest Question 5)

JackO: 0% (strike 1) -2 (-1 1st strike; -1 below average)

tawasal: 48.56% -1 (-1 below average)

Totem: 74.38% +2 (+1 above average; +1 highest Question 3)

XenoZodiac: 83.15% +7 (+4 2nd place; +1 above average, +1 80%+, +1 highest Question 1)

Average (including teams): 60.92%

So we did have two players not on the two teams who scored in first and second place, and they are Goffe and XenoZodiac, respectively. That means both Goffe and Xeno get to choose a partner. However, should they choose to partner with each other, then iTz Only ED (who came in 3rd) gets to choose a partner also.

As far as The Challenge goes, Goffe will rank all eligible members. The only players who are immune this week are Goffe, Xeno, and iTz Only ED.

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THE CHALLENGE - Week 2 Information

Goffe gets to choose a Challenge this week. If he chooses The Challenge (option 1) he must rank all eligible members, even those on teams (each player on a team must be ranked separately). The players who are immune this week: Xenozodiac and iTz Only ED. Also, the players who get chosen for partner this week (Goffe's partner and Xeno's partner) will be immune automatically for this week only.

The price of immunity is still going to be +1 point this week.

Here are the available Challenge options:

1. The Challenge (Two players compete; the lower-scoring player is eliminated)

2. The Creator Challenge (Challenge me. You can set the rules, but I set the consequences. Example: you want to double your point count; if you win you get twice your current points; if I win, you lose all your points.)

3. Sudden Death Challenge (NEW) (You select one player for this Challenge, and there are no immunities. You and that player go head-to-head. If you win, he is eliminated. If he wins, you are eliminated.)

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Current points (just by player):

1. Iceroll: +11 (Ice Ice Baumy)

2. RichWS: +10 (Rich Boy Swag)

3. Goffe: +9

4. Avatarfan: +6

5. DoctorWho: +6

6. iTz Only ED: +6

7. XenoZodiac: +6

8. CEDAR: +5

9. Fakhir: +5

10. riczhang: +3 (Rich Boy Swag)

11. Baumer: +2 (Ice Ice Baumy)

12. Acsc1312: +1

13. Alfred: +1

14. CJohn: +1

15. Tawasal: +1

16. Totem: +1

17. JackO: 0

18. ChD: -1

Remember, it's 1 point to buy an immunity for this week.

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PARTNERS: Goffe has chosen as his partner...CJohn! And XenoZodiac has chosen...Alfred!

The Challenge - Week 2

Oh snap! This is one of the most interesting Challenge match-ups ever. The two players going into The Challenge have faced each other before. One was eliminated by the other last time. Will that happen again, or will revenge be served?

Firstly, Goffe ranked all eligible players. The rankings were as follows:

1. DoctorWho

2. riczhang

3. Iceroll

4. baumer

5. Fakhir

6. Totem

7. tawasal

8. RichWS

9. Avatarfan

10. Acsc1312

11. JackO


13. ChD

Immunities were sorted out. Doc, riczhang, Iceroll, baumer, and Fakhir all bought one, then tawasal and RichWS did as well. But Totem and Avatarfan did not. Which means...

Totem v Avatarfan: Round 2. The two versed off against each other in a Challenge last season, and Totem won. Totem finished 5th last season. Avatarfan won the first season on BOM. What a match up! This is tense.

Your Challenge:

1. Predict Paranormal Activity 4's Thursday gross

2. Predict Argo's Thursday percent drop from last Thursday

3. Predict Taken 2's Thursday per theater average

Also you two may want to answer this week's questions because the scores for The Challenge will come in after the deadline.

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