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3.2 "The Darkest Dawn"

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I see how it is, Xeno. Shadowlords are dead.

I'm sorry I didn't put you up at the top of the list. I wanted to go by a different partner each season, so I ranked Alfred first. (I thought of asking for CEDAR, but partnering with the defending champion was unbearable to me, no offense meant). However, if circumstances put us together again, the Shadowlords will wake up again. (you got the hint, thickhead? it ain't dead, just hibernating)
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The Challenge - Week 2 Results

Totem and Avatarfan competed against each other in a Challenge in Season 2. Both produced high scores, but Totem slew Avatarfan in the end. It was a tense match as both were mighty competitors and are well-respected veterans.

Now that tension comes again as Totem and Avatarfan square off at a much earlier time in Season 3. One of these star-studded veterans will be ousted in only Week 2. This could be almost as big as Alfred being ousted in Week 2 of Season 2, but only on a slighter scale.

Without further ado, let's see the results.


Scored a respectable 90.49% average. This is a good score, but is it enough to win this Challenge, especiallty one against Totem, last season's Player of the Season?


No it was not. Totem posted another almost-record-scoring Challenge score of 98.42% and won this Challenge. This is impressive. Totem is the second most consistent force in The Challenge, behind Season 1's Fake, who has been declared the Challenge King of Box Office Alliance after competiting in 6 Challenges. One day, we shall have to see Fake and Totem square off against each other...hmm.

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