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List your Favorite or any Great Star Trek TV Episodes

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List your Favorite Star Trek TV Episodes, Naming the Episode and the Series, for those who don't know all of the Series Episodes.....and whatever you want to say about it, that made it Great.

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I see most so far have listed only a few so I'll stick to that as best as possible.

TOS: Miri, Menagerie pt.1&2, City on the Edge of Forever, Trouble with Tribbles, Amok Time & Mirror,Mirror

TAS: Yesteryear, More Tribbles More Troubles, The Time Trap,

TNG: Skin of Evil, Measure of a Man, Yesterday's Enterprise, Best of Both Worlds I&II, Unification I&II, Inner Light, Relics, Chain of Command (there are FOUR lights) & All Good Things

DS9: Q-Less(if for no other reason than Sisko punches Q), Homecoming/Circle/Seige(trilogy), The Maquis I&II, Crossover, The Jem'Hadar, Defiant, Past Tense I&II, Way of the Warrior I&II, Our Man Bashir(holodeck Bond story), Trials and Tribble-ations, IN THE PALE MOONLIGHT & What You Leave Behind

VOY: Caretaker, The 37's, Future's End I&II, Scorpion I&II, Year of Hell I&II, Timeless, Bride of Chaotica (ok, cheesy fun but a personal fav) & Endgame.

ENT: Broken Bow, The Andorian Incident, Shockwave I&II, Carpenter Street, Stormfront I&II, In a Mirror Darkly I&II & These are the Voyages

TNG and DS9 I could've listed more, especially DS9.

Enterprise had gotten so muddled and average that so many gave up on it by the time it finally got good and was living up to it's prequel promise. All due to the shift of having Many Coto as the show runner instead of Braga. Nearly all of season 4 is great imo. Shame Trekkies didn't come back to it, we deserved what Coto was doing for another 3 seasons.

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