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China Box Office: General Discussion Thread | Jurassic World: Dominion | June 10

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54 minutes ago, IronJimbo said:

So how we looking for this weekend, also wednesday numbers?

Monday: ¥18.05m ($2.78m)

Tuesday: ¥15.37m ($2.36m)

Wednesday: ¥13.00m ($2.00m)

Thursday: should be around ¥12m ($1.85m)

I agree with others here that this weekend should be $10m+, maybe around $11-$12m.

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23 hours ago, Elessar said:

Is the upcoming weekend a normal weekend? What are the usual friday increases in China? Is Avatar losing screens despite no competition? Shouldn't friday be at least as high as last monday?


Lotsa questions... ;)

Avatar is hitting 16m as of local 8pm. Should have no problem getting 19m and this could mean less than 15% drop from opening Friday last week. Saturday PS look very good too as it almost  double of Friday PS at this point.

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Didn't quite reach ¥19m or ¥20m in the end, ended up at around ¥18.8m ($2.9m) for today. I was probably a bit overzealous with the ¥20m, but it slowed down quicker than I expected for a Friday and the gross also froze for around 30 minutes.


Still, presales for Saturday are good at just over ¥7m currently, and it should be a good weekend for Avatar.

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1 hour ago, Eren Jaeger said:

Any numbers for Saturday ? And estimates for the whole weekend ?

Avatar's doing really well today, better than I expected—seems to play especially well at the weekend. Currently at ¥38.5m for Saturday at 9pm local time, and should hit ¥40m by the end of the day.


Sunday presales are at ¥4m right now and should end up at around ¥5m by 12am, compared to Saturday's ¥7m. The Sunday drop won't be as good as last week's non-drop but it should still be pretty decent. Total weekend should be around $13.5-$14.2m, a great result.

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2 hours ago, Borobudur said:

Avatar re-release should hit 50m-55m total sum depending how much showing Avatar can hold under GvK. 50m+ for a re-release is easily beating both high profile tentpole like Mulan and WW84. In fact it is not that far off from Tenet.

only 2 weeks and no promotion btw!

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20 minutes ago, Borobudur said:

Unlikely. GvK is coming next week and will take away all the IMAX screens. Weirdly, GvK presale is not up yet.

And something like $55M-$60M ?

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