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Just as we have (and always have had) a forum to discuss box office grosses on the forum index, so too has CAYOM had this special feature before, and now it's time to recreate it. Here we just make up threads discussing what fans on websites would be predicting and saying about movies. I'll start with...

December 17-19, Y5: Heaven or Hell?

"Hey guys, so as you may have noticed, Spellforce 3 is coming out next December. The new teaser was just released and the film is coming off a very successful second movie, which made 340 million domestic. BUT, Cameron's latest is also coming out that month, and I believe they're coming out the same weekend. This movie has been in the talks for a while, and there's a teaser trailer coming out this month. This could be huge, too. So how will this affect Spellforce? And how will that weekend and the month of December Year 5 be?" - started early December Y4 (will not continue posting dates of posts after this)

"Hmm, interesting."

"Well do we know for sure that Cameron is even going to release his movie that weekend? Might it move to the next week?"

"Next week has Jack Reacher, I think."

"Doesn'tr make sense that a Cameron movie would be released the same day as a major fantasy threequel, and the finale of that series at that"

"Idk about this. It seems like it's going to be a catastrophe if they both stay there."

"I disagree. This seems like it could be very interesting. We know Spellforce should be pretty big. It might fall from the 2nd one but 300m should be likely target for it. Meanwhile, Cameron is a proven force in our market, so this film could be huge too."

"What's Dawn of Oblivion even about?"

"I predict Spellforce to drop a bit, but this should be an interesting weekend nonetheless."

"Dawn will probably move if I'm not mistaken. Although, I kinda hope it doesn't so we can have a real box office war."

"Holy shit! Two behemoths in one weekend?! Hell yea!"

"Dawn's some sci-fi movie I think. Basic description says something about the end of the world and a big war. From what I garner, it should be pretty epic."

"The two will hurt each other opening weekend, but a Cameron movie should trump Spellforce over the rest of the Holidays."

"They have Christmas on their 2nd Saturday. That should make two great weekends in a row for each."

"Three actually, because New Years is the weekend after that."

"Teaser is out for Dawn."

"Teaser's up. -link-"

"Hmm, didn't show anything."

"Yeah, I still don't know what it's about."

"Apparently it's a disaster movie, kinda. The description says it's about the end of the world coming soon and how people prepare for it. Sounds kinda interesting."

"Spellforce is a huge series now. It should win this weekend with ease."

"Yeah, but even then, I don't think Spellforce will open as high as it did last time. Plus the movie was probably going to drop from part 2 anyways. And besides, 300 is probably the max for Spellforce."

"Well I wouldn't say Spellforce is a huge franchise. Just because the second one made 340m doesn't mean the third one will, especially not with a Cameron film the same weekend."

"oNE of them will move, and I don't see it being Spellforce."

"Well if I was Cameron, and I had the star status he has, I would kick up my feet and lay my ass in the sand and just chill there."

"I don't think either of them will move. Well maybe one will open on Thursday or Wednesday instead."

"Not likely in December. Movies don't do that in most non-summer months, including December."

"There's an exception to every rule."

"Going to be a kick-ass weekend!"

"We should start taking early predictions and also see who stands on what team: Spellforce v Dawn."

"Spellforce wins the weekend, Dawn wins overall. So what team does that make me?"

"Well we're doing it just for the weekend, I guess."

"Yeah that's fine."

"Spellforce. 80/350."

"Yeah I think Spellforce will win the weekend with like 80-85 million, but no higher. Dawn will open lower but have better legs. Maybe finish with 400m. It is Cameron, but it has Spellforce that weekend and Reacher after it. Lot of competition."

"Spellforce is just a well-established series, so it should have enough up-front demand to win the weekend. Don't know about overall though. We'll have to learn more about Dawn first."

"Yeah DiB doesn't stand a chance at winning opening weekend, but it will have a leggier run and finish higher."

"Guys, they're also both huge overseas. But I think Cameron will win there too."

"This is going to be a fight to the death, and it ain't gonna be pretty."

"Grab your kids, grab your mom, leave you wife behind! This is going to be hell-on-earth Y5. Get ready."

"Cameron on scheduling his films. 'December, that has Christmas there. Good month to release a war movie. Weekend before Christmas? Sounds great. Oh, there's a fantasy film there. Psh, who cares? I'm James motherfuckin Cameron, and I do what I want.'"


Ok, I got tired of writing it. There would be like another 50+ pages of discussion anyways, so I'll move on to the forum poll.

What will win December 17-19 weekend?

Dawn of Oblivion: 244 votes (19.90%)

Spellforce 3: 982 votes (80.10%)

Total votes: 1226 votes (100%)

What will win overall?

Dawn of Oblivion: 671 votes (54.73%)

Spellforce 3: 555 votes (45.27%)

Total votes: 1226 votes (100%)

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