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Quebec Boxoffice

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For the past week end : 1- The Maza Runner : 567 057 567 057$ 2- Mommy : 466 776 466 776$ 3- A Walk... Tombstones : 158 767 158 767$ 4- Dolphin Tale 2 : 140 949 335 785$ 5- This is... Leave You : 80 436 80 436$ 6- Let's Be Cop : 72 044 1 588 347$ 7- Guardians... Galaxy : 70 976 4 872 659$ 8- If I Stay : 51 522 1 021 212$ 9- Qu'est-ce... Bon Dieu : 49 646 1 215 858$ 10- 1987 : 45 426 2 322 447$ Worth noting : The past week end saw the release of Mommy, last movie from Xavier Dolan. At 25, Mommy is his 5th film and the 4th to be shown in Cannes, where it won the Jury's Prize last May. The week end numbers is the best for a local film in 3 years. It's gonna be the movie to represent Canada for Foreign movies submission. 1987, the biggest success of the year for the local movies is still in the top 10. The summer was pathetic for French canadian movies with a little bit more than 5% of the market, far far from 2005 that saw a record 18% I think. Guardians of the Galaxy, with almost 5 M$, is by far the biggest success of the year Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu?, the blockbuster from France, is doing good (maybe 1,3 M$ in the end of its run), but nothing really spectacular compared to the tremendous success in France and Germany. Some movies from France (Amélie, Asterix : Mission Cleopatra), made more than 3 M$ in Quebec

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This past week-end...  Minions is holding much better than in the USA, total nearly 50% more than Inside Out!  


Jurassic World is a beast too here, but not as much as in the USA.  Far to be top 3 all time like domestic BO...  With a final gross around 9 M$, not even sure it would make top 10 (Avatar, Titanic, 3 LOTR movies, 1 or 2 Harry Potter, Spideman 1 and a couple of French Canadian movies have made more)


It's another terrible year for local movies.  Ego Trip will not even make a million, which is very bad.


Mimicking domestic numbers, Ant Man is doing good, but not great


1)  Minions :                      633 050          --------------------         5 820 069


2)  Pixels :                         478 746 (new)


3)  Ant Man :                     318 998           -------------------         1 589 063


4)  Southpaw :                  249 838 (new)


5) Jurassic World :           123 274           -----------------             8 536 792


6)  Paper Town :              106 455 (new)


7)  Trainwreck :                86 336           ---------------------          393 693


8) Ego Trip :                     80 443        -------------------------        712 586


9)  Inside Out :                 78 786          ------------------------        3 960 080


10)  Terminator Genisys :46 561         --------------------              1 583 279

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It seems to me that French Canada fits in with much of the rest of the world (especially the non-English-speaking world) as far as Minions vs. Inside Out; they seem to be more welcoming to the zany slapstick comedy.

Is IO the more popular film in English Canada?

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I meant, how well has IO done over its entire run in English Canada vs. French Canada?




IO QC about 15%, Min its around 23%


Min has already exceeded DM2 in QC

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OK, using the QC cume totals and rth's QC percentages, looks like for Canada outside Quebec (English Canada), it's something like:

All Canada:

IO: 26.4m

Minions: 25.3m

Canada w/o Quebec:

IO: 22.4m

Minions: 19.5m

So it looks like IO has done better than Minions in English Canada, but Minions has done a little better relative to IO than it has done in the domestic market as a whole.

Also, those dollar amounts are Canadian dollars, right? If so, using the same QC data and percentages to determine rough CAD totals, converting them to USD and subtracting from the domestic totals gives these rough approximate numbers for the United States part of the DOM:

IO: $300.1m

Minions: $243m

Am I off on these guesstimates? Am I extrapolating wrong from that data?

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