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Paramount's Little Library: The 100 Titles

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So we all know Paramount decided to ditch catalogue on home video for awhile now and that they were only holding on to approximately 100 titles. Recently someone posted a list of 586 titles Paramount discontinued in early November, presumably for Warner Bros. to take over- and already 41 are set to come out on the 1st of Jan-so I compared the lists and here's some of what seems to be left over.

[45] Franchises

[11] Star Trek

[4] Indiana Jones

[4] Jack Ryan

[4] Mission Impossible

[3] Beverly Hills Cop (only BHC 1 on Blu-Ray)

[3] The Godfather

[3] Jackass (Only Jackass 3 on Blu-Ray)

[3] Paranormal Activity

[3] Transformers

[2] Crocodile Dundee (none on Blu-Ray)

[1] Anchorman

[1] The Brady Bunch (not on Blu-Ray)

[1] GI Joe

[1] Rules of Engagement (not on Blu-Ray)

[1] Spongebob Squarepants

[25] Dreamworks Animation

[4] Shrek

[4] Hand Drawn (Prince of Egypt, Road to El Dorado, Spirit & Sinbad) (none on Blu-Ray)

[3] Aardman (Chicken Run, Wallace & Gromit & Flushed Away) (none on Blu-Ray)

[3] Madagascar

[2] Kung Fu Panda

[1] Antz (not on Blu-Ray)

[1] Shark Tale (not on Blu-Ray)

[1] Over the Hedge (not on Blu-Ray)

[1] Bee Movie

[1] Monsters Vs Aliens

[1] How to Train Your Dragon

[1] Megamind

[1] Puss In Boots

[1] Rise of the Guardians

[4] Marvel

[2] Iron Man

[1] Captain America

[1] Thor

[6] The Work of Steven Spielberg

The Adventures of Tintin

Amistad (not on Blu-Ray)

Catch Me If You Can

Saving Private Ryan

The Terminal (not on Blu-Ray)

War of the Worlds

[13] The Rest

Anything Else (Dreamworks) (not on Blu-Ray)


Deep Impact

Eagle Eye

Flags of Our Fathers (Dreamworks)

The Island (Dreamworks)

The Italian Job

The Lovely Bones

Match Point (Dreamworks) (not on Blu-Ray)

Super 8


Top Gun

True Grit

In total there are 93 films I have found going through BOM's Dreamworks list and Paramount's top 200 and scattered top 300. Given that number #201 has made less than $50m I don't think they held on to many of that. Of 2012 films, they would obviously still be making them so I'm not sure if they are perfunctory on the list, if so, they are The Dictator, A Thousand Words and Katy Perry. The Devil Inside has already been flogged to WB.

Just for interest, really, to see what Paramount values most more than anything. Hope someone finds this interesting.

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I find it a bit peculiar that Paramount wanted to start their own animated subsidiary yet Rango, which was just released in 2011 and crossed $100m has also not made the cut. I think Super 8 may be there because of JJ Abrams and The Island because of Michael Bay. Both directors who are currently working for Paramount. Not sure what's up with the Woody Allen flicks since I doubt they make much money or Beowulf and Eagle Eye. The Lovely Bones might be because of Jackson, the Italian Job a franchise they still are failing to get off the ground and Top Gun for the fact they wanted to have a franchise but that's obviously now dead. Weird because none of the directors work with Paramount now anyway and they did send Gladiator off and showed no regard for Scorsese and other prominent releases.

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