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Trailer Release Schedule (Historical)

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You can correct me on some of these as I only recorded the date I saw it but whether or not it's the date of release, I do not know.13-Dec-11 GI Joe: Retaliation (original release Jun 12)16-Dec-11 Jack the Giant Slayer (original release Jun 12)24-Apr-12 Movie 43 (original release Apr 12)09-May-12 Gangster Squad (original release Sep 12)23-May-12 The Great Gatsby (original release Dec 12)20-Jun-12 Monsters University26-Jun-12 Epic13-Jul-12 Oz the Great and Powerful21-Jul-12 Man of Steel31-Jul-12 The Big Wedding (original release Fall 12)16-Aug-12 Battle of the Year 3D17-Aug-12 The Last Stand05-Sep-12 Hansel & Gretel19-Sep-12 Stand Up Guys19-Sep-12 Beautiful Creatures01-Oct-12 Identity Thief04-Oct-12 The Lone Ranger04-Oct-12 The Croods04-Oct-12 Bullet to the Head04-Oct-12 Parker05-Oct-12 Broken City05-Oct-12 A Good Day to Die Hard16-Oct-12 Carrie20-Oct-12 Mama23-Oct-12 Iron Man 323-Oct-12 To Do List24-Oct-12 Safe Haven02-Nov-12 Side Effects09-Nov-12 World War Z09-Nov-12 Warm Bodies13-Nov-12 21 and Over14-Nov-12 Escape From Planet Earth15-Nov-12 The Host15-Nov-12 The Mortal Instruments17-Nov-12 Admission17-Nov-12 The Heat17-Nov-12 Now You See Me21-Nov-12 Snitch21-Nov-12 Dark SkiesIt's very rough. I wanted to try find out what the average amount of time is between the trailer and the release date, but it's too much work, lol. There are a few ways, I suppose, if you put the data alongside different seasons and with different tentpoles.edit: So I found a "Day counter". Here are some releases that off my head I watched upon trailer release.D|W|M|Movie332|47|11.75|Epic328|47|11.75|Man of Steel224|32|8.00|World War Z202|29|7.25|Now You See Me192|27|6.75|Iron Man 3Current Counter from December 2nd187|26.5|After Earth173|24.5|Fast Six173|24.5|The Hangover 3166|23.5|Star Trek into DarknessEarliest Release with No Trailer89|12.5|The Last Exorcism Part 2Any suggestions?

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Nice work... I think I'm a bigger fan of trailers than I am of the actual movies...


Trailers are like the equivalent of Christmas Eve... there's so much potential and excitement...

Then the movie drops and it's like Christmas morning after all the presents have been opened.. no more anticipation.. either satisfaction or disappointment.


I just prefer the magic that trailers can deliver.

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I'm probably a bigger fan of trailers than I am of movies period. Trailers are like Christmas Eve when ANYTHING is possible. There could be any number of wonders awaiting us. And usually... that anticipation and excitement is rarely ever justified.1) Spider-Man 12) Forrest Gump3) The Matrix4) ROTK


HAHA... I just found this post in another thread!! I guess I haven't changed that much.

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