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Greatest trailer ever made?

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Recent history may understate GoldenEye's importance to the Bond canon, but this trailer sold the film to an audience that had grown tired of James Bond.

that trailer was pretty cool, I remembered seeing that one of the 007 special edition VHS tapes(From Russia With Love).
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For me if the movie ends up being really dissapointing the trailer just loses a lot of its magic. I was blown away by Prometheus and Godzilla trailers before I saw the movies, now they don't do much for me. On the other hand the trailer for Social Network or Avatar look to me as amazing as back when I didn't know how the movies will turn out.

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pearl harbor with hans zimmer music. the original trailer. its a masterpiece.


Background speech by Jon Voight is epic and amazing.


"Tell that to the boys in the flying fortresses...tell that to the marines..."



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I liked this one because it ends with the feeling that you have seen the film, know where it is going, and know what the plot is. BUT every scene in it covers the first half of the movie. Then we are all in uncharted water and the action and espionage take us somewhere exciting. 

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So many to choose from....


Uber level:

-Independence Day SB trailer

-Matrix Reloaded SB trailer

-Phantom Menace trailer 1 



Lord of the Rings trilogy teaser 

Mummy Returns trailer 1

Man of Steel trailer 1




Batman Forever trailer 1 

Avengers trailer

Force Awakens trailer 1

Force Awakens teaser






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