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3.10 "The Hobbit Special"

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I'm back, and there is about to be a bountiful supply of good news, and also a surprise...we're on our seasonal Special Edition! It's all Hobbit questions this week, with lots of beautiful surprises to come. I'm going to start an investigation to unravel some concealed mysteries within the Special Host Week games...and more. Next. Stay tuned.

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A point of clarificiation on the matter of the Special Host Week games. There will be an elaboration pending, but for now understand that this will be determining our Top Ten finalists. I can't believe we're there already. This season is almost over, and we get to the most exciting games now. I feel like this season has just been whipping past so quickly, and that makes me kind of nervous...for reasons not pertaining to the game.

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Before I make the final decisions concerning what went down while I was temporarily out of service, I will post your game this week.

Season 3, Game 10: The Hobbit Special

Deadline: Friday, December 14 at 3:00 P.M. Eastern (2:00 P.M. Central) - answers go to me!

Predict the following:

1. The Hobbit's Saturday gross

2. The Hobbit's Friday share of its weekend gross as a percent (e.g. if it makes 30m on Fri and 90m overall, your answer would be 33, 33.3, or 33.33 percent)

3. The Hobbit's weekend share as a percent of the overall top 12 gross this weekend

4. The Hobbit's weekend gross as a percentage of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King's opening weekend (72.63 million). Express your answer as a percent. If Hobbit makes more than RotK, then your answer should be over 100%.

5. The difference in Return of the King's opening day gross (34.45 million) and The Hobbit's opening day gross

6. The difference in The Hobbit's Friday and Saturday grosses (subtract the lower from the higher)

7. The Hobbit's Sunday percent drop from Saturday

8. The Hobbit's per theater average on Sunday

9. Will the Hobbit make more than 85 million this weekend?

10. Will the Hobbit break the December opening weekend record currently held by I Am Legend (77.21 million)?

BONUS: Predict Save the Date's per theater average

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Ok! Time to reveal the aggregate points for the two weeks of the Special Host Section.

1. Totem: +16

2. Goffe: +12

3. riczhang: +11

4. JackO: +8

5. DoctorWho: +5

6. Baumer: 0

7. RichWS: -10

8. Alfred: -30

9. Acsc1312: -53

10. XenoZodiac: -73

11. CEDAR: -75

12. ChD: -91

*Creator: 7 (played one week)

No for some heartbreak and some tears to be shed. These games will be determining our Top 10. So the first players chosen for the Top 10 are...

1. Totem

2. Goffe

3. riczhang

4. JackO

5. DoctorWho

6. Baumer

These 6 candidates are guaranteed a spot in this week's game. That leaves 6 others: RichWS, Alfred, Acsc, Xeno, CEDAR, and ChD, all of who scored negative points. Guys, the points that you had before these Special Host Weeks started were in effect, so these point deductions were made from those points. I'll update that point chart soon. If you had point additions, they will be added to the points you had before.

The good news concerning points, however, is that there's going to be a record number of points available this week. The bad news is, those of you who scored -70+ aren't sitting pretty right now, which won't help you in what is about to happen.

We're going to have a MEGA CHALLENGE

The Mega Challenge will be revealed shortly, but first, more exciting news. There has now been a team shuffle. Dun dun dun dun.

The new teams will soon be revealed, along with the MEGA CHALLENGE.

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Now as a clarification as to why I didn't uphold Gopher's automatic elimination of ChD and Alfred...well, it wasn't justified by the mere fact that Alfred came in 9th place actually, and 2 other players scored lower than him. Going by that rule, CEDAR and ChD would have been eliminated. I would have allowed this, but for a malfunction in the score report, so now I'm just going to allow everyone to fight to survive in...


This is going to be an epic 6-way Challenge. However, that number may be reduced down to 5 because...RichWS still has 34 points after all is said and done, so Rich may choose to purchase an immunity for 10 points. However, none of the other players who are going into this Challenge have enough points anymore. Alfred has +4 points, Xeno has -40 points, Acsc has -42 points, CEDAR has -55 points, and ChD has -83 points. So those 5 are guaranteed to go to the Challenge...and here's the catch. Two will be eliminated, and the other 3 will form a new team. This is a somber moment as Alfred, Xeno, Acsc, and CEDAR are four of the biggest star players of Box Office Alliance, so this is going to be oogles and oogles of epicness. ChD remains the dark horse, but Box Office Alliance is known for its upsets. Without further ado, here is your Mega Challenge.

Predict the following:

1. Skyfall's Wednesday gross

2. Life of Pi's Wednesday per theater average

3. Lincoln's Wednesday percent drop

4. Breaking Dawn: Part 2's Wednesday gross

5. Playing for Keeps' Wednesday per theater average


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Because we're starting the Top Ten Games, we are going to have new teams, special teams. There will be 5 teams, and this season's Top Ten Games are going to be a blast, and something much different than we've seen before, at least in some ways. First up, let's reveal our new teams.

1. The Overlords

This team stands in the lead right now. We find Totem, who has a current point count of 53 points, joined with Goffe, who has a current point count of 30. Their combined point total is 83 points. With Totem at the helm and the beloved Goffe performing to his usual standards, while lurking in the shadows as he always does, "The Overlords" may prove to be the most potent team left standing. Totem is unstoppable in The Challenge and is a powerful force on the weekend charts, while Goffe is a stalking force, getting by not just on skill but on his ability to remain low and neutral. A tremendous team here.

2. The Elites

Another good match up, "The Elites" finds riczhang, who has a current point count of 37, joining forces with DoctorWho, who has a current point count of 5. Their combined point total is 42 points. Last season, riczhang just missed out on the Top Ten, but he has been a very powerful player and this season he stands to contend for the crown. He is a very recognizeable force on the weekend battleground. DoctorWho is humble and beloved, but he is one of the most deadly predictors, with skills almost unrivaled. He will be a truly great contender in this competition. A very well-placed team here.

3. The Predators

And our last current team consists of Baumer, who has a current point count of 14, and JackO, who has a current point count of 30. Their combined point count is 44 points. "The Predators" earn this title because they are both hunting for success. JackO was the dark horse last season who made it to third place, and he just dodged the bullet again and will plow on toward victory as he always does. Baumer is a very recognizeable player and a powerful contender, and he will add much to this team. A team well ready to strike at its prey.

The players who survive the Mega Challenge will be cast onto teams. There will be two more teams.

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It just doesn't make sense that my 8 weeks worth of points aren't enough to buy immunity or at the very least get me out of the negative. Basically it's like the previous weeks meant nothing.

I understand that you are trying not to undermine gopher's rules, but damn. Don't make us pay for giving him too much authority.

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It's just that he gave much larger point values and deductions, so you're at like -40 CEDAR. But this week's game should make up for that hopefully. I don't want any unfair eliminations, but I didn't realize how large the point deductions would be when he implemented them. I didn't pay that much attention, but I think in some context it's fair. It was two weeks of the most brutal questions BOA has ever had, so weighing them more made some sense. I've never done negative points for getting questions wrong is the thing, but these were deemed special circumstances.

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And if I revise the scores/points so that you only got points if correct and no points deducted for wrong answers but still got points taken away from no shows (being absent), the points would look better I'm sure (although I don't have access to all as Gopher had those and not me), but regardless there will be at least 4-6 players going to the Challenge this week to make up for the lack of eliminations since Week 6. Not certain where points would be at if I get rid of the negative points for wrong answers, but I could try to look into that. It would perhaps only delay the inevitable though.

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I understand the position you are in and I don't blame you creator. I guess you have no choice but to go through with the challenge.

It pains me to say this but I will have to drop out of the remainder of the competition. Honestly I was going to drop out last week but I never really got the chance to. That's why I didn't even answer last weeks questions.

It has been fun but I just don't have as much time to play as I use to. I wish I could keep going to defend my title but I guess I'll just have to reclaim it next season.

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A crushing blow, made more upsetting by the fact that you probably could have won this Challenge. I think this is the finest Challenge of all time. I've always wanted to see a massive battle between Alfred, Xeno, Acsc, CEDAR, and Totem...and this would have been that (minus the Totem). You will be sorely missed CEDAR.

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