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3.10 "The Hobbit Special"

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The Challenge - Week 10

All but 2 players could afford at least one immunity, but will it be Acsc and ChD going into The Challenge again this week, or did some other players forget to purchase immunities. "The Overlords" ranked the eight other candidates, and after immunities were sorted out, the following players are going into The Challenge:

Acsc1312 and....


Immunities were purchased by each of the following:

JackO, Alfred, DoctorWho, riczhang, and Baumer

Predict the following:

1. The Hobbit's Thursday gross

2. Lincoln's Thursday per theater average

3. Skyfall's total through the end of Thursday (so including Thursday's gross, what will it's total be?)

DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21 AT 6:00 A.M. EASTERN (5:00 A.M. CENTRAL) - You may need to submit answers for this week's game as well because scores for this challenge may not be reported before the deadline.

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This list compiles all statistics on the ten remaining players from their performances throughout the season so that we can gauge who our frontrunner is at the moment. The statistics this season are skewed a bit because of the two week Special Host session, so the rankings are not based entirely on season performance or point totals. For instance, Totem has the lowest average of the 10 remaining players (because he missed 2 weeks (thus getting two zeros), but he came in first on the Special Host game, has the second highest number of points, and is on the current winning team, so his rank would unlikely be last place). Well, let's get started.



I know what you're thinking: that low? Well, Acsc's score is in the upper percentiles for this season, but he bombed out big time on the Special Host session, and because he's going to The Challenge this week, he only has a 50% chance of making it past this round. If he does and can make up for his losses in the Special Host games, he will definitely climb back up to the top. He placed second in both Season 1 and 2, but right now his life is on the lines, and this is the second week in a row where he will be competiting in The Challenge. He was a member of "The Shadowkillers" from weeks 3-7 and was then transferred to "The A-Team" with Top Ten finalist Alfred in Week 10. Will he survive and make it higher on this list? Here are his seasonal statistics.

Week 1: 86.60%

Week 2: 54.83%

Week 3: 82.34%

Week 4: 77.93%

Week 5: 80.31%

Week 6: 91.36%

Week 7: 92.85%

Week 8:

Week 9: -53 (9th)

Week 10: 82.83%

AVG: 81.13% (4th (of 10) highest average of the season so far)



Many people may expect ChD to be placed at the bottom of this list, simply because of the ten remaining players, he is the biggest wildcard, the most unheard of player, and the one who generally places lower each week. Those factors do place him lower on this list, but they also make him a less threatening person, and we have seen before our the underdog can come out on top. He was a member of "Dracula's Minions" from Week 3-7 and is now a member of "Team Redemption" with partner RichWS. ChD is the underdog right now, and he has a lot weighing against him after losing so many points in the Special Host games, but he can still come out on top, or damn near to it, if he can survive these next gruesome weeks and up his point total again. Right now he has the lowest number of points and also one of the lowest seasonal averages, but we'll see if he has time to turn the tables on his foes. Here are his seasonal statistics:

W1: 65.09%

W2: 34.46%

W3: 84.35%

W4: 72.67%

W5: 82.98%

W6: 87.18%

W7: 90.59%


W9: -91 (12th)

W10: 86.43%

avg: 75.47% (7th highest (of 10) of the season so far)

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The Challenge - Week 10 Information

And now, what about The Challenge? We're in the Top Ten games now, so the Challenge is going to be a bit different than it has been before. Now only the winning team will be immune each week because we have only 5 teams. The winning team will get to choose to send 2 players in (but must rank all elligible players so immunities can be sorted out first). The player who loses the Challenge will be eliminated but, here's a new catch, the player who wins will automatically be assimilated onto the winning team of that week, thus forging new allies out of enemies. In this tradition, "Box Office Alliance" will now more than ever truly be about building alliances.

This week, "The Overlords" (Totem and Goffe) dominated. They now get to select who to send into The Challenge. They must rank all elligible candidates.

Scratch what I said about the winning player being assimilated onto the winning team. That wasn't what I was thinking of, so nevermind. Instead, we'll just stick to the traditional way of doing it.

So the winner of The Challenge this week was...

acsc1312! RichWS did not answer, so acsc wins. "Overlords", you must reassign ChD to a new team. Also, because Rich was going to be ranked 8th on the Top Ten Rankings, everyone below him (Acsc and ChD) has moved up a spot.

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