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Ezen Baklattan

CAYOM V - The Academy Awards


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    1. 1. What film will win Best Picture?

      • Dawn Of Oblivion (Creator)
      • The Dogs Of Babel (Blankments)
      • Eccentric Minds (Spaghetti)
      • Oro (Riczhang)
      • The Shark Mutiny (Numbers)

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    Dayum! A one point loss is gutting man.But Eccentric deserves it at least.One thing I'm tired of seeing is the same film that wins Best Picture also taking Best Director.

    That's only happened 3/5 in the new CAYOM.
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    As the ceremony progressed I was began to think that Dawn would win. I had this list of things that would've been a disadvantage for each movie, that led to Dawn being my logical prediction for BP. :lol:

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