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3.13 "Champion Battleground"


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  1. 1. Which Final Five Champion will win?

    • Riczhang
    • DoctorWho
    • Goffe
    • JackO
    • Alfred (probationary Champion)
    • +1 - Baumer (probationary Champion)

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3.13 "Champion Battleground"

The balance of power has shifted. The usual contestans that make it this far have all been wiped out...except for Alfred. But now he stands in the midst of the other Final Five Champions, all of whom have made it far. Alfred enters on a probationary status, and he may be the first of the five to go.

...Baumer consolidates his lead over the other rookie players of the season. Afte defeating ChD in last week's Challenge, Baumer earned the title of the Strongest Rookie Player of the season. He is the only rookie left standing, and the only one to earn a spot in the Final Five. Yet, his presence is on a technicality with last week's Challenge, so like Alfred, he is on a probationary status. He may just be the first to go. His rookie status makes him the underdog, though, so he may have luck on his side.

Still, Goffe holds the reigns of power. Having outlasted his performance from last season, the mighty warrior pushes on into the Final Five games with a lust to achieve victory. The once-forgettable player has become the frontrunner, the alpha dog, and he may just take it all.

But DoctorWho stands in his way. A veteran of Season 2, Doc remains one of the most skilled foes on the field. In this Champion Battleground, DoctorWho will stop at nothing to outpredict the others...and he may succeed.

That is, if JackO doesn't interfere. Like Alfred, JackO has been in the Final Five games before. He placed third place last season, just narrowly losing the semi-final with partner Alfred. Now the two stand on opposite ends of the battlefield, and JackO is as poised to strike as his friend-turned-enemy.

And yet one may tower over them all. Can Riczhang prove to be the Lone Warrior? The power-hungry savage from Season 2 has come back in powerful force this season, and now he has outlasted Totem, his former Knight partner, and has his eyes set on first place. When Riczhang treasurers a prize...he stops at nothing to get it.

Six champions. One will take it all. We are at a Champion Battleground, and today, the first stage of the Final Five games begins. Today, more than one player will find himself going home. Today, fate lies with only a few, and those who are unable to rise to the challenge will be left lying in the dust. This is the most glorious episode of Box Office Alliance...and you will not believe what happens next.

Continued in my next post

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"Champion Battleground" - cont.

Six contestants.

The six remaining players would usually compete against each other, and only each other. Indeed, there would be at least 2 or 3 teams, each composed of a minimum of 2 players. But this Final Five session, the six players stand alone. And for good reason. You see, when these players were admitted into the Final Five Championship, they thought they would only compete against each other. But that is too easy. We have seen all season long how they compete against each other. We know who stands where, who ranks highest. It's often been a clash between Goffe and Riczhang, but we've seen how DoctorWho and JackO can trump them at times, and Alfred has always been an ace, while Baumer has been the underdog. We know their skill against one another, know that given a competition like this, we could easily predict the winner...we may be wrong, though, but we could form a basic idea.

But can we compare their skills to other forum members? How do the Final Five Champions of "Box Office Alliance" compare against the most skilled finalists of "Baumer's Summer Game?" How can they compare against the legends of "Box Office Survivor"? Have they been trained enough to overpower the most powerful and adept predictors of the forum? Well, many of them rank among the best...but just where in those rankings could we place them?

Today, we begin to discover. The questions that were sent to each of the Final Five Champions were sent not only to them, but also to five others (had I known there would be six Final Five Champions, I would have recruited a sixth player, but do not worry). These five others were chosen from the "Baumer's Summer Game" and the "Box Office Survivor" crowds, veterans of the two games who placed high on the charts. There is an objective here. Should the Final Five Champions of Box Office Alliance beat their competitors, they will advance on to the next stage of competitions. However, should any competitor have scored lower than the foe he faces...then he will be up for a Challenge this week.

In this game, each of the Final Five Champions was matched, based on number selection, with a star box office predictor of a different game...either "Baumer's Summer Game" or "Box Office Survivor." The showdowns will be revealed in separate posts over the course of the hour, and the fates of the Final Five Champions will be decided...tonight!

Stay tuned momentarily!

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We'll start with an easy one. Alfred must not have known he would stand a chance to make it into the Final Five games, so he did not predict this week. Yikes! That's not going to help him. Let's still see how he faired against his competitor...

An oldie from a former season of "Box Office Alliance" itself, this player also participated in "Baumer's Summer Game." He was a grand champion, and even here in "Alliance", he was a really strong player. He is...


Alfred didn't stand a chance. Alfred placed 0.00% for the weekend because he did not submit predictions. But his competitor slaughetered him with a 94.52% score. Sims has proven that he is a master of his craft...and he has perhaps caused the slaying of Alred.

One Final Five Champion down, but he has a final shot at redemption in this week's Challenge...unless no other players get sent into the Challenge, in which case Alfred's out automatically.

"Coming up: Can our season frontrunner outperform our very own Challenge King?"

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He is a legend. Goffe...perhaps the great warrior of the remaining five, and yet that is questionable, as he stands among greatness. The once humble, overlooked player has stepped up big time, now earning himself a reputation as the most prominent, star-studded player of the season. I think he intends to maintain that reputation, because it clearly must mean a good deal to be the frontrunner among such a competitive crowd.

And yet, the enemy he faces this week is not Riczhang, or JackO. It's not Totem of olden dayes. Instead, Goffe faces a much different threat. A legend, like him, maybe even more legendary. This player has his own reputation, an infamous one. Oh, like Goffe, when he was around in Box Office Alliance, he was humble, overlooked, the "underdog"...in retrospect, he was cunning, daring, and strategic. His legendary status has earned him the title of The Challenge King. Five-time winner in one season, this legend is an icon in the game, a semi-finalist of Season 1. Beyond Box Office Alliance, his name is known across the game forums as the champion of "Baumer's Summer Game." Oh yes, Goffe has stumbled into a hornet's nest here...he faces


This is a brutal match. Both players are very skilled. They come from similar backgrounds in this game, and have made it to similar stations. But who will win this competition? Let's glance at their scores, question-by-question.

Question 1

Our good friend Goffe posted a 97.79% score on this question. Very impressive. What about Fake? Well, he came under Goffe's with a 93.13% score. Not bad. Goffe has the upper hand so far. Will Fake let him keep it?

Question 2

Here, the balance shifted. While Goffe posted a score of 83.15%, Fake trumped him with a 93.85% score. Fake takes the lead, but it's still very close, and it could go either way as past competitions of this sort have shown.

Question 3

Again, Fake won with a 90.43% score while Goffe scored 86.52%. The gap is still close, but Fake is the favorite to win at the moment. This next one may change that.

Question 4

Actually...this is impressive! Both players tied, with a score of 95.83%. A chilling coincidence. Can Question 5 confirm Fake's win, or will Goffe pull off a victory and advance to the next round?

Question 5

Ah...or yikes! Fake scored 91.24%. How did Goffe fare? Well...Goffe scored 87.77%. If you do the math, you should know the winner of this competition by now, but let's check the final scores just for the heck of it

Fake - 92.90%

Goffe - 90.29%

And so, Goffe joins Alfred in The Challenge. He still has a chance at redeeming himself. As it is, I believe this is the champion's first Challenge of the season. Will he survive the odds?

"Coming up: How will Baumer fare against one of his own contestants from the Summer Game? Stay tuned!"

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The lone rookie. Having just defeated ChD in a Challenge, Baumer has outlasted all other rookies this season. The "newb" is not going out without a fight. He has outlasted star veterans and great rookies alike, and he may stand a chance to make it all the way to the Finale. But this week's game may test his endurance.

Baumer is a great player, but he remains the underdog of the season because he is the "new guy on the block." Today, he faces a contestant of his very own Summer Game. This competitor is a very strong one. Although he never participated in Box Office Alliance, his skill in the Summer Game is well heard of. He may be Baumer's greatest downfall here...or maybe Baumer can overpower him. Who is this skilled fighter? It is


Yep, Baumer has a pretty even match here. While Baumer performed higher than his competitor in the Summer Game, he may not do as well here. This is a different battleground, and while Baumer has more experience in it, the less experienced sometimes turn out to be the bigger champions. Let's view their scores on a question-by-question basis.

Question 1

Right out the gate, Jake takes the lead with a 93.05% score. Baumer scored 87.31%. A close match, but early on, Jake has the upper hand. That's not good for Baumer, especially as the first questions are usually the easier ones.

Question 2

And the bomb is dropped. Baumer, what happened? You lucked out here, and this may cost you dearly in the long haul. Baumer scored 41.91% on this question, about half of Jake's 83.69% score. Oh dear, you are in trouble.

Question 3

Can Baumer redeem himself with this question, and maybe find a way to get on top? Unlikely, as Baumer suffered once more with a 55.51% score. Jake, on the other hand, won with 87.17%.

Question 4

'Things are not looking up for Baumer right now. He has a long way to go to catch up to Jake. Should Jake falter, then Baumer will stand a chance. Yet, Jake won this question as well, 94.40% to Baumer's 77.36% score.

Question 5

The final question. Unless Jake screwed the pooch here, it looks like Baumer lost this challenge. Let's see though. Baumer scored 80.57%. Was it enough? ...well, Jake scored 88.41%. Having won all the questions, it's obvious that Jake won this challenge.

Baumer - 68.53%

Jake Gittes - 89.27%

And so Baumer also goes into the Challenge. Three people in so far. Will more join them?

"Coming up: How will Season 2 veteran JackO match with a pasta freak! Stay tuned."

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JackO is not like many other players. As far as experience goes, only Alfred ousts him in this competition. As far as skill goes, he certainly matches the other competitors, and in some cases overlaps them. He is adept and experienced, and that is critical to his success.

...but today, he faces a culinary delight that may be his worst nightmare. This player is known forum-wide for his lovable attitude...and in Survivor, he is feared for his domineering skill. On Box Office Alliance, he appeared in two episodes in the first season. Although he didn't make it far there, that had more to do with his feared reputation. He seems a very humble noodle, and yet, he may just be the blackest-hearted pasta around. He is...


Clearly, JackO does not have a clear cut path to victory here. This is an impressive match, and JackO's foe is a forminable force. Let's get it started.

Question 1

This was close. JackO scored 93.60%, an impressive start. How did the little-noodle-that-could fare? Well, he posted a 93.87% score, just narrowly, or noodly, defeating JackO. But JackO has four more questions to redeem himself...or not?

Question 2

Spaghetti owns! He scored 88.37%. That's an averagish-to-high score for this question...but compared to JackO, it is a landslide victory. JackO faltered and scored 14.01%. Eh, not looking so birght now. It will take a major screw up on Spaghetti's part to end this with JackO's victory, and Spaghetti isn't known for spilling the pasta.

Question 3

Another toughie. For JackO that is. He scored an abysmal 32.30% on this question. Ouch! Spaghetti of course, did not make an oopsie. He sizzled his way to victory with 87.75% on this question. A close match...not!

Question 4

But how about now? Is JackO ready to wipe the floor with Spaghetti's noodly ass? Not quite, but it was close. Spaghetti scored 95.28%, while JackO only scored 91.81%. If it counts, the gap got less fat...

Question 5

Final chance, JackO. Spaghetti posted a score of 95.75%. How about you? Well...not quite. A tad bit lower than that with...59.49%. Eh!

So, it looks like Spaghetti spilled JackO all over the floor and served him with a parmesan topping and a delicious meatball sauce right up the ....well you know!

JackO - 58.27%

Spaghetti - 92.20%

This Challenge just keeps getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Already four of the six champions are in.

"Coming up after the break: Will Riczhang finally break the trend...or is destiny playing a terrible joke on all the Champions? Stay tuned!"

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He is the one and only Riczhang. A prominent force on the battlefield, he brings his A-game with him at all times. He seeks to destroy the competition, and quite often, he achieves that. Riczhang is, in a word, badassmofopredictorwithstyleclassandsophistication. Most of that anyways.

Now, he faces a player of "Baumer' Summer Game" who went far there. He's a towering force, a valuable predictor, and one of the greatest threats Riczhang has ever faced. This player is a monument that Riczhang must overcome, a skyscraper of conflict for the aspiring Riczhang. He may crush the Champion. He is...


A fair match. We've never seen their skill on a one-on-one contest, but we could assume both must be near equally skilled. Riczhang has experience here that Tower lacks, but Tower is a cunning player. He is cuthroat like Riczhang. This is the closest match of all.

Question 1

This shows the closeness. Riczhang scored 94.12%. Meanwhile, Tower just fell short with 92.49%. Riczhang has the early lead, but it's not a comfortable lead.

Question 2

Here, did Riczhang consolidate his lead? Well, he posted a solid, but unspectacular 88.14% score. Was it enough to beat Tower? Yes! It was. Tower scored 82.29%. Riczhang widens the gap, and may be sitting pretty after all.

Question 3

Or maybe not? Here, Tower scored 86.38%. Was Riczhang able to top that? ...yes, he did! Third times' the charm. Riczhang scored 90.68% on this question. Currently, he has the lead on Tower, but this next question will shake things up drastically.

Question 4

Riczhang scored a good, not great, 86.40% on this question. He has had a decent lead so far, but with this question, the balance of power may have shifted to Tower, who scored a remarkable 98.78%. All is banking on the final question.

Question 5

Did Riczhang have enough to win. It's about a tie now, so this question will be the one to settle it. Should Tower win this question, Riczhang will go into the Challenge along with the other 4 Champions already mentioned. This is a close question. Riczhang scored a solid 96.87%. Was it enough?

Yes! Tower scored 95.97%. Riczhang has a good shot at securing the lead!

The final scores...a very, very hairsplittingly close finish

Riczhang - 91.24%

Tower - 91.18%

Congratulations Riczhang! You just barely managed to beat Tower in this championship. Because of that, you move on to the next round. Riczhang, you are our first semi-finalist. You stand a greater chance of making it to the Finale than any other player so far.

"Coming up: Our last Final Five Champion competes against one of these five strangers...but which one will it be, and will he win? Find out next!"

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We're down to the last of our Final Five Champions. So far, all but Riczhang are being sent to the Challenge. But what about Doc? The Doctor is friendly, sneaky, and a huge participant behind-the-scenes. His manipulations are not usually visible, but he pulls strings and is a master puppeteer. For all his skill and cunning, and his ability to stay low on the threat radar, Doc make be the greatest threat left standing. But all that rides on his success in this competition?

And here, he goes up against one of the five already mentioned competitors. Is he facing The Challenge King Fake....or could it be the pasta-loving Spaghetti? Perhaps, instead, he is going up against the towering Tower, or maybe it's the enigmatic Jake Gittes? Then again, DoctorWho could be facing the dangerous Sims. Whoever DoctorWho shall face, it will be a terrifying competition. We have seen how all five of those players scored. All but Tower trumped their opponents (although Tower came close, too). So which one will Doc face? It's...


Redemption. That is what is on the table. Doc has a shot at redeeming himself and joining Riczhang in the semi-final. Tower, meanwhile, has a shot at beating Doc, after having just narrowly lost to Riczhang. We already know Tower's score is 91.18%...so the score for Doc to beat is that? Did he pull it off?

Question 1

Tower scored 92.49%. DoctorWho's target was this number, but did he reach it? Indeed he did. In fact, he rose above it with 95.81%!

Question 2

The score to beat was Tower's 82.29%. Shouldn't be too difficult, right? Right! Doc obliterated that with a remarkable 93.85% score. Doc has the clear upper hand here.

Question 3

Now Doc must set his eyes on topping Tower's 86.38% score. Was Doc able to do it and widen his lead? Yes! He scored 97.37% on this question. Doc, you beast, you have a very solid lead right now. You might just win this afterall!

Question 4

The benchmark was Tower's 98.78% score. It's a hard one to beat. But Doc is a hard player to beat. Did he do it? No. Far from it. Doc suffered a terrible fall and landed near rock-bottom (or halfway there, actually) with a terrible 50.69% score. This single incident most likely just cost Doc his victory. A big shame!

Question 5

Was Doc able to top Tower's score of 95.97%? Was he able to win it all? The first answer is no. He scored only 89.60%. As to the second, well...

Doc had the clear upper hand in the beginning, but that fourth question dragged him down. And in the end, the scores were

DoctorWho - 85.46%

Tower - 91.18%

And so, DoctorWho will join most of his fellow competitors in The Challenge.

"Coming up: The Challenge - how will it go down this week? Stay tuned!"

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"The Challenge" - Week 13

There are no points, so you cannot buy your way out of this one. Only one player is safe: Riczhang. He is guaranteed to move on to next week's game, the semi-final of the season. He will be joined by either 2 or 3 of you, with at least 2 of you being eliminated...that could change to a triple elimination. The fun of it is, you won't know if it's double-or-triple elimination until posted.

But for now, we have five players in a Challenge. DoctorWho, Alfred, Baumer, Goffe, and JackO. You're fighting for your spot in the semi-final and a chance to win. All great players, all one great Challenge. Because there's so many of you...I'm going to make this Challenge a bit more fun that usual.

You can all go against each other on the Champion Battleground, a slauighterhouse. All of you can go, but two of you can choose a different fate. Goffe, Doc, you two scored highest of the five of you. You both have different options. You can choose the following:

A) Join Baumer, Alfred, and JackO in the Champion Battleground Challenge

B) Choose to Challenge each other, and only you two will verse each other, so one of you will be guaranteed to move on (if Goffe chooses this, Doc cannot reject it since Goffe had the higher score. If Doc chooses this, then Goffe can reject it since Doc had a lower score).

C) Choose to Challenge one of the five guests: Tower, Sims, Fake, Jake Gittes, or Spaghetti. This would be your shot at redemption. You've lost against one of them once, but maybe against a different one, you can win.

Only Goffe and DoctorWho have these options. Alfred, Baumer, and JackO are automatically doing Option A. Goffe and Doc may join them or choose one of the other two.

Here are The Challenge questions for Option A (which all must answer except Goffe and Doc, who can choose a different Challenge option):


1. Predict Zero Dark Thirty's Wednesday gross as a percent of Mama's Wednesday gross (it can be over 100%)

2. Predict the difference in PTAs for Les Miserable for the following: last Wednesday's per theater average and this Wednesday's per theater average (subtract this week's PTA on Wed from last week's PTA on Wednesday)

3. Predict Gangster Squad's Wednesday gross

4. Predict the difference between Django Unchained's Monday gross (1.46) and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey's Wednesday gross

5. Predict A Haunted House's Wednesday per theater average

Edited by The Creator
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I'm not making excuses here but I really didn;t know if I was moving onto the final five so I think I did my scores half assed....also I thought at first it was for the 4 day so some of my answers reflected that.

That doesn't mean I don't think I am anything more than the sixth best out of this group, because that is the reality. But the good thing about this is that we all start 0-0....anything can happen in this next round so I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to go against all of you....good luck to everyone. This has been a blast.

Creator, you are one hell of a host. I am going to borrow some of your amazing skills and ideas and use them in the summer game....not the format, but your posting and att ention to the game is fantastic. Very nice job. Thanks for asking me to play this season.

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For those of you who don't know, yeah I did consult Baumer behind the scenes a while before Season 3 started...wanted to use him as my secret weapon. So I'm glad he's made it this far.

...but I have another secret weapon of my own coming next week.

The return of Townzy? :) I'm sure that Goffe and Doc will go head to head, that makes sense, you only have to beat one person, plus one of the main opponent would be out. Option C is tempting as well.
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"The Champion Battleground Challenge"

Only Riczhang escaped the battlefield unscarred. The other five Champions went to war. It's a multiple-elimination this week. But was it a double elimination...or a triple elimination?

It's a TRIPLE ELIMINATION! Why is it a triple elimination? Well, part of it has to do with my plans last week going sour. What was intended as a double elimination turned out to a single elimination. So now, to make up for that, we'll have a triple elimination this week. This means that of the five Champions enterring the Challenge, only two will join Riczhang in the semi-final. Usually we would have four contestants in the Semi-Final, but that's because usually it would be two teams, one versing the other, and then the winning team would go on to compete in the finale. This season changes that.

This is a tight race. All players are well qualified. And early guess would probably place Goffe as one of the two winners of the Challenge, the other one being probably Alfred. Was that the case?

Well, for the first of those competitors, no. Goffe did not show up for The Challenge. On this Champion Battleground, he was slain in the first round. The favorite to win the season has been eliminated, and he didn't even bother to fight back.

This means we're down to four Champions. Alfred is the new target. He skirted by into the Final Five on luck, but he has been the strongest of the predictors in the Challenge this season, having won three or four of them, and that gives him experience. He has the upper hand as the longest veteran as well. He is a remarkably skilled predictor, so he may have a victory secured. If he does, who will join him?

It may be JackO, the Season 2 semi-finalist who actually ranked higher than Alfred. Perhaps, however, neither Alfred nor JackO will make it to the semi-final this season. There are two other players in this game, and they won't go down easily. Baumer is the underdog, the rookie player who has made it this far. A Champion, he just squeezed into the Final Five last week after an unsettling Challenge. Does he have enough skill to overlap these veteran stars?

And of course....DoctorWho. Doc is one of the finest predictors, so he will be a tremendous force to overcome on the battlefield. He is packing a mighty punch.

But without further ado, let us see the results of this Challenge, and we will see who goes out where.

6th place - Goffe

5th place - ???

4th place - ???


Perhaps the most consistent question. Two players scored over 95% on this question. DoctorWho placed in first with 95.65%. Alfred came in a close second with 95.16%. Meanwhile, Baumer placed third with 94.18% while JackO finished last with 90.83%. There's not a clear winner yet, but JackO has the longest way to go to catch up.


The results were much more skewed. First place went to Baumer, who scored 91.58%. In second place, JackO scored 86.32%, just ahead of third place Alfred's 85.26%. This means Baumer now has the lead in the Challenge, and JackO is catching up to second place Alfred. But as for DoctorWho, there is no chance any more. Doc faltered with 68.42%. This drags his average down into the low 80's. Because none of the other players falter on any of the subsequent questions, Doc never has a chance to catch up with them. This means DoctorWho is the second Champion to fall in this Challenge. His final score for the Challenge is 86.65%.

6th place - Goffe

5th place -


4th place - ???


Now it's a three way race. The higher two players will move on to the semi-final. One more remains to be slain.In the end, it's not really a close match, as the two with the higher scores are quite clear after the next batch of questions. Baumer won again with 99.24%.This was a close lead over JackO's 98.17%. Alfred fell to third place in this Challenge with an 83.03% score on this question. There's still time for him to regain second, or even take third...as someone may be faltering, up next!


Not yet have the other two faltered. Baumer once more posted first of the three left standing, with a score of 97.81%. JackO was a close second again with 97.24% But not too far behind was Alfred with 96.95%.


I will not tell you their scores on this question, as guessing will be better. Up to this point, 1st place) Baumer, 2nd place) JackO, and 3rd place) Alfred. This question may have changed that...because one player may have slipped up big time. But...that one player was not Baumer. He is safe. Baumer will be joining Riczhang in the semi-final. Congratulations!

So now, it comes down to Alfred and JackO. One of these Champions must slay the other, as Baumer has safely exited the battleground. This is an ironic twist of fate. In Season 2, Alfred and JackO joined forces on Team Destiny and made it to the semi-final together, where they just lost narrowly to The Shadowkillers. Now, they must fight to determine which one of them will make it to the semi-final this season. Let's take a glance at their overall scores.


Alfred scored 90.92% overall. This was a good score, especially for a more complicated-than-usual Challenge. He did not falter on Question 5. He scored 94.19% on that question.


As clarified, he has already gone on, with a final score of 95.53%.


I lied. No one faltered on Question 5. JackO won that question with a 98.71% score. This means his final score was 94.25%...just below Baumer's.

6th place - Goffe

5th place - DoctorWho

4th place -


3rd place - ??? (find out next week!)

2nd place - ???

1ST PLACE - ???

A very good Challenge. We now have our three semi-finalists. One will be eliminated next week, and the other two will compete in the Finale, to be held in two weeks (February 4).

Ironically, JackO finished one spot higher than Alfred last season. Alfred came in 4th place, like he did this season. In Season 1, he came in first place.

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