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Ezen Baklattan

Survivor III - Week 3 - Meet Your Teams!

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After a slightly less unpredictable weekend, we're now adding teams to the mix. But with teams, however, there is going to be elimination! More will be explained later in this post for newcomers, but considering how many players are veterans, it will be standard operating procedure this year. Here are the results from last week's prediction contest.


PART 1: Predict the 3-day weekends of the following.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters - 19.69m

Parker - 7.008m

Movie 43 - 4.806m

The Last Stand - 2.151m

Broken City - 4.020m

Mama - 13.09m

Zero Dark Thirty - 9.700m

Django Unchained - 4.947m

Les Miserables - 4.221m

Life Of Pi - 2.587m

PART 2: Answer the following questions. (same scoring as before)

1. Tell me the #1 film of the weekend. HANSEL & GRETEL

2. Which Jessica Chastain film will have a higher PTA on Sunday? MAMA

3. Will Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters have an OD of at least $5.5m? YES

4. Including Gnomeo & Juliet and Collateral, where will Parker rank in Jason Statham's opening weekends? 17TH

5. Which opener will have the highest CinemaScore? PARKER


And now for the teams and weekend results....in spoiler tags to add tension.


The Dinosaurs

Alfred - 75.63%

bigm10 - 79.1%

ChD - 67.96%

chasmmi - 75.24%

CJohn - 71.83%

Iceroll - 85.13%

lightyagami - 70.31%

Average: 75.03%

The Breakouts

acsc1312 - 80.22%

The Creator - 87.15%

DoctorWho - 74.05%

EmpireStrikesBack - 77.07%

Goffe - 82.26%

Killimano3 - 67.95% (placeholder score)

Punishment - 75.81%

Totem - 67.95% (placeholder score)

Average: 76.56%


Hall Of Shame

-Totem (2)

-Killimano3 (2)

-EmpireStrikesBack (1)

-Alfred (1)


Despite being a very close battle, The Breakouts etched out a narrow victory, which means that The Dinosaurs will go to Tribal Council. Here's how it works. Everyone on The Dinosaurs chooses someone they wish to eliminate from the game on their team. You cannot vote off Iceroll, becuase he had the highest score over the past weekend. If you get the most votes, however, it's not too late to save yourself! Here's how to do it: You have to win the second immunity challenge. Speaking of which, here is the first ever second immunity challenge.


Predict the Tuesday PTAs for the following films

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters


Movie 43

Silver Linings Playbook

Parental Guidance


Votes are due by Wednesday at 4:00PM ET!

Second Immunity predictions are due by Wednesday at 7:00 AM ET!


Good luck to all!

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Out of interestwould not submitting an immunity challenge prediction count as 1 strike.

I only ask because with my ime difference there may be an occasion where I could miss the deadline. It hasn't happened this time and I don't plan to use it as an excuse for losing.

I just want to know. For weekends its no problem as we have much more time to predict.  

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Tribal Council - Week #1


Sorry, Dinosaurs. It looks like you're the first team to lose this season. Which one of you will be eliminated this week? Let's find out. Here are the votes from each team member. First, here are the PTAs for Tuesday films.


Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters - $512

Parker - $317

Movie 43 - $188

Silver Linings Playbook - $374

Parental Guidance - $89


Now for the results.


Vote #1



Vote #2



Vote #3



Vote #4



Vote #5



Vote #6



Vote #7 and the first person eliminated from Survivor III is....



Did this person recieve second immunity?

No, his score of 71.29% was not enough to beat chasmmi's score of 93.08%, which means that we are saying goodbye to lightyagami. I'm sorry to see you leave the competition so early, and I hope you join us for season four.


As for the rest of you, check your private messages for your next challenge.

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Agree with the eliminations, have two questions though:


1) Will there still be an elimination this week?


2) Do the eliminations come into affect for this round or next? (as in will the Breakouts receive 2 placesetter scores in this round?)

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Well this will be my best week yet, but in the bigger picture a lot depends on just how many people expected BITH to be quite that bad as that answer has cut me deep.


The only questions I messed up (not bad...but they were the worst) were Argo and Hansel and Gretel (1mil difference). I nearly got 100% on BTTH, lol.

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