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Box Office War

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Hi all. As the title implies, this game aims to be the biggest game of the forums. We are recruiting players from every game of the forums, and will be an invite-only event. I will be PMing potential players, but feel free to post here if you'd like to be considered and what games you've played on the forums. 


Creator will be assisting me in running the game, as we will be incorporating elements of ALL games. More info to come, just wanted to warn you all beforehand. 

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I still wanna keep this a little secret until we begin, but we will start with players represent a certain game and compete on those teams. Survivor v. BSG v. BOA, etc etc. Weekly format will depend on what we want to do, but all formats will be incorporated. 

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If this had been announced in a few weeks time, I could have thrown my hat into the ring as the new legend of BO Survivor and not the total nobody which is my current game playing status.


But if I don't get the invite you'll be all be red faced when you start you're little war without the all conquering champion of Survivor 2013! :D



*Listens to the crickets chirp, watches the tumbleweeds blow by, picks up Soapbox and trudges off into the wilderness.*

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