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1.2 Dark Skies Approach

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Here's your new challenge


Part 1


1. Predict Snitch's 3 day gross


2. Paranormal Activity grossed 16.39m when it expanded to 2404 theaters. Insidious opened to 13.27m. The average of those two is 14.83.

What will be the difference between Dark Skies' OW gross and that average (14.83)?


3. It's Oscar Weekend! Which Oscar nominee will have the highest 3 day PTA?


4. Where will Snitch place in The Rock's opening weekend grosses? The Mummy Returns is included. For reference: http://boxofficemojo.com/people/chart/?view=Actor&id=rock.htm&sort=opengross&order=DESC&p=.htm


5. Predict Die Hard 5's % drop from last weekend (3 day).



Part 2

Worth 1000 points each. All percentage drops are from last weekend's 3 day grosses


1. Will Safe Haven remain in the top 4?


2. Will Escape From Planet Earth drop OVER or UNDER 37.5%?


3. Will Silver Linings Playbook drop less than 6%?


Part 3Oscar Special!

These questions test your Oscar smarts and box office smarts!


1. Predict the Best Picture winner's domestic gross through Sunday. 


2. What will the Best Director's film gross this weekend?


3. What will be the domestic gross of the Best Actress winner's film through Sunday?






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